November Journal Day 29

The past two days have been quite eventful.

Yesterday, because I was volunteered to volunteer (huh?), I went to my Brother’s school to help out. They were having a Scholastic Book Fair, and I remember how much I loved those… I still do, I bought a book, shhhh. I didn’t really want to go at first because of how everything’s been going lately, but I’m thankful I went. 

It started off with a terrible sleep, which soon turned into a terrible morning. I was awaiting a ride from a woman I hadn’t even met before, I was cranky, and it wasn’t a fun time. I was mostly weary because I have difficulty talking to hardcore Christians. She was nice though, helpful, and kind.

I got to the school, and I’m envious. My Brother’s school has things I can only wish I had. They have honours classes (I would’ve been in some if my school even offered them), they have a huge band class, and everything is just great.

I ended up talking to the woman’s husband quite a lot, since we were doing the book fair, and his wife was doing the raffle tickets for baskets… except when they went away, then I was doing everything – ahhhh! But he reminded me of my Dad at times, talking about how people are like cars and how he used to do this and this. We joked a lot.

Around 12, much to my surprise, I was brought a piping hot mint tea and a cream cheese bagel… YUM! I was so hungry! I don’t usually eat in the morning, but when I do, I get so hungry in the day… odd, right? I also ended up getting another tea and pumpkin spice muffins (which I really want to make now…). I didn’t even ask for anything, holy crap people are nice.

But people were great. I talked to the librarian quite a bit and I absolutely adore the principal. It was a good day. I even got told I could come and volunteer at band stuff! I also got a free alien. WOOO! Ahem… eraser, S. An alien eraser. 

My Sister had quite an eventful night too. She was at the Hair Show, as a model, and her phone is a stupid thing. It used to be mine (Pay-as-you-go), but the rates have changed and it’s not worth it at all. We were told the show would be finished around 10 (it did for some people), but my Sister was done long before then. We found it odd when she didn’t respond to our texts about bringing food to her, and she ended up walking home, INCREDIBLY UPSET! It wasn’t anyone’s fault, it was just that the phone had changed things. I felt bad. 😦

Today was an interesting day that also started out dreadfully.  My back hurts, it’s getting worse, and no, I don’t want to get off my couch. It was miserable and gross out too. Needless to say, I didn’t do very much at first… other than play with the cat and dogs.

Shortly after my Dad got home, my Sister wanted to go out to get a birthday present. Her friend Dee was turning 18 (so I feel old), and she wanted to get her a sketchbook. W was kind enough to bring us to the mall, which, WHAT THE HELL? THIS IS CANADA! TAKE YOUR STUPID BLACK FRIDAY BACK! Ahem… We went to go get her friend a book and I wanted to check something out while we were there too (everything we go to is right next to each other). Walking out of the first store, I realized that there was a Koodo kiosk that I had completely forgotten about, so we stopped there. My Sister is now the proud owner of a crackblackberry and is on my plan. I wish they had a way you could share your minutes and stuff, but… they don’t. No, I can’t really afford it, but it’ll give her peace of mind, especially around here.

Afterwards, we went to Bath & Body Works, just because I wanted to see if their mint chocolate candle was there yet… yep, it was. It is one of my favourite scents and I thought it was discontinued! But it’s a holiday scent, bah. So we got a couple candles and some handsoap. That sounds stupid, but their soap is amazing, it smells like heaven.

Coming back home, we left again. Mum took my Sister and I to the friend’s house and off my Sister went. Kind of jealous of where they live!

On the way back, there was a conservation officer. River something rather, but still with the right to arrest you. He went to turn around and he flashed his lights and sirens at us, so we thought he was pulling us over. We stopped, and he walked not even up to the window and said, “sorry, ma’am, you can go. We’re dealing with something here at the moment.” What? Weird…

Mum said she thinks he was a murderer that only left us alone when he saw there was more than one person in the vehicle. Oh, Mom. ♥ I know she was joking, but I reassured her that I’d kill them before they ever hurt her!

Then we were followed by him, or someone that by fluke had a similar truck. Huh.

And on our way back, I bought a lottery ticket. I never buy them, but I thought maybe, just maybe… it’d be so nice to help everyone.

One day.

I also wrote a strongly worded (mostly, had to dumb it down for the public here) letter to the paper. Why should I have to clean up needles? It’s gross, unsanitary, and it shouldn’t be a problem steps from my front door. I’m all for helping people (except the people that don’t want the help and are only there for the free drugs – you can all die), but that kind of thing shouldn’t be in a residential neighbourhood!!!


Tomorrow I get to see my man for the first time in over a month! HUZZAH!

S go sleep sleep now. ZzzZZzzzZzzzzzZzzz



  1. Hey S, the being volunteered sounded great for you. You had some awesome snacks too. I need breakfast and we don’t have any bagels, I should make some. I won’t discuss the pumpkin muffin as pumpkin is one of my weaknesses. I need to try pumpkin juice… but in Hogwarts. 😉

    I know a rambly comment for a rambly post. But they are the best posts…. except for being followed by someone with sirens and lights that doesn’t know why he turned them on… eeeeps

    • It definitely helped pull me out of the rut I’ve been in. I hope I stay out of it.
      Bagels are delicious! I want to make some, but I’ve been lazy, lol. Soooo…make you some pumpkin muffins then, huh? They were odd, they had icing in the middle and pumpkin seeds on the out. Yummy. …PUMPKIN JUICE!

      Ramblings are some of my favourite things to read, so it works for me! But no… it was freaky. I’m just gonna go with my mom’s idea, haha.

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