Impromptu Camping

Friendly Giant brought up the idea of camping probably a week before we actually went. Yes, fall camping, why the heck not? We chose a lake, did some research, and on Saturday, went on our merry way. We didn’t want to go too far (like we normally do), so we chose something quite close.

We decided we were going to go to Weaver Lake. Driving along, we ended up going too far and missed the turn. It didn’t matter though, we were kind of screwed. The tailpipe of the 4runner decided to fall off and was dragging. The CCCGGGRAHHHHGCRRR noise wasn’t too pleasant, nor was it good for it to be dragging, so we stopped.

Our first solution was to duct tape it and rope over it, hoping that the duct tape would melt and the rope would keep it strapped up; unfortunately, it didn’t work too well and within 5 minutes, it was dragging behind us again.

We stopped again.

Mistress and I got under the truck and Tophat brought up something we were thinking about (because nobody had a coat hanger!). We threaded ratchet bits through a piece of rope and tied the pipe up as tight as we could, having the metal touch it so it wouldn’t burn… it worked, and that’s currently what’s holding it up.

We made a joke about it though. 4 men and 2 women and the women are the ones working on the truck while the men stand around not knowing what to do. It was funny.

Eventually, we found our lake, BUT… it was closed due to some sort of construction? What the hell? Everything said it was open! So we decided to go look for Chehalis, after all, it couldn’t be that far away. We went down a road that we found in a map book that was supposed to connect, but it didn’t. It was pitch black. We ended up going past some sort of correctional facility (we have those here!?) and ended up in a weird place with ghost lights and power lines. Holy crap, power lines. Getting out of the truck, my arm was killing me. When we got home I actually had hand prints on my arm…

Since we couldn’t find the road to Chehalis (at this point, it was BLACK), we followed Fisher’s directions to get to Elbow Lake. We couldn’t really find the pull-off he was talking about, but we did find something near a creek, which obviously flowed into the lake, and camped there.

The weather was pretty good. We had a nice fire, some food (hello, smokies on a stick), and some good conversation… and probably a drink or two… or five. I don’t drink very often, but sometimes it’s interesting.

We kept hearing flutes… they said they heard harps. We believe in “supernatural” stuff, whether it’s spirits (“ghosts”), Bigfoot, fey, etc. And normally, things aren’t scary, we’ve dealt with so much over the years, but the darkness seemed to creep toward you, so it was a bit creepy. Perhaps one day I’ll write about those experiences?

The next day, we decided to go for a trek to see if we could find the lake. Apparently we drove further than we thought, but it was cool. Walking through a creek, trekking through the woods (thank you, waterproof boots!). On the way back, Mistress and I stayed behind and went through the woods instead of back through the rocks. We kept looking at all the different mushrooms and fungi. We’d never eat anything we were unsure of, but just looking at how many different types of fungi there was was neat.



We didn’t really take pictures because it was just an overnight trip, but look how awesome this looked!

We left a few hours later. The drive home was nice and quiet.

Oh, camping. We need to do you more.


Song of the Week: Emilie Autumn – Gentlemen Aren’t Nice

Every woman enjoys a gentleman.

Well, I’ll speak for myself. I don’t like “bad boys”, and I don’t like “pushovers”, but gentlemen are nice. No, I don’t want you to hold my car door open for me.

This song seems to be more about how women treat men with disrespect and how women always complain that men are assholes but still date them, also, a lot of women believe they deserve more respect than they really do deserve, especially when they don’t reciprocate!

I see that a lot and it bothers me. “All men are the same!” No, no they aren’t. Bah, maybe I’ll make a rant post one of these days!

Anyway, I’ve been addicted to this song, thus making it (a late) song of the week.