We recently went on our first trip of the year. There are a lot of stories from the trip, but most of them involve me being drunk and talking in a Russian accent for 2 hours or me talking to animals, so instead, I just want to share some photos.



It didn’t rain on our trip, really, just sprinkled a bit. We were left with a happy double rainbow, if you can see the other part.


I didn’t take this photo, but I caught a toad. His name is Wilkinson the third. All around us, every night, was the sound of frogs (and cattle), so I was determined to catch one. I kept walking down to the water, but couldn’t find any, which means they were probably in the reedier areas… then I randomly came across this guy. He was my friend.


This was from a random walk I decided to go on.


This is what we got to look at for a few days… it was pleasant. Lots of dragonflies, ravens, frogs (and toads!), and loons (can you do a loon call? I can!)… it was a good little trip, and I miss it already. The city life just ain’t for me!