Being back with my parents, we live across from a church. They’re a nice group, compiled mostly of elderly people. The tree across the street is dropping its leaves, and covered the street and parking lot, so Mum was out there with the handy dandy leaf blower. The man is usually out there with a rake or broom and dustpan… it would’ve taken him forever.

The lights went up today. W climbed up on the ladder and got the gunk out of the gutters and hung them up. They’re the weird icicle ones, I guess I like them. Decorations are weird.

We went to a place that sells bulk foods… that made me happy. When I was a kid, we’d go to a local store with bulk stuff and baking stuff… this place was the exact same way. I now know where to go to get my melts and tips for upcoming baking projects! We also went to the dollar store right next door and holy hell, it was busy. People are finally learning… and I don’t like it! I always go to dollar stores for items I need (depending). They sell baking pans for nothing, and they aren’t weird brands, they’re the same brand you’ll find in the grocery store. Maybe they’re not fancy and Wilton, but if you don’t have a lot of money (I know I don’t), they’re a good alternative. Heck, I got a cutting board today. Go bamboo!

Laundry is done. The kitchen is almost immaculate.
Never ever overlook having good-working-order washer and dryers.

Have I ever mentioned that I’m a perfectionist? I want things perfect, knowing they can never be perfect, and my brain will twitch when things are wrong. I’ve learned to pretend things don’t exist at times, but other times… I’m insane. As in, toothbrush and bleach (which actually hurts) insane… yeeep. You guys have seen my notes… one mistake and I re-write EVERYTHING! I’ve been colour-coding things in Word though… saves trees. 🙂

One day, I’m gonna own a really high end camera. Also, I’m going to figure out all the settings on the camera that I have… ONE DAY!
Until that day comes, have a picture of Midna amongst lights… I think I know who’s going to try and be climbing the tree this year… tomorrow, we shall bake! Oh yeah! YOU! YEAH, YOU WITH THE BLUEY PURPLE HAIR… YOU HATE MINT! I NEED THAT EXTRACT BACK! LOL!

This is just the nice one, another one of her made me laugh my ass off!



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