Daily Prompt: Impossibility

March 18th

“Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.” – the White Queen, Alice in Wonderland.

What are the six impossible things you believe in? (If you can only manage one or two, that’s also okay.)

Firstly, Alice in Wonderland quote. Beautiful.

  1. Miracles: I totally believe in miracles. Not the type where, “God is watching over you! You’ve been saved-a!” but the real life miracles that happen every day. People survive events where no man should have survived (animals too), babies are born, just… weird things happen. A person that never should have walked that is walking… I got called a miracle. I shouldn’t be walking but I am. It’s just little things that happen every day.
  2. Spirits: I believe in the other side, you know, life after death. Just like everyone else, I am uncertain about what comes after death, but there has to be something else. “Energy can neither be destroyed nor created.” A lot of people may think I’m crazy, but certain… abilities… run in the family. Ever since I was a child, I’ve been able to sense things, feel things, hear things, see things. I saw my Poppy, that had passed away, standing in my Nana’s hallway when I was 11. It isn’t always seeing things, it’s that brush of cold air that gives you chills, or the way the hair on the back of your neck stands up. I’ve had far too many experiences to dismiss them. Good and evil.
  3. Aliens: Aren’t we the aliens? The universe is vast, there is no way we’re the only living creatures out there. No, I don’t believe there are little green men wanting to abduct us, but I do believe there is more life out there, somewhere out there.
  4. Bigfoot: A lot of people don’t believe in Bigfoot or Skunk-ape (whatever you want to call him), or most creatures (Jersey Devil, Mothman, etc.) for that matter. I truly believe Bigfoot is real, he is. I’m sure there’s a whole family of them living out there! How can people dismiss this? There is so much uncharted territory in Canada alone, imagine the rest of the world. Look at the Amazon – we haven’t been in most of that! Just because something has a silly name, doesn’t mean it can’t be real. We’re finding new species everyday, things we thought were extinct, things that we never knew existed. The world is a big place, we don’t know everything, get over yourselves!
  5. Me walking better: This is completely impossible. I have spina bifida, my gait is off, my feet are weird, my legs are weak, my hips aren’t in the right places because one leg is shorter than the other… I believe one day I’ll walk, maybe not perfectly, but better than I do now. I think I need to lose weight and start training myself. I believe if I could accomplish this, my pain would lessen. If I can’t, well, no big deal!
  6. Happiness and love: A lot of people say happiness and love aren’t real. They aren’t, not exactly, not in the way we feel them. They’re chemical reactions in the brain! That doesn’t matter to me, to me, I believe in these. I believe that happiness can put a smile on everyone’s face and love can change the world.

I believe in a lot. I’m sure if I took the time, I could come up with far better ideas, but I’m getting tired. It’s been a long day.


Daily Prompt: Fantasy

March 8th

The Tooth Fairy (or Easter Bunny, or Santa Claus . . .) : a fun and harmless fiction, or a pointless justification for lying to children?

If you think it’s a pointless lie, you’re an asshole.

Children are born with wild imaginations, sometimes they need help expanding their creativity. I don’t know how many children you know, but when I found out these things weren’t real, I wasn’t upset. It was a game.


Little did I know, my parents had broadened my imagination.

Children need something to believe in. I don’t mean God, I mean something fun and whimsical. Children are untainted and so… pure. They deal with the evils of the world too and at a young age, we’re not ready to face it yet. We need something more.

Daily Prompt: Seven Days

March 7th

You wake up tomorrow morning to find all your plans have been cancelled for the next seven days and $10,000 on your dresser. Tell us about your week.

Okay, do my friends get the week off too? If they didn’t, I admit, my week would be very boring. I’d probably save the money and sleep. Now, if my friends came with me… we’d be going on an adventure. An EPIC ADVENTURE! And maybe we’d go see strippers. But female strippers, because I don’t like the thought of male strippers, the idea totally freaks me out.



But probably minus the strippers and more along the lines of somewhere where no one can find us.

Either that or W and I would raise hell…

Or I’d bring my Mom!

Or my siblings…

Or at the very least, the dog.

As you can tell, I’m in dire need of a get-together.

Daily Prompt: Places

March 2nd

Beach, mountain, forest, or somewhere else entirely?

All of the above!

I love the beach, I love to swim, I love the sand in between my toes… Basically, I love anything involving water. Fishing, canoeing, anything. I wish I lived near lakes again, they’re the best.

This isn’t really a beach, buuuut…


This is in 2008.

2008, we went camping. Despite being up a mountain and the water being freezing cold, we went swimming in it. This shows the calmer portion, but you can also see the rapids. In 2008, the rapids weren’t dreadful or overpowering. It was a lot of fun. I can’t find all the pictures right now, or I’d give you a comparison. We were there in ’08, ’09, and my friends and I went up there in ’12 too. The rocks had moved, the water was rushing much faster than it had in previous years…


Oh look. I’m giving you a glimpse of what I look like. Or, well, what I looked like in 2009.

Hello, insanity!


I’ve shared this photo before, but this is my favourite beach. Well, I don’t necessarily like Canoe because it’s the only part of the lake that has kelp, but I love swimming in this lake. If you’ve ever been to the Okanagan or Shuswap, if you haven’t visited one of the many lakes, you’re missing out. I’ll be up there again, hopefully with a new camera, there are better photos to come.

We also went to this random place. There was someone swimming in it, so I guess it was safe.


Don’t tell Tim that part of his body is now on the internet…

Then there was a place in Washington I went to with my friend. I didn’t even own a camera back then… or a phone, so the photos I have don’t serve it justice. Maybe I’ll convince Tim and Friendly Giant to go down with me when we all get our passports.


This isn’t my photo, but the water is an emerald green colour. There’s camping and fishing, kayaking, etc., but I wouldn’t suggest swimming in the water. Meanie and I jumped in the water and it is definitely below freezing. Honestly, if we stayed in there longer than we did, we probably would’ve gotten hypothermia. The sun doesn’t even warm it up, but boy is it beautiful. I found this photo on: kayaking.fateback.com


Then, of course, what beach collection would be complete without the ocean? One day I hope to visit the Atlantic. Fun fact: S doesn’t like the ocean. She likes the way it looks and smells, and she loves the animals that dwell within, but it’s so vast so the odds of her swimming in it are pretty low.

Picture complete with siblings and sailboats.

But then I love being in the mountains. There’s something very surreal about looking off a cliff down to the world below you.

When I go outside, or I’m driving home (I’ll get a better picture for you later on), this is what I see:


These are my mountains. Aren’t they beautiful? Even with my phone photo being blurry, you can tell how gorgeous they really are, and in person, oh, they’re breathtaking.

2012-08-21 09.22.07This is where I used to live. Yes, the photo, again, was taken on a camera phone, and of course, through the window of a moving vehicle.

I miss living there. The mountains, though not as tall as the others, were beautiful. You walked out of your front door and you see mountains, forests… I’m not sure if they all are, but one of these mountains is actually a volcano; apparently it’s dormant, but it is beautiful nonetheless.

In 1998, these mountains/forests dealt with very large fires. The fires were spreading rapidly (maybe when I find them, I’ll scan the pictures and show you). This side wasn’t affected, but the other side, despite being 15 years later, is still… dead. There is new growth though!

These mountains were fun though. There’s lakes up them and I remember 4x4ing in our minivan. We even saw a wolverine!

It gets cold at night on top of a mountain though.

Living in such a small town rocked though. I rode my bike everywhere, I swam in the river, I learned about leeches… We even had bear and cougar safety lessons! When I was 8 or 9 years old, during the Terry Fox run, there was a black bear in the corn field. Black bears are curious creatures though, just make noise and they’ll go away… usually.

Oh my goodness, and the bear stories I could tell you…

I love mountains.

But I also love forests…

Camping 12 026

This is from camping in 2012.

One of my favourite forests is in Alderhell. It isn’t so much that it’s a great forest, it just holds a lot of memories. I’ll never forget Camp Polkadot, or how to get there either. It’d be very unfortunate if they ever tore the trees down. They already destroyed the other tree-full areas.

I was going to attach other foresty photos, but it would appear that they have vanished. Instead, I’ll tell you about the adventure with Friendly Giant.

We’re not actually allowed to go in this forest. At some point it becomes the haunted forest and while I don’t know everything about it, it’s pretty creepy. One day, this was after Tim had gone to Manitoba, Friendly Giant was like, “Hey, S, let’s go on an adventure!” I agreed. We nonchalantly sauntered over and jumped into the woods. We were just talking and having a fun time. We got to the creek and went over but decided to head back. Of course, we visited Camp Polkadot and all of the usual spots.

Somehow Friendly Giant got lost, though he’ll never admit it. I think we were going around in circles at one point…

We got to see all these special trees and I got stories. I love stories.

One tree that was burnt has the story that supposedly some kid was burned alive inside of it. Then there’s the story of how Natives were hung from the trees… Tim and Friendly Giant actually went further in (there’s like, a point of no return) and heard screaming and apparently saw an animal skull. I don’t really remember, but that forest had… ahem, has… some freaky going-ons.

It was a cold and kinda wet day, it had been raining on and off. Friendly Giant decided to walk through this one area. He stepped in all the right places. I, on the other hand, was not so lucky. If quick sand is anything like mud…

I got caught.

Yep, I was in mud that was up to my knee and still sucking me in. I had to dig myself out, and I had to work fast. The faster I worked, the faster it sucked me in. My pants were covered, my shoes… were filled… with mud. Friendly Giant just sat on the ground and laughed at me. He didn’t even help me! He just sat and laughed! Definition of a friend right there.

Eventually, I had dug myself out and went to sit next to him, cleaning the muck off of me.

By that point, the forest was steaming. I don’t mean it was hot, I mean everywhere you looked, there was steam. Scientifically, hot meets cold, blah, blah, blah.

We turned to each other and were like, “uhhh, what the hell are we doing?”

So we found our way out, went home, and now for the scariest part of the adventure.

I was getting ready for bed because I think  we had school the next day. I feel something move on my shoulder… sort of shoulder, it was near my collarbone.  I thought it was just hair but I looked down and OMG, WTF ARE YOU? There is this… giant… hairy… grey… freakish looking thing… on me. Um… have I ever told you that I have arachnophobia? I mean, I see a spider and I will freak out, cry, run away, and have a panic attack until it’s gone. To this day, I’m not quite sure what exactly it was. It looked like a spider, but it looked like it only had 6 legs… with big fang things. I thought “jumping spider” and even found things that looked similar to it in a magazine (thank you, neurologist office!), but I can’t figure out what it was.

Needless to say, I flipped out and made my sister get it.

Good adventure? I think so.

Kinda upset that those photos vanished…

I also don’t mind being in the city. Especially one with old architecture!

Daily Prompt: Call Me, Maybe

February 5th

Describe your relationship with your phone. Is it your lifeline, a buzzing nuisance, or something in between?


Considering the only way I stay in contact with M is through my phone, well, or mail… in some ways it is a lifeline. I’m glad I live in the day and age where someone I care about is a button push away. At times I get irritated because, really, I don’t always want to be bothered, but for the most part, it’s a good thing to have. This doesn’t mean I’m on it 24/7 or anything, but I quite enjoy having it.

* * *

Today wasn’t that interesting. My back has really started hurting again, probably due to the weather we’re having. I had to leave school early because I couldn’t bare sitting for another 3+ hours in one of those crappy plastic chairs. Really, those things are terrible. And speaking of school, I’m feeling quite confident on my quizzes. One was on commas, sometimes, yes, I’m sure people would say I use them too often, but I think I did fairly well. The same goes for the literary terms. Thanks to my Sister and her helping me with flashcards, I’m certain I got most, if not all, correct!

We’re going to be working on our essays soon. I chose to do mine on “The Cathedral” and how the blind man affects the narrator. It’s probably the longest short story we’ve read so far, but it was the one that spoke the most to me. Have I ever mentioned how much I dislike essays? Even in high school. I’m capable of them, but I just don’t like doing them. And another thing, I was always taught to use past tense for writing exercises, now all of a sudden we’re being forced into using the present tense. Using the present tense has definitely screwed me over a bit.

Things can only get better, right? They can’t get any worse than they are now, right?

I don’t think I could handle anything getting worse right now. Blek.

Oh, and I discovered that driving while it’s dark and rainy isn’t a fun task. You can barely see the road and all of the other light reflections completely mess with your vision! I still have my L, so I can’t drive on my own yet, and I haven’t been driving a lot recently, which I’ll need to if I want to get my N before August…

What a strange thing to do though. I can see why neither my Mom nor W like it.

I’m also reading “Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children”. I’ve found it interesting so far, despite noticing grammatical errors and the like. If there’s one or two, I can deal with it, but when it becomes every page, I have to quit reading. This book was obviously written for a younger audience, but it has the potential to be great. The eerie pictures are a great bonus too!

Daily Prompt: Musical

January 26th

What role does music play in your life?

Music… my best friend, my everything.

Ever since I was young, music has been a staple in my life. Every waking hour, there is something being played, whether it’s me playing it, me listening to it, or making it up as I’m going along. Really, I sing about nothing, and the rhythms while walking are a song all their own. Music has helped me through a lot in my life. It might be my life.

So many people say that, to the point it’s cliché, but it really has worked its magic at keeping me sane or better yet, alive. I know I’d go insane without it.

Some people listen to this genre or that genre… I listen to almost everything. I listen to pop and metal and rock and classical and everything in between. I’ve been getting into industrial as of late though. I’ve been listening to it for years but it’s been a recent thing where I’ve been listening to it more… blame M for that one.

I took band classes for quite a few years and switched around a few times, but somehow I got lucky and attained the ability to play just about anything I pick up. Maybe not perfectly, but I can. And reading music comes easily too. My only problem is that I’m a perfectionist… and I can hear the pitches. I can tell if your instrument is slightly out of tune, I can tell every time you make a mistake, I can also tell if you’re singing in the same note an octave lower, that’s just how my ears work. Sometimes it gets annoying, but it can be a great skill to have too.

So, what would I do without music? Probably die.

What about you?

Daily Prompt: Ready, Set, Go!

January 24th

Set a timer for ten minutes. Open a new post. Start the timer, and start writing. When the timer goes off, publish.

So, I have to write for 10 minutes? Let’s see what kind of trouble I can get into…

Yesterday was a great day. M cheered me up just by saying hello, like usual, and it’s set in stone now, we’re going to Montreal. We bought the passes, so we’ll be attending the music festival… well, hopefully. I hope to God nothing goes wrong, that’d be terrible! I’m most excited to see Aesthetic Perfection, M is going crazy over Suicide Commando… M suggested I fly to him rather than bus for 3 days, I like that idea, 3 days on a bus is a bit much… And my Mom had this great idea, why don’t I fly out of Bellingham? Yeah, it’s a hundred dollars cheaper, I think I will!

I think seeing M will be one of the greatest decisions I’ve ever made in my life. It just feels… right.

Today, my Dad and I went on a bit of an adventure. My Brother’s birthday is tomorrow (the big 13!) and we had to go order a cake and look for a present. Well, we went to DQ, who doesn’t love ice cream cakes? Did you know that if you get a blizzard cake, you can’t get a picture on top of it? That seems kind of dumb to me, but it was cheaper so who am I to talk? He wanted cookie dough flavour. What is with my siblings liking cookie dough?

We set out to look for a set of weights, that’s what my Brother wants. My Mom, after searching online, found that there were weight sets at Canadian Tire, so of course, that was our first place to look. What was there? Nothing! Well, there were weights, but no sets, and individually, the weights were rather expensive. Okay, didn’t find anything there… we go to Sears. This is the most ridiculous thing. Why would you put the heavy stuff on the second floor? That totally makes sense, right? Well… they had a weight BENCH, but weights? No! Of course not! Sports Mart? Nope. And apparently they’re going out of business! Nooooo! We went to a little store in town and they had a few, but nothing we could get – holy crap 55lbs, I never thought it was so heavy before… We got redirected to another place but apparently they moved… or something?

Needless to say, we went on such an epic adventure, we didn’t find anything. Yes, things like this are adventures, every day has the potential to be an adventure! And… I didn’t go to school. I had a quiz today… one I won’t be able to make up. I really wish I woke up earlier, but lately I’ve been so exhausted. It probably didn’t help that I stayed up with M, though I wanted to, love talking to that boy, ahem, man, but I’ve been having trouble sleeping anyway so it didn’t really matter that I did. It’s just becoming bizarre. I guess I’ll have to call Laurie to see what I missed today! E-yuck!

When Mom comes home we’re going to go try a few other places, hopefully we can find some for him.

Oh! Last night I randomly got the urge to try on a dress I have. For some reason, I’ve been thinking in my head that I’m too fat to wear this dress, and really, it’s gorgeous. It’s a white, strapless, knee-length, satin dress with black floral patterns and a nice black “belt” accentuating the waist. It’s really quite beautiful. Well, it fits! Beautifully too. I’m going to wear it sometime soon, I think. I found a gorgeous dress I want to buy though, it’s purple and flowy. For some reason, the last year of my life I’ve been obsessed with dresses. I went through a phase in my life where I was SUCH a tomboy, and then BAM, makeup, dresses… My favourite dress is a pinup style one that’s black with white polka dots, tea-length, and has red trim at the bottom and a red sash you can tie as a belt. It’s BEAAAAAAUTIFUL! And when you spin, it does that cool thing where it twirls…

Ohp, I’m almost at the 10 minute, almost… BLOOP!