Christmas Party

My Mom has been with the same company for many a year now, and my Dad started working with them this year, getting hired full-time after his trip to the Yukon. Almost every year, they have a Christmas party, and since there’s 2 of them working for the company now, that means there’s 2 extra spots… so my parents invited the Boyfriend and I! 🙂

I rarely have excuses to dress up, so this was a real treat. I wore one of my favourite dresses: a white and black strapless, with these nice grey boots I found that actually worked on my feet! I did my makeup (which lasted most of the night), gave myself bangs again (snip, snip, snip…), and wore some of my favourite perfume.

We had a bunch of people to pick up, so we went to get them. We got Linda, and two people I’d never met before. I liked them both, which is odd considering I hate everyone! Ha!

After leaving the City of Abb, we went to get the Boyfriend! He wasn’t lying when he said he cut his hair, lol. But I was happy, he made a good attempt at dressing nice. He looked pretty snazzy. Okay, he looked pretty damn hott if you ask me. I hadn’t seen him in over a month, so just the fact I could hold his hand made me feel happy.

We got to the place (after a lot of freeeeaky conversation)  and I was already weirded out. I had never been to a Hilton hotel before. Ever. Even the main lobby is fancy. What the hell? Am I in the right place? Well, I guess I was dressed properly, but holy! We were all dressed pretty snazzily. Seeing my Dad in a suit and my Mum in a dress kind of blows my mind.

So we went in… hello ballroom!
First thing I do? Look up.


There is a chandelier. A freakin’. Chandelier.

I suppose this is why they call it the “Crystal Ballroom”, the lights are crystal.

We sat down at a table, they sat 10. There was my parents, Linda, the Boyfriend and I, the two never-met-before people, two other people I’d never met before, and Lorraine. There was some conversation that went on, but it was mostly amongst ourselves. My Dad kept disappearing and being social… did I just type that? My Dad hates everyone! It made me laugh! The Boyfriend and I ended up talking a lot, which is something I needed. I talked to Linda a lot too, as well as the husband of the never-met before people. He was pretty cool.

We each got 3 drink tickets. At least, would have… if your father didn’t steal yours! 
I’ve never been to a club, the only time I ever went to a bar was for my 19th birthday, so I was really unsure of what to get. They have names for things? Usually it’s “a little of this, a little of that, oooh, that looks good, add that too!” I got a great Asian lady that made me drinks throughout the night though. I didn’t catch her name, but she kept me… hydrated. It was her “specialty”.


Firstly, there’s cloth napkins… CLOTH FREAKIN’ NAPKINS!!!!
It was a weird mixed drink. I know they make them elsewhere, but I was paying attention so I could make it myself! It has some vodka (they were using Smirnoff), Bacardi, and Lambs, then cranberry juice and orange juice. My goodness, it was delicious… and I’m sure it got me quite, err, what’s the word? Oh yeah, intoxicated. Didn’t even realize until I went to get up. And people kept giving me drink tickets, so instead of the 3 2 that I had, I ended up having 5 or 6 of these bad boys, and that’s not including the wine I got with dinner. 

Don’t ask the Boyfriend about it, heeeee said I was slurring my words, but I tend to disagree!

Every table had numbers, and ours was high, or low, depending on how you look at it. We originally had the number 25, but they made a person from each table go up to play musical chairs to see who ate first, and our person got out early on. So now instead of 25, we were the 26th to go.

It was a buffet style with an assortment of foods; my favourite were the prime rib and rice pilaf. There was all sorts of neat stuff: buns and butter balls (they were so NEAT looking), salads including potato with my favourite purpley blue potatoes, muscles and shrimp, cheeses and cold-cuts, ravioli, salmon and mackerel, prime rib, roasted potatoes, and rice… there was a lot, that doesn’t even begin to describe what was there.

I didn’t take many pictures because I was having a good time… and all of them were with my phone because even though I brought my good camera, I didn’t want to keep taking it out.

After dinner was dessert. Holy moly, dessert. There was so much to choose from! Fruits and puddings, brownies and cookies, cakes and pies… mmmm, dessert. It took a lot of work to make room for these delicious goodies. The Boyfriend didn’t eat any ’cause he’s not much of a cake eater… he likes Jell-O!


Sooo good. My favourite was the mint chocolate one. Actually no, it was the one that was already partially eaten. Bwuahaha! The one lying down was ucky!

It was so bizarre having people waiting on you too. They got out of your way, even if they were busy. They cleared your dishes without being asked… am I the only one that said “thank you”? I can’t help it! I’m polite!

Eventually, the entertainment had arrived. We got to watch a hypnotist. I’m usually really good with figuring out what they’re doing and so on, but I was a bit intoxicated by that point, so I wasn’t paying much attention. Some of it was fun. There was one part where every time an Austin Powers song played, a man would get up, put a poncho on thinking it was an invisible cloak, and go find something red and stare at it thinking it was a bad guy. I’m not sure it was real, despite believing in crazy things. I know there’s illusions to that stuff, but I couldn’t put my finger on it. Neat though.

Afterwards, there were prize draws. My Dad won one automatically, having a yellow ticket. Gift cards always come in handy.

Soon after, there was dancing. I told my parentals that they should dance! They didn’t at first, but a slow song came on, and my Dad drug my Mum up there. I laughed… then got dragged up for laughing. Thanks.

I… can’t dance. I wish I could, but I can’t. I’ve never slow-danced with someone (at least, I never HAD), and I just kept laughing. I didn’t know where to put my hands or my head or anything, so I just kept laughing every time I screwed up, lol. But it was nice. Now I can say I’ve officially danced with someone (who isn’t Tie Guy, thanks Friendly Giant), but I think I’d like to try again when I’m slightly more… sober.

By that point, it was 11 something at night, and most of my group was ready to leave. It isn’t as though we live down the street, we live a bit away. It was going to take longer with it raining and having to drop people off.

On the way home, I got to cuddle up to my beau. I’m pretty sure kissing him is amazing. Now there’s something I missed doing… that’s an incredibly weird statement coming from S.
I hope I get to see him more. Little P too.

Well, I’ll leave you with a picture of me and the Boyfriend.


Ahem… evil natural blonde hair!!!!


Impromptu Camping

Friendly Giant brought up the idea of camping probably a week before we actually went. Yes, fall camping, why the heck not? We chose a lake, did some research, and on Saturday, went on our merry way. We didn’t want to go too far (like we normally do), so we chose something quite close.

We decided we were going to go to Weaver Lake. Driving along, we ended up going too far and missed the turn. It didn’t matter though, we were kind of screwed. The tailpipe of the 4runner decided to fall off and was dragging. The CCCGGGRAHHHHGCRRR noise wasn’t too pleasant, nor was it good for it to be dragging, so we stopped.

Our first solution was to duct tape it and rope over it, hoping that the duct tape would melt and the rope would keep it strapped up; unfortunately, it didn’t work too well and within 5 minutes, it was dragging behind us again.

We stopped again.

Mistress and I got under the truck and Tophat brought up something we were thinking about (because nobody had a coat hanger!). We threaded ratchet bits through a piece of rope and tied the pipe up as tight as we could, having the metal touch it so it wouldn’t burn… it worked, and that’s currently what’s holding it up.

We made a joke about it though. 4 men and 2 women and the women are the ones working on the truck while the men stand around not knowing what to do. It was funny.

Eventually, we found our lake, BUT… it was closed due to some sort of construction? What the hell? Everything said it was open! So we decided to go look for Chehalis, after all, it couldn’t be that far away. We went down a road that we found in a map book that was supposed to connect, but it didn’t. It was pitch black. We ended up going past some sort of correctional facility (we have those here!?) and ended up in a weird place with ghost lights and power lines. Holy crap, power lines. Getting out of the truck, my arm was killing me. When we got home I actually had hand prints on my arm…

Since we couldn’t find the road to Chehalis (at this point, it was BLACK), we followed Fisher’s directions to get to Elbow Lake. We couldn’t really find the pull-off he was talking about, but we did find something near a creek, which obviously flowed into the lake, and camped there.

The weather was pretty good. We had a nice fire, some food (hello, smokies on a stick), and some good conversation… and probably a drink or two… or five. I don’t drink very often, but sometimes it’s interesting.

We kept hearing flutes… they said they heard harps. We believe in “supernatural” stuff, whether it’s spirits (“ghosts”), Bigfoot, fey, etc. And normally, things aren’t scary, we’ve dealt with so much over the years, but the darkness seemed to creep toward you, so it was a bit creepy. Perhaps one day I’ll write about those experiences?

The next day, we decided to go for a trek to see if we could find the lake. Apparently we drove further than we thought, but it was cool. Walking through a creek, trekking through the woods (thank you, waterproof boots!). On the way back, Mistress and I stayed behind and went through the woods instead of back through the rocks. We kept looking at all the different mushrooms and fungi. We’d never eat anything we were unsure of, but just looking at how many different types of fungi there was was neat.



We didn’t really take pictures because it was just an overnight trip, but look how awesome this looked!

We left a few hours later. The drive home was nice and quiet.

Oh, camping. We need to do you more.


For those unaware, Canada does celebrate Thanksgiving. It’s generally celebrated on the second Monday of October, but my family has always celebrated on the Sunday. Originally, it was celebrated in late October/early November (with the harvest). After WWI, Armistice Day (now Remembrance Day) and Thanksgiving were to be celebrated on the same day; however, they felt like they should be different days, so now we celebrate on the second Monday of October.

(Thank you Mr. Schulz!)

I like history, let’s have some fun, shall we?

  • Many relate Thanksgiving to the United States, but long before Europeans set foot in North America there were celebrations of thanks and harvests in Europe.
  • We can trace Thanksgiving back to 1578 when Martin Frobisher (from England) voyaged to find the Northwest Passage (sea route connecting the Pacific and Atlantic). They experienced freak storms and ice, losing a ship in their trek. When they arrived in what’s now known as Newfoundland, him and his men gave thanks for surviving such a treacherous journey.
  • With the aforementioned fact, it shows that Thanksgiving was celebrated here 43 years before the pilgrims landed in Massachusetts!
  • Why is Thanksgiving in Canada in October, otherwise? We’re farther north. Our crops tend to be ready in October, and it’s more about giving thanks for a bountiful harvest than it is a bunch of slaughtering pilgrims.

A lot of people view Thanksgiving as a time for food and that’s all, but it’s so much more than that.

I get so upset when people have friends with nowhere to go and families turn them away. Thanksgiving isn’t a time only for family, it’s for everyone. My family has always been incredibly open about that. If you don’t have anywhere to go, you’re coming over for dinner and entertainment!

This year, there was my Mom, Dad, Sister, Brother, W, Artist, me, Boyfriend, Little P, Tophat, Mistress, Tim, and even my parents’ neighbours showed up for a little while. There was supposed to be more people that showed up, but they didn’t make it for whatever reason.

We like to cook. There was two turkeys, a ham, potatoes, brussel sprouts, broccoli, honeyed carrots, stuffing, cranberry sauce Mistress and I made, and homemade buns… oh, and pie. I’m glad there was so much food, it means I get to eat leftovers! Yum, yum.

But it isn’t all about the food… I got to spend time with people who matter to me…

What am I thankful for?

  • A wonderful and supportive family.
  • Friends I can be myself with.
  • A boyfriend that loves me.
  • Freedom…
  • Being able to walk.
  • Having everything that I need.

I’m thankful for a lot, I only mentioned a few (and quite vague) points. I reflect often.

This past year has been nothing but change, and it’s been, more than likely, the best change I’ve ever had in my entire life. I don’t always act like it, and I don’t always notice everything (who does?), but I’m thankful for everything, big and small. And to anyone that’s made such a positive impact in my life… I love you! You make life worth living, even when I don’t want to anymore.

What are you thankful for?

Fort Langley Cranberry Festival

As many people (don’t) know, Monday is Thanksgiving in Canada. Before you ask, yes, Canada celebrates Thanksgiving.

Today has been a strange day, but since my assigned mission was to make cranberry sauce, we decided to go to Fort Langley’s Cranberry Festival.

First off: Holy crap. No, really, what the heck? Apparently this is the 18th annual cranberry festival in Fort Langley, but I was not expecting there to be so many people. The place I call home is a small town, that has events similar to this, so I thought it’d be like a flea market at most… boy, was I wrong. There were SO many people! We even saw license plates from the Yukon! Driving down the road with still 15 minutes to go (driving, that is), there were cars parked all along the road. I was dreading the idea of walking for miles and miles just to get some stupid cranberries.

Luckily, Tophat is an excellent driver (and more patient than Mistress and me) and we snagged a spot right in town.

(Thank you, Google for another picture!)

Cranberries, bloody cranberries. Did I mention how many people there were?

We walked around a bit because there were plenty of vendors. We got to see pastries and baked goods, honey and jams, and don’t forget the fudge! I got the most delicious piece of fudge I think I’ve ever eaten in my life. It’s dark chocolate raspberry, and normally I don’t like dark chocolate, but it was proper dark chocolate. Yeah, I’m a chocolate snob. But we got to try a bunch of interesting stuff. We even went into a hat store and tried on hats! I looked good in a weird orange fedora-esque hat… it was strange. Especially since I don’t prefer the colour orange.

Back to cranberries. Here’s some fun facts:

  • Originally, cranberries were used for trade. Because a lot of First Nations people used cranberries (food, dyes, medicines, etc.), there was a time where it was more important than salmon!
  • The cranberry is one of only three commercially-grown fruits that is native to North America.
  • Of all the cranberries harvested in Canada each year, about 60% are grown for Ocean Spray, which is owned and operated in the USA. Because BC is a cooperative, 90% of our cranberries are shipped to the USA.
  • Approximately 50% of BC’s crop is used to make sweetened dried cranberries, 40% is made into juice, 9% is sold frozen, and 1% is sold fresh.

For some reason, the thought of that freaks me out.

I was weary about buying Ocean Spray from a festival, but I didn’t realize that’s what was being grown in our fields. It’s a little upsetting, to be honest, but I feel slightly better knowing that they were locally grown (here’s to hoping Monsanto didn’t play a role, no?). We looked around a bit because there was a man taking them out of bags just to put in boxes to make it look like they were fresh, AND, he was over-charging. People tend to overcharge during times of holidays, but you have to be careful! We found a good deal, and they weren’t just unpacking bags.

It wasn’t the greatest experience ever, but we weren’t really going to do more than get cranberries.

There was free entertainment, deals all around, vendors with nifty items, and plenty of food. Perhaps we’ll go next year, and early too. There’s a lot to experience, just be prepared for a day full of walking… and I wasn’t in a position to walk a lot.

Also, people, LEARN SOME MANNERS! I’m blatantly wearing braces that you can see, not to mention my walking is off… hitting me in the spine is only going to make me either A. Drop to the ground, or B. Make me scream at you. And scream I did. If I were a violent person, I would’ve punched you all in the face.

Anyway, that aside, it was an interesting time. And if you’re looking for some deals (or just neat stuff), go! But be prepared for way too many people, and know your pricing.

Now to go make cranberry sauce!

The Caribbean Days Experience

One day, I really hope that I get to go to Trinidad… for now, the closest I can get to it is the Caribbean Days Festival.

As I stated before, it has been a tradition to go every year we possibly can. My Poppy originally hailed from Trinidad and so my grandparents and I would always go. After they passed, the tradition was passed to my Sister and I.

This year, unfortunately our good friends couldn’t accompany us, but they did thankfully drop us off at the skytrain! And that’s where the story begins…

I have never seen so much security at the skytrain in my entire life. There were police making sure people had paid for their tickets, and before the train actually departed, they checked to make sure everyone had tickets. There were at least 5 police and security guards in our one car alone. I was raised incredibly honest, and I’ve never not paid, but I know that a lot of people used to not pay. It was just insane to see that.

The skytrain is always an interesting ride… I’m a people watcher, so i find it entertaining at times. To get to North Van, you ride the train all the way to the seabus, and take it over. I still remember riding the seabus as a little kid with my grandparents. I’d always look out the window and be like, “look, Nana! It’s a shark!” or “look, Poppy! It’s a giant squid!” Those are memories that stay with you.

When we got there, we immediately went to go eat. I’m a little upset, my sister didn’t want to eat the cultural food (mostly because of the line ups), but in a way I’m thankful because I forgot to wear my braces and walking around so much was a major pain… literally.

We then walked to the other side, looked through the stalls… they sell a lot of cool things. But after that, we finally got to go see some entertainment! I love that the music is so loud, you can hear it everywhere you go, but watching it is incredible. I wish I would have gotten better pictures, and actual videos, of the Kara Kata Afro Beat Group, because they were great! But I sadly didn’t… they sounded really good though… and they had saxophone!

We also got to see a woman called Sarah K. She actually had a really strong voice.


We then got to see the AMED Dance Group; they do Middle Eastern stuff. They’re great dancers though.


I’ll upload a video of their dancing after everything uploads… there’s quite a few videos to show you! 🙂

I needed to sit down a lot because I was in so much pain, so I unfortunately didn’t get many good pictures, but I thought I’d upload some anyway.

We decided to walk around for a bit and look at some more stuff. I got that awesome pineapple drink that I showed you in my previous post. I absolutely love pineapple, so having it was a real treat. I ended up buying a jerk chicken sauce which I’ve always wanted to try. I haven’t tried it yet, but I’ll let you know how it turns out. I know you’re only supposed to use a little bit… it’s flavourful and spicy. Plus, who are we kidding? Who doesn’t like chicken!?!?


We went to sit back down and watch more of the show after looking around a bit. Usually there’s a lot of dancing, some people just didn’t though. I danced! Well, I sat-danced, it’s kinda what I do. We got to see these great girls from Diversity Performing Arts in Calgary. I know they were all younger, but I find it great that people want to dance… I never could. A lot of people find it wrong that young girls are dancing like they are because it’s “sexy”. The thing is… western culture has skewed everything. They deem everything as over sexualised when in reality, it isn’t. Dancing sexily isn’t a bad thing. In other cultures, it isn’t seen as “hey, I want sex, do me!” it just… is, and a lot of people don’t understand that. Western society has just made such a huge deal out of things.

Anyway, these girls were great for what they were doing. 🙂

We also got to see the Trinidad & Tobago Cultural Society Steelband. I love hearing steel drums, I’m not sure why, I just do.


I do have video of this that I’ll also share when it uploads. 🙂

After looking around a bit more, we decided it was probably about that time to go home, so off we ventured. Again, there was security everywhere. We were walking to the seabus and we saw people in luchador masks, and the “leader” in a pig’s mask. We’ve seen people in the luchador masks out here too, but seeing a large group of them was interesting. One man asked them what they were doing and they said it was a secret. I do wonder what they’re up to…

If you’re in the Vancouver area and are interested in joining the fun, Caribbean Days is in North Vancouver every year at the end of July and is easily accessible. If you do go, try to donate! It’s put together by volunteers and people in the community. Keep the festival alive! You can find more information here: 

Caribbean Days!

Caribbean Days in Vancouver has been going on for 26 years. It is full of culture, fun, and memories.

I never realized that Caribbean Days had been around for 26 years. I’m now 21, and I’ve been going since I was 5.

My ancestral lineage is… interesting to say the least; I’m a complete and utter mutt. My grandparents would always take me to expose me to the culture – my Poppy was Trinidadian.

It was a tradition to go every year we possibly could. After my Poppy passed away, the tradition continued and my Nana and I kept going. One year, my Nana took my sister when I couldn’t go. After my Nana passed away, my sister and I continued the tradition and we go every year.


(It was delicious)

We had a lot of fun this year and I’m going to write about what happened probably later tonight.

If you ever get the chance to go to Caribbean Days (or Caribbana!) – GO! You won’t regret it.


So… we went camping a while ago and after we got back, I was just… on top of the world and didn’t feel like writing.

Originally, we were going to climb the mountain to go to an unnamed lake, but after a few wrong turns and a ridiculously long drive, we finally figured out where we were on the incredibly shitty Googlemaps map, and decided we were way too far away to get there, especially with the amount of gas we had left. By then, it was quite dark out, so we found a clearing and set up a make-shift camp.

It didn’t rain much, but I guess it rained enough… a rainbow came out!

Camping Nahatlatch 2013 045

We dragged rocks to make a fire pit, and it was quite a lovely night. Pitch black, but lovely.

When the morning came, after we ate, we decided it was time to head out to go to our back-up plan place. Down the mountain we went!

Now, I must tell you, my whole goal for this trip, was to see a bear. Every year Friendly Giant and I are up in this area, we never see bears, but everyone else does. We see tons of deer! There’s ALWAYS deer welcoming us (in fact, we almost hit one), which is great, but… bear!

Going down the mountain, I saw a cub! I pointed it out as fast as I could, but Friendly Giant was slow and missed it! It bolted into the woods! It was soooo cute though! …no, I’m not one of those idiots that is going to get out and hug one… STORY TIME!

When I was 5 or 6, we lived in a small community. To get to the small town from the next town over (where the work was), there was a bit of a windy drive. Rock, forest, and a cliff down to a huuuuge lake on the other side. One day (it was getting dark), we were driving along, and in this area it isn’t unusual to see bears, and we looked up ahead and there was a cub! Now, when I was young (perhaps my being thrown into nature is what sparked the curiosity and respect and love of…), it was common knowledge – if there’s a cub around, mama bear’s close behind. The car in front of us stopped and took the bear. They drove a bit forward, maybe a few metres, when suddenly, they stop and hurl the bear out of the car! …okay, I felt bad for the bear. If it attacked them, they totally deserved it! You don’t do that! And contrary to popular belief, it’s highly unlikely that the mother disowned the cub for smelling like a human. Weird, no?

 Anyway, it made me happy.

We made it down the mountain a bit more and saw such a wonderful view.

Camping Nahatlatch 2013 052

It was so cool because you could see the town below, as well as the river snaking between the mountains… it was AMAZING! I wish my camera would’ve captured it better! But it was beautiful.

Down we went.

We went to the Asian man’s gas station. I think his name it’s called Yonge’s or something… I forget, but he’s awesome, and his gas lasts foreeeeever! So we did that and went on our way. The funny thing is that we ended up going the way to Plan B when we first were trying to find the right turn for the unnamed lake.


To get to the other side, there’s train tracks… of course we hit a train. This train… was bizarre. I don’t mean bizarre, I mean BIZARRE. It was carrying hydrochloric acid, wheat, it had a train car that looked like it had something clawing from the inside… it also had inspirational graffiti, go figure.


Camping Nahatlatch 2013 055

Finally, after taking ages to start moving again, it did, and it left.

On we trekked.

I enjoy driving with Friendly Giant. He goes fast. Vroom vroom.

Also, I’m amazing. I said, “lookin’ fer deer” and they appeared… I used it on Friendly Giant too… but at a later date. It worked!

We kept losing the others, granted, they had a canoe, and have a manual, but still! We kept laughing about that… yes, we’re probably terrible people. Up there, there are… 3 lakes, I believe. They all connect by rapids. It’s definitely glacier water, it’s gorgeous, it tastes delicious, and it’s COLD.

We found a place to set up camp and there we were! It was great fun. We even had the perfect spot for the canoe!

I hadn’t been in a canoe for yeeeeeeears. When I say years, I mean, I was 5 or 6, didn’t get to paddle, and my Dad drove us in circles…

It was great fun though. Sometimes I think I’m a mermaid, I LOVE the water. But being in a canoe was great, and paddling came naturally… such good fun. I’m starting to question why we never owned a canoe as a kid now!

Now, here’s where things get fuzzy. I don’t remember what order this was all in.

At some point, Friendly Giant left to explore. Tim and I went on the canoe and had something terrifying happen to us. It was funny when he freaked out at me putting my camera in the water! It’s water proof, which is what I wanted, but that was fun. We kept seeing people go back and forth on quads and dirt bikes… we waved a lot. We paddled out quite far and saw a tree man! He had a nose and Bart Simpson hair. We decided to smoke a bit of pot, which isn’t a big deal, I do it every so often (great pain reliever, guys). We looked around and started FREAKING OUT. Where… the hell… did the tree man go? Yes, there’s a current, but it was RIGHT THERE. We started laughing while being freaked out. We were looking and looking… we paddled like crazy because we figured we probably drifted away from it. I asked him if that pot was laced, LOL! It was terrifying! Eventually we found the tree man, but I’m convinced that he moved. This might sound like something someone high would say, but, lol, I’m convinced that it moved. We believe in a lot of …other things… so it wouldn’t surprise me at all. …eventually we went back to camp.

Tophat and I had heard something strange, but thought nothing of it.

Friendly Giant had been gone for quite some time and everyone was wondering where he went. I made a comment saying he probably had made a friend, he does that everywhere he goes.

A few minutes later, we see his Jeep go by, and what’s this? There’s a guy in the passenger seat… and he’s waving to us! Tim and I recognized him, we waved to him earlier while he was on a quad.

Shortly after they had passed, there came some people on quads… they were obviously the first guy’s friends.

When Friendly Giant came back, he told us this grand story!

Remember how Tophat and I had heard a noise? Friendly Giant had driven up and found lots of cool things… he went to the top of the mountain and shouted “KHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!” as loudly as he could… I’m assuming that’s what we heard.

He told us the tale of how he went up, managed to drive on a hiking trail where a man got angry at him! He continued onward, and found an abandoned logging camp, kept going and found a waterfall, and continued going until the road got super scary… it was super narrow with cliff (cliff with falling rocks)!

On the way back, he had found a man who had his quad break down… so he picked him up, without question, and drove him back down the mountain.

I guess he had tried to get him to come in to drink with him (the man was already drunk out of his mind!), but he said he had friends to get back to, so instead, he dug in his pocket and pulled out a scuffed up beer. He then introduced himself as Craig!

Thus was the tale of Craig.

That night, we got a weird feeling. We all have some sort of ability… that is, we’re able to sense when things are around (for those not catching on, there’s more than just ghosts, but…ghosts [I hate saying ghosts, I say spirits, but hey]). My senses go up when I’m drunk, and everyone had left and I had to shout at something ’cause it was freaking me out. Friendly Giant came back and he felt it too. I had to follow it. I’m really good at pinpointing and understanding what things are, but I just couldn’t for the life of me figure out what it was. It just… was.

Friendly Giant figured out that it came from the top of the mountain. There’s more to this story, but it’s not allowed to go public.

It also was freaky – we found a pair of shoes in the tree!

The next day, we decided to drive. We went to the abandoned logging camp. It was really fascinating, but it felt weird for me. I kept being led around by something, and then I got really upset. After that, I went straight to the Jeep and refused to get out until we were far enough away from it.

I was sad that people destroyed it so much.

Camping Nahatlatch 2013 112

There were more buildings but I didn’t take the picture, I didn’t want to do anything there.

We decided to leave and go to the waterfall. It was fun because on the way, I decided to Jeep surf. Friendly Giant’s Jeep has a sun roof and I stood up and stuck my upper body through it. I had to duck and move from side to side, and sometimes entirely get back into the Jeep. It was like a video game… but in real life.

We were then at the waterfall. It’s called Grizzly Falls and it’s quite massive. If you stand near it, even though it’s just slight mist, you get SOAKED. It was beautiful.

I love water.

Camping Nahatlatch 2013 122

It tasted delicious too.

Honestly, people are nuts, always boiling everything… certain places, you don’t really need to worry, especially when you’re in such an isolated place. It tastes how water should, not this chlorinated, flourided bullshit we have in our taps.

Anyway, back we went. Honestly, a lot in my head has moulded together, but we all drank. We had weird cotton candy vodka, and whipped vodka (which I made everyone drink! It’s a great mixer). I brought test tube shot glasses, and my favourite thing that we toasted to, we said…


Also, we made fun of paddle boarders. Seriously? Paddleboarding? Ughhhh. I hate everyone.

Eventually, Friendly Giant had to leave (eww, work), and the rest of us stayed a few more days. I’m still sad. I lost a pair of underwear in the jeep. Sad day.

Tim and I went for a drive. Yes, just the two of us. We drove around, as we were only allowed to go to the rocky bit, but we were convinced to take a side road. We went down it, and it turned out it was a bunch of campsites. We kept going and I thought I saw a bear… but it was only a tree. But it was really dark in there because it was all covered. We kept going on and we came across a pile of firewood. He wanted to leave, but I thought, hey, we found firewood, let’s grab it! Friendly Giant brought pallets, but we had been scrounging for wood otherwise. We got out of the truck super fast, and he felt the ash… it was still warm, but just barely. So we started hauling ass and throwing the wood into the back of the truck. We almost left but then I pointed out the chopping block (it was a giant stump). We grabbed it and strapped it into the back seat. Yes, we put a seatbelt on it. His name was Tommy.

Back at camp, we had a great few days, nights. We went back up to the waterfall a few times, talked about random things… FOUND, some really bizarre things… and overall, it was just a ridiculously fun trip.

Also, I won the endurance test. SCREW YOU ALL!

Here’s some random pictures from the actual camping part.

Camping Nahatlatch 2013 154

Isn’t it a pretty colour?

Camping Nahatlatch 2013 168

This was Jeremy the caterpillar.

Camping Nahatlatch 2013 184

This was Samantha. It hitched a ride on my hand while we were driving and refused to leave until I got out and made it go onto a flower. Then it finally flew away.

Camping Nahatlatch 2013 195

At one point, there was smoke on the water.

Camping Nahatlatch 2013 208

On the last day, we burnt everything we had left and had a huge fire.

On the way home, we decided to get something to eat. After driving back and forth, we came to this olde inn.

We all got fish and chips… it was delicious! And the place looked amazing. Good old feeling.

Camping Nahatlatch 2013 213

Camping Nahatlatch 2013 215

And before we went home, I wanted to stop at the Alexandra bridge. It originally was built in the 1800s and was used as a major bridge. It’s over the raging Fraser River. Many people have died because of this river. The first one was apparently destroyed in a flood, but this one was built in 1900 something and is definitely of European decent. It was gorgeous, though, walking on it while looking down was terrifying, it’s all grates and you get really dizzy.

Camping Nahatlatch 2013 229

Camping Nahatlatch 2013 252

Camping Nahatlatch 2013 255

A lot of fun times were had. And we kept finding stone animals. But it was really fun, and I can’t wait to go camping again.