December 20th, 2013 – Hedley

My Mum won tickets to go see Hedley. The show was at a grand opening of a casino, and since my Sister isn’t 19, she couldn’t go… so The Boyfriend came instead! They’re not my favourite band around by any means, but after seeing them live, I’d have to say that I’d go see them again (and will be, because they’re here in April and it’s a show my Sister can go to!).

I’m not normally a “go-to-concert-and-film-everything” person, but we got some stuff. If it wasn’t for The Boyfriend filming things, I would’ve missed a lot. I’m 5’11, there was people in front of me in 6 inch heels. Even if they were short, they were tall, and they stood right in front of my face.

There was nowhere to sit, which sounds stupid, but is important to me. I can’t stand very long. Luckily, some people moved and I got to lean on a ledge type thing, which helped for sure.
So… here’s some stuff (it was hard to get pictures because of the lighting… I never use flash for things like this).




And here’s two videos!


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