imPress Manicure VoxBox Review

Recently, I received a VoxBox in the mail.Image

Inside, was a bunch of manicure stuff from imPress Nails.Image

I’ve never been one to use fake nails, and I’ve never gotten a manicure either, so I thought that applying these was going to be a nightmare. It was really easy, so easy that I could do it myself. You know how with fake nails, you have to use glue, wait for it to dry, and so on? With these, you peel and stick.

Now, for whatever reason, I don’t have a picture of the after product, but I do have a video, so I’ll attach that at the end.

Peeling the “sticker” off of the back of the nail was a bit tricky, but I think that’s because it said to be gentle… I wasn’t gentle. I just pulled from the tab instead of the side, because it was easier for me.

I also had one other complaint: they need bigger sizes! 

I don’t have very long nails; in fact, I bite them off, but some of the nails weren’t long enough to cover my whole fingernail. Most of them were, but I had trouble with my thumbs and pointer fingers.

Over all, the product is really cool, and means you don’t have to go get a manicure (I know I’ll be using my other one for graduation… I’ll post a photo then), it’s super easy to apply, and they’re really sturdy so they don’t feel like they’re going to rip or break off. Another plus is that they don’t hurt to remove. And yes, you might want to remove them – they last a really long time!

I peeled 8 of mine off because I couldn’t play guitar properly with them on. The two that are left still look fantastic.

I would buy this product myself if they could make some longer sizes.

I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.



When life becomes overwhelming and you feel as if you’re lost amongst the shadows, there’s a few things one should keep in mind. I’m still learning.

  1. Know you can stand on your own. You don’t need anyone, even though it is nice to have.
  2. Continue to do things you enjoy. It’s your life, might as well live as close to how you want as possible.
  3. Stop living in the past! This is a big one. Things happened that you wish didn’t, but they did, so deal with it and move on. Things will occasionally still affect you, but the more you acknowledge that, the easier it will be to throw them in the trash. It made you who you are today.
  4. Set a goal and stick to it. If you feel as if your life is lacking purpose, find something to do. Take a class, learn how to play an instrument, or make it a goal to go somewhere new. Whatever it may be, keep your mind set on it.
  5. Be proud of who you are! Sometimes it’s easier to talk about the negatives than it is the positives, but if you’re happy with who you are as a person – great! If not, change it. Unbeknownst to many, I actually LIKE who I am, I just tend to have not-so-great days  where I don’t want to see it anymore.

Mix all of this in with the fact I’m taking my medication again and don’t feel depressed whatsoever, we have a bunch of fantastic opportunities ahead of us, and there are good people around us to share in the joy.


Now let’s just pretend we’re celebrating and drinking together, k?


I’m about to get a lot of hate with this post. This post is all about tipping.

(Thank Google for this image too)

In Canada (it’s similar in the states), it’s common etiquette to tip someone in the food industry, whether they’ve been waiting on you or have delivered your food. It’s always a certain percentage of the bill: 10% minimum, 15% is the standard, and 20% if the service is amazing.

I don’t tip.

Okay, okay, it’s not as bad as it sounds, I promise! Hear me out.

I know a lot of people in the food industry make a lot of their money from tips, and I do understand that. I also understand that there’s always going to be a need for waiters and delivery drivers. Cool.

Why should I tip you if I have terrible service and you’re incredibly rude to me? Don’t get me wrong, I do tip, and I tip quite generously, WHEN I FEEL INCLINED TO.

I’ve had some really amazing waiters. For example: My friends and I went to Red Robins and had the most amazing waiter. He kept checking on us, making sure we had all that we needed (which is how it should be), but he went way beyond that. He kept joking with us, being personable, and he even brought us an awesome balloon that we kept for the rest of the night! He was great! He got an almost 35% tip just because of how amazing he was. He earned it.

Another example: My Boyfriend and I went to White Spot, and it was really busy so we weren’t expecting much, but our waiter was fantastic! He immediately brought crayons for Little P, he kept checking on us, even if it was just to say he’d be back in a second (busy day), and again, he was personable, laughed, and seemed to be enjoying his day. I even talked to him about something silly from childhood. He got a good tip as well. Again, he earned it.

Here’s another example: The woman that Mistress and I “stalk” (fun story), she’s a fantastic waitress! She joked with us, made us comfortable, and did everything great! She even taught me a neat trick with the pitcher and the ice. She’s actually so great, that I have her added on Facebook, and talk to her on a semi-regular basis. Becoming friends with someone that waited on you… go figure, right? I gave her a huuuuuuge tip! Once again, she earned it.

I can understand having a terrible day, but you’re working somewhere that requires you to interact with other people.

It’s a job, just like any other job. I’m not going to automatically give you a tip. But like any job, you earn your living, it’s not just given to you. And that’s how I feel it should be.

I wouldn’t pay my dentist if he screwed up (and believe me, I didn’t). and I wouldn’t pay a plumber if he screwed up.

This doesn’t mean be rude to those that wait on you, after all, they’re handling your food. 😉 And if things are busy, give them a break. If they screw up your order, politely tell them, and if they place the plates in the wrong place, it isn’t that hard to switch them!

Tipping isn’t mandatory in other places, and I don’t feel it should be mandatory here. If you get great service, then tip. If you had terrible service then don’t. And don’t feel bad about it either.

Right or wrong, that’s how I see it.

What do you think?

What The Hell Is Columbus Day?

And why are you celebrating it?

Supposedly, Columbus Day (I cringe every time I type that) is to celebrate him “discovering America.” How many people still believe this? Are there really people that still believe this?

  • He didn’t set out to prove that the earth was round. The ancient Greeks had proven that 3,000 years before Columbus was even alive. Everyone knew the world was round.
  • He didn’t discover the New World. Remember the First Nations? They were here 14,000 years before him. Also, what about the Vikings? Leif Erikson was here 500 years before Columbus ever set sail.
  • He never meant to find the Americas.
  • He thought it’d be easy to conquer the Natives and when he returned, demanded that his men were given gold, food, and their women to have sex with. When they refused, their ears and noses were cut off as a “warning” to the others.
  • When the Natives rebelled, Columbus found an excuse to go to war, and people were commonly being fed to hunting dogs, alive.
  • When he didn’t get as much gold as he wanted, he took approximately 500 Natives back to Spain to be sold as slaves.
  • More Natives were enslaved in the New World and were forced to feed, care for, and carry Columbus’s men on their backs. When they fled to escape enslavement, the men would hunt them down for sport, and use them for dog food.
  • Columbus felt like he needed more gold, so Natives that brought him gold would receive a “get-out-of-jail-free card”, aka a token around their neck that extended their need to find more gold. Those who didn’t have gold, had their hands cut off to be worn around their necks.

How many of you knew any of that? The first two points should be a given. Don’t feel bad if you don’t know these things, a lot of American history books were changed to make them come out on top (ahem, look at the wars!)


I don’t think Columbus was the worst man on earth, but he was far from the greatest, and I don’t believe he should have a day to celebrate him. I think he got caught up in greed and the idea of glory.

No, Canada doesn’t celebrate this day – today is our Thanksgiving! But we constantly hear “Columbus this, Columbus that” and it becomes quite aggravating. It would be different if people didn’t idolize someone like this, but it isn’t like that. People think he’s one of the greats, and he’s not.

It breaks my heart that American history books are wrong, but please, learn your history.

National Coming Out Day

While I realize it’s almost midnight where I am, I haven’t felt like writing until now (it’ll probably be after midnight when this gets published :()

How many of you support those who are LGBTQ? I’m one of them.


(Photo from Google images. Thank you whoever took it!)

Most would say that they’re “tolerant”, but me? I just like to say I’m happy. Don’t wrong me and I won’t wrong you. 🙂

What is there to be “tolerant” of? The actual definition of the word does make sense, but the way people tend to use it seems to be wrong. I have many friends that are part of the community; heck, even I’d be considered part of the community. It is what it is.

I remember the first time someone came out to me. I remember just saying, “I know” and smiling. I remember, also, when another did it and all I said was “cool”. It isn’t that I’m insensitive to the fact, it’s… what else can I say? I’ll always be there as a support, and I’ll always be there as a friend. Just because you’re _____, doesn’t mean I’m not going to like you! It’s really none of my business, but I’m glad that you trust me enough to share! 🙂

I think every day should be “coming out day”. Why not?

There’s always going to be people that are nasty and hateful towards us. There is always somebody out there that doesn’t like us, whether it’s that we have a certain orientation, we’re too fat, too skinny, our skin is too red, etc. And the pain grows when you don’t have the support system that you need or a family that wants you around (that one in particular). But there’s always going to be people “like us”. If you find someone that you talk to online, heck, go for it! If you have a close friend, go for it! But I know it’s difficult.

I feel lucky at times. I’m in Canada, and while not everyone is tolerant (there’s that word again!) or accepting, marriage is legal, and it’s generally accepted. I wish everywhere in the world could be like that. Yes, I’m aware that nothing is perfect here, but it isn’t perfect anywhere, it’s just a lot better than it could be.

I’d never heard of this “day” before, but I’m glad it exists. If it helps just that one person come out and feel better about themselves… then I’m glad it helped them! Even if they don’t understand or take it badly… you can finally be yourself and start loving the you that’s always been hidden.

Congratulations to all of you that did it! It’s a big step towards happiness! 🙂


I am a gamer. I’ve been a gamer since the age of 4, and my love hasn’t decreased. It’s like reading a book… that has moving pictures and is interactive.

I’ve never been a fan of GTA. GTA IV made me want to rip my face off, 3 made my head hurt, and I never got the chance to play San Andreas. When GTA V came out, I scoffed. I didn’t want it, I didn’t want to play it, and I thought it was going to be just like the rest… but no! GTA V is AMAZING! I think I like it so much because it incorporated components from Red Dead Redemption, and Red Dead is up there on my favourite new-gen game list.


I had watched my friends and boyfriend play it quite a bit and found myself intrigued more and more each time. Continuously though, I refused to play. And I mean, I was watching from the midnight release, and was there at 4am when the Online servers booted up.

Eventually, Tim handed me the controller to drive around at the very least. The cars handle so much better than before, everything looks prettier, and I like the story a lot better. Trevor is pretty great.

Yesterday, they were like, “enough!” and got me a copy, which I’ll be paying for when I get paid! I’m only 12% done the game, but it’s actually fun… imagine that, a GTA game that’s fun. And I actually enjoy the Online play. Yes, there’s glitches. Yes, sometimes it’s impossible to get on the servers… but with millions of people playing, you can’t really complain.

I find that a lot of people blame problems (especially with children) on games, particularly things like GTA.

The thing is, games like these are rated M for a reason. There are components of theft, sex, and murder… what else did you expect with a game called “Grand Theft Auto”? In Canada, an M rating means you have to be 17+ years old to buy it, and in other parts of the world I know the minimum age is higher.

Some younger kids can handle it no problem. I was one of those kids. Growing up, I’d watch R rated movies with my parents. Pulp Fiction, Reservoir Dogs… those were some of my favourite movies. It wasn’t because they were irresponsible or didn’t want to deal with me, it was because they knew I could handle it. If they didn’t think I could, they’d put me to bed.

A lot of younger kids get given these games because they ask and parents oblige. If your kid can differentiate between reality and fiction, and they’re mature enough, then fine, but… a lot of parents don’t care. They don’t have time for their kids and give them objects to distract themselves with, or they want to be their friend instead of their parent (what’s wrong with both?).

In recent years, there has been a lot of school shootings going on, and it’s constantly being blamed on video games. Why? Why was your child 10 and playing GTA? Why weren’t parents, friends, teachers, paying attention to whether their behaviour was changing or not? Were they being bullied? Why did the kid have access to the gun? So on and so forth…

Did you ever stop to think that maybe this kid was mentally unstable? Or they were being bullied to the point they couldn’t deal with it anymore and chose to attack their attackers rather than themselves?

And if things aren’t 100% blamed on media, why are they labelled as “bipolar”, or “schizophrenic”? I have bipolar disorder… the only time I’ve ever hit someone was in self defense. I have never once thought about taking a gun (which I don’t have anyway) and shooting innocent people.

Games are a way to immerse yourself in a different life, to experience a life you’d never experience otherwise. Sometimes, it’s fun to do things you’d never ever do, that’s the whole point. It’s much like reading. Epic fantasy is my favourite genre and I become fully immersed in what I’m reading. But just because I’m reading A Song of Ice and Fire doesn’t mean I’m going to stab someone with a sword.

It’s like when you’re watching an amazing movie and root for the bad guy because of how great a character he is.

I sometimes just wonder why games get all the heat. Why not movies or TV? Why not real life? I just like to think that parents should play a bigger role in kids’ lives. No, it’s not all their responsibility, but pave the way so they have good moral standards and good judgement.

What do you think?

Also, if you’ve played, what do you think of the game!?


Racism is a touchy subject for many, and many refuse to talk about it, especially “white” people.
I’m about to defenestrate every bit of political correctness and write this. If that offends you, leave now.

I’m white. That is to say, I look white. Yes, my background is predominantly European, but that isn’t all that makes up what is me. I’ve talked about it before. I am a mutt. My grandfather was Trinidadian, and they commonly have darker skin. Now imagine, a very dark man with an incredibly pale, walk-in-the-sun-and-burn German woman. That was my grandparents. In a time of extreme prejudice.

I was raised to be polite and non-judgemental. Everyone is judgemental to an extent, but skin colour does not matter. I never strayed much from what I was taught as a kid, I just find the world a disgusting place. It isn’t that I’m racist – I hate everyone.

No, I don’t actually hate everyone, but it’s easier to say that. I’ve come to learn that if you can’t laugh at yourself, you shouldn’t laugh at others; of course this also means races.

We’ve all been there. Someone tells a racist joke and can get away with it because they’re black, or Native, or Asian… and you can’t laugh because you’re white, right? We’ve all laughed at one or another. Have you never laughed at one? Get out, you’re lying. I hate to tell you this but… guess what? Whites are the minority right now. No, that doesn’t mean go and kill other people, it means deal with it and learn to live happily while not paying attention to other people, like it should be.

I find that being a white person, I experience quite a lot of racism. To say I was offended is pointless, as saying those words, “I’m offended” are like saying, “I have an asshole.” Nobody cares.

In the job market, it has become near impossible to find a job. Disabled AND white? Well damn, you’re screwed!

In Canada, there is a large East Indian population. Honestly, I don’t mind, people are people, I have Indian friends, but there is something that DOES bother me: Canada requires you to speak one of two languages: English or French. Years ago, I remember talking to a Japanese woman that was studying for her test to become a citizen… what happened to that? No, this isn’t a post bitching about immigration, it’s… what happened to that? Schools are integrating other languages, which aren’t “official” languages (not just to learn because I’m all for that!, but mandatory, taking away art classes for it), they’ve been wanting to change the national anthem, and you can’t find work!

I’m glad that people have gotten out of terrible living situations; in fact, I’m glad they chose to call Canada home… but why do they have to change everything? They’re above the law, and they get paid just to live here. An average elderly person gets a pension of about 12,000 a year; disability, depending, get about 11,000 a year; certain immigrants make 24,000+ just for being here.

What. The. Hell.

We have poverty HERE, we have homelessness HERE, we have a lot HERE, but government money, that EVERYONE is paying for, is going toward that. Okay, fine, help people, I help people all the time, but why are they making more than me? I make 11,000 or so dollars a year on disability (and I’m THANKFUL!), but I can only make a certain amount a month, IF I even find work. There is no limit for them.

Bitching about that over, back to the topic at hand.

When these people get jobs and become managers (good for them!), they only hire others of “their kind”, or insist that employees need to speak their language, which is illegal, for both. Also, some jobs straight up tell you that they only want (blank) person! WHAT THE HELL? But it isn’t that, if you’re white and do that, you’re being racist!


Black people tend to look at us like we think we’re better than them… I know I don’t, you’re my equal. Just like everyone else.

I didn’t have slaves, don’t torture me because someone 50 years ago did. And while we’re using that reason against white people… black people had slaves, they STARTED slavery. I admit, a lot of slavery was absolutely terrible and I’m sorry if any (and I know they did) of my ancestors did it, but a lot of it was like hiring a nanny now. Why can’t I complain? There was a lot of white slaves too, did everyone forget that?

The other day, on Facebook no less, a friend of mine posted a picture of a snake, saying how excited she was that she got to pet it. Her sister decided to chime in the conversation saying something along the lines of, “didn’t you learn not to touch those? The whites are stupid and did, and look what happened to them, they die!”


Not all snakes are venomous. Sure, they all can potentially bite, but so can a dog, a cat, a bird… I’d be more scared of a dog than a snake. I have a snake. I can understand being afraid of them, but calling her stupid like white people because they touch snakes? Uhhh…

And the Natives, I didn’t forget them.

I LOVE Natives. I’m not going to sit here and name every single tribe known to man, so we’re going to settle with the best term I can, which is Native. I fully respect Natives and appreciate pretty much everything about them. I care enough that I went through a First Nations course to learn more and partake in activities with an Elder. I grew up around mostly Haida people, and I have a great respect for them… but most people are terrible to them.

“They receive money.” …they receive next to NOTHING. Did you know that? Sure, there’s a 5 dollar yearly thing because they never changed anything. Are you aware they were screwed out of everything they had because no one could translate properly? On one of the “treaties” there isn’t even an “x”, it’s a dot. A DOT. And what are you going to do with 5 dollars a year anyway? Buy a sandwich?  Yes, they receive funding for a lot of things, and they can get out of a lot of things, but most of them deserve it.

People tend to think they’re nothing but drunks. They aren’t. Some definitely developed drinking problems, but it’s like ANYONE. And if you did your research into what happened, you’d probably understand why some of them started drinking to begin with.

Sure, there’s some Natives that shouldn’t be getting what they are (University class girl, I’m talking to you), but let them have what little they actually get. Your government stole their land and slaughtered their people.

No, this whole post isn’t about racism against white people, but I wanted to start it that way. Yeah, I see racism toward other people, but we all do, and that’s why we’re constantly holding rallies and supporting the “stopping” of racism against (blank). The problem is, when it happens to white people… well, it doesn’t. 

Remember? Only white people can be racist.

tried to be friends with everyone in school, but you know what happens? This —> Asians = Asians, Blacks = Blacks, and so on. There’s always exceptions, but that’s what it looked like in high school, which actually made me quite sad, there were people that I got along with greatly, but they didn’t want to be seen with me because of MY skin. And try telling someone THAT, they aren’t going to believe you, because (blank) can’t be racist. (Blank) has been oppressed.

I get so f*cking annoyed when racism comes into play. I talk about it openly with my friends because it NEEDS to be talked about. It needs to STOP being swept under a rug like a thing of the past. It isn’t gone. Racism will never be gone, it’s much like bullying, it will never end. Ever.

The happy little world of harmony and peace will never exist. There will always be people that hate other people, that’s how it is. Some people don’t like “different.”

We may never have that happy world everyone seems to desire, but what we should have? The ability to talk freely, to be understood, to have others CARE.

I’m glad certain things have gotten better, for all races, but…

Stop ignoring it.

And remember, not only white people can be racist.