The Goin’ Ons

Life. Is. Good.

Okay, that’s vague, let me go into a bit more detail.

This may be the best year of my life, thus far. On June 3rd, I found out I passed my math course… which means I get to finally graduate! My ceremony is on Tuesday, and I am beyond thrilled.

When I found out, I had a moment of disbelief, followed by shock and excitement. As soon as I realized no one was punking me, I started laughing and crying. It was, by far, the greatest day of my life. I had to call everyone. I called my Mum first.

“Why are you crying?”

“I just graduated!”

I called everyone that meant something to me though. Mum, Dad, Mistress, Tophat, Ginger, Friendly Giant, Kitty, my Uncle Redneck… I even called my Aunt, after she got back from Africa.

Needless to say, I’m beyond excited, and I can’t wait for the ceremony. I worked my butt off to finish that class, and I thought I had failed. I DIDN’T!


The Ex broke up with me in April, but I’m glad, as cruel as that sounds. It’s given me the power to be myself and be happy.

I started hanging out with someone from high school. Someone I liked a great deal, in high school. I recently found out he liked me in high school too; go figure, right? It’s been a lot of fun. After not seeing him for years, it was like being at home. We’re gonna call him Viking. He awoke something in me I didn’t know I had. I like him all over again.

Vikings are cool.

Speaking of Vikings, have you seen the show? Floki is amazing. I call him real life Rafiki. 🙂


About 3 years ago, my buddy Awesome-o disappeared from my life. His girlfriend at the time absolutely despised me. I’m still not entirely certain as to why. I liked her and was always nice to her, but she did some really screwed up things. She even went as far as to write a cruel letter and say it was from me! I would never do that! It pissed me off, but… he randomly messaged me like, “hey, you probably hate me, but…”

I never stopped being his friend. I just wasn’t allowed to talk to him.

I’m glad we get to talk again.


On Friday, I went out with The Vacuum. We drove around a bit, then went to a park. It was dark, so we almost didn’t go, but me being me, I always carry a flashlight, so in we went.

I’m not entirely sure what the plan was supposed to be, but we came out into a field and just laid there, talking and looking at the sky. Unfortunately, it was cloudy, so we didn’t see much, but the full moon did come out for a few minutes, so that was neat.

At some point, we fell asleep. Yes, in the field.

We woke up and went home. We were frozen. That was neat.


Yesterday, we played D&D. We haven’t played the original campaign in months, so it was great fun. I’ve grown a little bit disconnected to my character though, because we haven’t played in so long. But there’s so much I want to do with her.

I kept rolling 1s. It was bad.

We played until quite early in the morning, and I fell asleep a few times, just because I was exhausted.

Friendly Giant and I ended up getting to my house for 6am. The whole way home was nothing but talking in strange voices, growls, and Russian accents… then we laughed maniacally. …only to turn to each other and realize we’re probably insane, and probably belong in an asylum.

It was fun though.


Today is Father’s Day. My Dad and I don’t get along so well, but sometimes we do. He’s being a butthead today though. But… I care. Just wish we did things like we used to.


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