Graduation Day

The day started out like any other day. I got up, made my breakfast smoothie, and listened to music; the only difference was that it was graduation day.

I called my neighbour around 11, and she came over to help me with my hair. There was no way I was doing it on my own! And after it was done…

 felt fierce… like lion, lol.

2014-06-17 12.35.33
t was such an important event, I even put earrings in.

Because of the teacher’s strike, the ceremony was moved from the one school to this neat little village in town, which I much preferred. It was an old schoolhouse that was built in 1907. It was a quaint little town, one in which I’d much rather live. But I’m biased, there were Victorian style houses, and those are some of my favourite types.

This was the schoolhouse – just a small little thing. Cozy.

I was running a little bit late, so I was worried, but everything was so relaxed. I walked into the building, which opened into a gym type of area, and headed left to be placed in my cap and gown. The people were all incredibly nice. I was surprised when people congratulated and complimented me.

After all of the graduates were in their cap and gowns, we were lined up in order. Mum came up before W and took a picture. In the first one, I stuck my tongue out. In the second one, I had a giant fake smile on. Here’s the third one.

2014-06-17 12.59.31

Soon after this, we were called up one by one to receive our certificates. Sadly, I don’t have pictures of that, but I held mine in the air in victory.

Going up wasn’t as scary as I thought it would be. We shook two people’s hands before reaching the principal, whom I adore. He spoke to me a bit longer than everyone else, congratulating me and saying how he knows it took a while, but he was glad I finally accomplished it. That meant something huge. It meant he remembered who I was, and he remembered that I talked to him along the journey, gaining counsel and confidence. He was a fantastic principal. And I feel that’s how people in power are supposed to be – caring.


I also talked to another teacher I had (who became vice-principal), who I knew cared, and was overjoyed to have finally met in person.


He was someone I ended up talking to quite frequently, so I’m glad he’s in the position he is now. I also got to shake the hand of a police officer, so that was neat.

During the ceremony, there was a young man who could not speak, but he had the most incredible writing. I almost started crying it was so powerful. I wish I could begin to describe what he wrote, but I can’t. It was beautiful. They didn’t think he was going to ever graduate, but that was because nobody gave him the chance! I suppose everyone is capable of proving people wrong.


Now I’m just going to share random photos.

Mum & I.

Dad & I.

Both parentals and I.

More in air victory.

My Sister & I.

Soon after photos, we went home. I got to keep my cap, and I had a nice day/night of listening to music and dancing by myself. I don’t often say that I’m proud of myself, but this is something I’m incredibly proud of. I wore my cap for hours, even after I got home, and I don’t think I stopped smiling once. I’m so, so happy that this chapter in my life is over.

Psychiatric nursing, onward!



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