Christmas Party

My Mom has been with the same company for many a year now, and my Dad started working with them this year, getting hired full-time after his trip to the Yukon. Almost every year, they have a Christmas party, and since there’s 2 of them working for the company now, that means there’s 2 extra spots… so my parents invited the Boyfriend and I! ūüôā

I rarely have excuses to dress up, so this was a real treat. I wore one of my favourite dresses: a white and black strapless, with these nice grey boots I found that actually worked on my feet! I did my makeup (which lasted most of the night), gave myself bangs again (snip, snip, snip…), and wore some of my favourite perfume.

We had a bunch of people to pick up, so we went to get them. We got Linda, and two people I’d never met before. I liked them both, which is odd considering I hate everyone! Ha!

After leaving the City of Abb, we went to get the Boyfriend! He wasn’t lying when he said he cut his hair, lol. But I was happy, he made a good attempt at dressing nice. He looked pretty snazzy.¬†Okay, he looked pretty damn hott if you ask me.¬†I hadn’t seen him in over a month, so just the fact I could hold his hand made me feel happy.

We got to the place (after a lot of freeeeaky conversation)  and I was already weirded out. I had never been to a Hilton hotel before. Ever. Even the main lobby is fancy. What the hell? Am I in the right place? Well, I guess I was dressed properly, but holy! We were all dressed pretty snazzily. Seeing my Dad in a suit and my Mum in a dress kind of blows my mind.

So we went in… hello ballroom!
First thing I do? Look up.


There is a chandelier. A freakin’. Chandelier.

I suppose this is why they call it the “Crystal Ballroom”, the lights are crystal.

We sat down at a table, they sat 10. There was my parents, Linda, the Boyfriend and I, the two never-met-before people, two other people I’d never met before, and Lorraine. There was some conversation that went on, but it was mostly amongst ourselves. My Dad kept disappearing and being social… did I just type that? My Dad hates everyone! It made me laugh! The Boyfriend and I ended up talking a lot, which is something I needed. I talked to Linda a lot too, as well as the husband of the never-met before people. He was pretty cool.

We each got 3 drink tickets.¬†At least, would have… if your father didn’t steal yours!¬†
I’ve never been to a club, the only time I ever went to a bar was for my 19th birthday, so I was really unsure of what to get. They have names for things? Usually it’s “a little of this, a little of that, oooh, that looks good, add that too!” I got a great Asian lady that made me drinks throughout the night though. I didn’t catch her name, but she kept me…¬†hydrated.¬†It was her “specialty”.


Firstly, there’s cloth napkins… CLOTH FREAKIN’ NAPKINS!!!!
It was a weird mixed drink. I know they make them elsewhere, but I was paying attention so I could make it myself! It has some vodka (they were using Smirnoff), Bacardi, and Lambs, then cranberry juice and orange juice. My goodness, it was delicious… and I’m sure it got me quite, err, what’s the word? Oh yeah,¬†intoxicated.¬†Didn’t even realize until I went to get up. And people kept giving me drink tickets, so instead of the 3¬†2 that I had, I ended up having 5 or 6 of these bad boys, and that’s not including the wine I got with dinner.¬†

Don’t ask the Boyfriend about it, heeeee said I was slurring my words, but I tend to disagree!

Every table had numbers, and ours was high, or low, depending on how you look at it. We originally had the number 25, but they made a person from each table go up to play musical chairs to see who ate first, and our person got out early on. So now instead of 25, we were the 26th to go.

It was a buffet style with an assortment of foods; my favourite were the prime rib and rice pilaf. There was all sorts of neat stuff: buns and butter balls (they were so NEAT looking), salads including potato with my favourite purpley blue potatoes, muscles and shrimp, cheeses and cold-cuts, ravioli, salmon and mackerel, prime rib, roasted potatoes, and rice… there was a lot, that doesn’t even begin to describe what was there.

I didn’t take many pictures because I was having a good time… and all of them were with my phone because even though I brought my good camera, I didn’t want to keep taking it out.

After dinner was dessert. Holy moly, dessert. There was so much to choose from! Fruits and puddings, brownies and cookies, cakes and pies… mmmm, dessert.¬†It took a lot of work to make room for these delicious goodies. The Boyfriend didn’t eat any ’cause he’s not much of a cake eater… he likes Jell-O!


Sooo good. My favourite was the mint chocolate one. Actually no, it was the one that was already partially eaten. Bwuahaha! The one lying down was ucky!

It was so bizarre having people waiting on you too. They got out of your way, even if they were busy. They cleared your dishes without being asked… am I the only one that said “thank you”? I can’t help it! I’m polite!

Eventually, the entertainment had arrived. We got to watch a hypnotist. I’m usually really good with figuring out what they’re doing and so on, but I was a bit intoxicated by that point, so I wasn’t paying much attention. Some of it was fun. There was one part where every time an Austin Powers song played, a man would get up, put a poncho on thinking it was an invisible cloak, and go find something red and stare at it thinking it was a bad guy. I’m not sure it was¬†real, despite believing in crazy things. I know there’s illusions to that stuff, but I couldn’t put my finger on it. Neat though.

Afterwards, there were prize draws. My Dad won one automatically, having a yellow ticket. Gift cards always come in handy.

Soon after, there was dancing. I told my parentals that they should dance! They didn’t at first, but a slow song came on, and my Dad drug my Mum up there. I laughed… then got dragged up for laughing.¬†Thanks.

I… can’t dance. I wish I could, but I can’t. I’ve never slow-danced with someone (at least, I never HAD), and I just kept laughing. I didn’t know where to put my hands or my head or anything, so I just kept laughing every time I screwed up, lol. But it was nice. Now I can say I’ve officially danced with someone (who isn’t Tie Guy, thanks Friendly Giant), but I think I’d like to try again when I’m slightly more… sober.

By that point, it was 11 something at night, and¬†most of my group was ready to leave. It isn’t as though we live down the street, we live a bit away. It was going to take longer with it raining and having to drop people off.

On the way home, I got to cuddle up to my beau. I’m pretty sure kissing him is amazing. Now there’s something I missed doing… that’s an incredibly weird statement coming from S.
I hope I get to see him more. Little P too.

Well, I’ll leave you with a picture of me and the Boyfriend.


Ahem… evil natural blonde hair!!!!



Being back with my parents, we live across from a church. They’re a nice group, compiled mostly of elderly people. The tree across the street is dropping its leaves, and covered the street and parking lot, so Mum was out there with the handy dandy leaf blower. The man is usually out there with a rake or broom and dustpan… it would’ve taken him forever.

The lights went up today. W climbed up on the ladder and got the gunk out of the gutters and hung them up. They’re the weird icicle ones, I guess I like them. Decorations are weird.

We went to a place that sells bulk foods… that made me happy. When I was a kid, we’d go to a local store with bulk stuff and baking stuff… this place was the exact same way. I now know where to go to get my melts and tips for upcoming baking projects! We also went to the dollar store right next door and holy hell, it was busy. People are finally learning… and I don’t like it! I always go to dollar stores for items I need (depending). They sell baking pans for nothing, and they aren’t weird brands, they’re the same brand you’ll find in the grocery store. Maybe they’re not fancy and Wilton, but if you don’t have a lot of money (I know I don’t), they’re a good alternative. Heck, I got a cutting board today. Go bamboo!

Laundry is done. The kitchen is almost immaculate.
Never ever overlook having good-working-order washer and dryers.

Have I ever mentioned that I’m a perfectionist? I want things perfect, knowing they can never be perfect, and my brain will twitch when things are wrong. I’ve learned to pretend things don’t exist at times, but other times… I’m insane. As in, toothbrush and bleach (which actually hurts) insane… yeeep. You guys have seen my notes… one mistake and I re-write EVERYTHING! I’ve been colour-coding things in Word though… saves trees. ūüôā

One day, I’m gonna own a really high end camera. Also, I’m going to figure out all the settings on the camera that I have… ONE DAY!
Until that day comes, have a picture of Midna amongst lights… I think I know who’s going to try and be climbing the tree this year… tomorrow, we shall bake! Oh yeah! YOU! YEAH, YOU WITH THE BLUEY PURPLE HAIR… YOU HATE MINT! I NEED THAT EXTRACT BACK! LOL!

This is just the nice one, another one of her made me laugh my ass off!

Alaka-zizzle, Make It All Fizzle

What’s been going on in the land of S? Lots… yet nothing.

We ended up seeing T and her fiance, which was nice, considering I hadn’t seen her in… probably 6 or 7 years, and I definitely approve of her fiance, knowing some of the previous contenders. I didn’t know that she knew Greg, but we ended up seeing them at the “celebration of life”. It was interesting being there – his presence was made known quite well.

What else has happened in that time…

I moved back in with my parents, for many a reason. The parental units have been in and out of the hospital the past little while, and Mum has a whole new trek ahead of her after December 2nd. I’m still living out of boxes, and I’ve made friends with the couch, but it’s all okay. I’ve been distracting myself from¬†everything¬†by cleaning and sleeping.

I feel bad. I’m back here after barely any time away, and I’m in severe pain. Distractions don’t always help. But I shouldn’t complain, because everyone else is hurting too.

I haven’t seen the Boyfriend in almost 3 weeks, which really sucks. I was a stupid-face before Halloween, basically saying he needed to hate me all because of the Voldemort. Honestly, I don’t even really think of him anymore… it’s weird. Sometimes, but it’s not controlling me as much anymore. But after 2 days of that I realized I really liked him and that was stupid to make myself unhappy just because of somebody from the past.

I don’t know if I’ll end up seeing him again at this rate though. He works every day and on the weekends he has Little P, so there is no spare time, there is nothing. Just keep smiling, right? Maybe I’m just a pain.

Today I had to go to the hospital of doom… what a disgusting place. My doctor was nice though. I’m glad someone sees something other than “this is what the book says, so do it!” She actually listened to me and gave me options, not even including the one I was dreading… she didn’t even mention that one! So there’ll be some tests, nothing major, but it’s nice that now I have two, yes, TWO, doctors on my side. Hallelujah! There’s actually doctors that are good at what they do!

Snake got food, kitten got food… what a picky cat. The stuff she normally ate was EXTREMELY expensive, so I got other stuff. Think she’d eat it? Ha! Nope… but the dogs didn’t really like it either, so I guess it was gross. Got her canned food to tide her over ’til I could get the normal food… she ate it, but complained. W gave her some chicken and meatloaf… she ate that. She also stole a piece of ham from my Mom.

Yes… the kitten loves ham… almost as much as turkey…

Since ze friends and I got sisters, they ended up being kind of insane. They will steal your ham and turkey, they go absolutely nuts over the stuff… that and salmon. Silly cats.

She’s being insane at night, jumping and climbing on everything… and being a pain. She knows “off” but doesn’t always listen. She has personality, but bajebus, cats. At least she’s using the litter box.

Tomorrow… I’m making ham. Mmmm, ham… OH GOD, THE CAT!

Rest In Peace

I didn’t know you that well, but I’m glad I had the pleasure of meeting you.

On Wednesday, October 30th, we lost one of the good ones. Remember how I wrote about someone I named Miracle Man? The man that kept beating Stage 4 cancer? It finally got the best of him.

Shortly after our last visit, he was given a time frame of 3 months; unfortunately, he fell ill with ¬†pneumonia and those months went down to 2 weeks. They said he’d probably slip into a coma and pass in his sleep, and that’s exactly what he did.

I didn’t know him that well, but I wish I would’ve gotten to know him better. I always appreciated hanging out with him… even though I’m sure he didn’t know I existed.

RIP Greg
September 28, 1987 – October 30, 2013

And here’s a big “FUCK YOU!” to cancer.

Impromptu Camping

Friendly Giant brought up the idea of camping probably a week before we actually went. Yes, fall camping, why the heck not? We chose a lake, did some research, and on Saturday, went on our merry way. We didn’t want to go too far (like we normally do), so we chose something quite close.

We decided we were going to go to Weaver Lake. Driving along, we ended up going too far and missed the turn. It didn’t matter though, we were kind of screwed. The tailpipe of the 4runner decided to fall off and was dragging. The CCCGGGRAHHHHGCRRR noise wasn’t too pleasant, nor was it good for it to be dragging, so we stopped.

Our first solution was to duct tape it and rope over it, hoping that the duct tape would melt and the rope would keep it strapped up; unfortunately, it didn’t work too well and within 5 minutes, it was dragging behind us again.

We stopped again.

Mistress and I got under the truck and Tophat brought up something we were thinking about (because nobody had a coat hanger!). We threaded ratchet bits through a piece of rope and tied the pipe up as tight as we could, having the metal touch it so it wouldn’t burn… it worked, and that’s currently what’s holding it up.

We made a joke about it though. 4 men and 2 women and the women are the ones working on the truck while the men stand around not knowing what to do. It was funny.

Eventually, we found our lake, BUT… it was closed due to some sort of construction? What the hell? Everything said it was open! So we decided to go look for Chehalis, after all, it couldn’t be that far away. We went down a road that we found in a map book that was supposed to connect, but it didn’t. It was pitch black. We ended up going past some sort of correctional facility (we have those here!?) and ended up in a weird place with ghost lights and power lines. Holy crap, power lines. Getting out of the truck, my arm was killing me. When we got home I actually had hand prints on my arm…

Since we couldn’t find the road to Chehalis (at this point, it was BLACK), we followed Fisher’s directions to get to Elbow Lake. We couldn’t really find the pull-off he was talking about, but we did find something near a creek, which obviously flowed into the lake, and camped there.

The weather was pretty good. We had a nice fire, some food (hello, smokies on a stick), and some good conversation… and probably a drink or two… or five. I don’t drink very often, but sometimes it’s interesting.

We kept hearing flutes… they said they heard harps. We believe in “supernatural” stuff, whether it’s spirits (“ghosts”), Bigfoot, fey, etc. And normally, things aren’t scary, we’ve dealt with so much over the years, but the darkness seemed to creep toward you, so it was a bit creepy. Perhaps one day I’ll write about those experiences?

The next day, we decided to go for a trek to see if we could find the lake. Apparently we drove further than we thought, but it was cool. Walking through a creek, trekking through the woods (thank you, waterproof boots!). On the way back, Mistress and I stayed behind and went through the woods instead of back through the rocks. We kept looking at all the different mushrooms and fungi. We’d never eat anything we were unsure of, but just looking at how many different types of fungi there was was neat.



We didn’t really take pictures because it was just an overnight trip, but look how awesome this looked!

We left a few hours later. The drive home was nice and quiet.

Oh, camping. We need to do you more.


What the heck is this crap and why do I have to learn it!?

Trigonometry has absolutely¬†nothing¬†to do with what I want to be… “I’m sorry, I can’t seem to direct you to the bathroom because I can’t figure out how long this wall is and I seem to have forgotten my calculator”, or “I’m sorry, I can’t give you any medication today because I can’t seem to find the hypotenuse of this non-triangular device. What is this anyway? Is this a rectangle!?”

What the heck school?

Why doesn’t school work where you learn what you need, and if you decide you want to do something with math, you get to learn this crap? I don’t want to be a rocket scientist, and here’s a big surprise… scientists use calculators, so why am I having to show all this crazy work!?

a² = b² + c² Р2bccosA.

Okay, okay, no, I can understand that well enough, but c’mon now. This is hurting my face. I’m actually feeling quite nauseated just looking at these…¬†things…