Alaka-zizzle, Make It All Fizzle

What’s been going on in the land of S? Lots… yet nothing.

We ended up seeing T and her fiance, which was nice, considering I hadn’t seen her in… probably 6 or 7 years, and I definitely approve of her fiance, knowing some of the previous contenders. I didn’t know that she knew Greg, but we ended up seeing them at the “celebration of life”. It was interesting being there – his presence was made known quite well.

What else has happened in that time…

I moved back in with my parents, for many a reason. The parental units have been in and out of the hospital the past little while, and Mum has a whole new trek ahead of her after December 2nd. I’m still living out of boxes, and I’ve made friends with the couch, but it’s all okay. I’ve been distracting myself from everything by cleaning and sleeping.

I feel bad. I’m back here after barely any time away, and I’m in severe pain. Distractions don’t always help. But I shouldn’t complain, because everyone else is hurting too.

I haven’t seen the Boyfriend in almost 3 weeks, which really sucks. I was a stupid-face before Halloween, basically saying he needed to hate me all because of the Voldemort. Honestly, I don’t even really think of him anymore… it’s weird. Sometimes, but it’s not controlling me as much anymore. But after 2 days of that I realized I really liked him and that was stupid to make myself unhappy just because of somebody from the past.

I don’t know if I’ll end up seeing him again at this rate though. He works every day and on the weekends he has Little P, so there is no spare time, there is nothing. Just keep smiling, right? Maybe I’m just a pain.

Today I had to go to the hospital of doom… what a disgusting place. My doctor was nice though. I’m glad someone sees something other than “this is what the book says, so do it!” She actually listened to me and gave me options, not even including the one I was dreading… she didn’t even mention that one! So there’ll be some tests, nothing major, but it’s nice that now I have two, yes, TWO, doctors on my side. Hallelujah! There’s actually doctors that are good at what they do!

Snake got food, kitten got food… what a picky cat. The stuff she normally ate was EXTREMELY expensive, so I got other stuff. Think she’d eat it? Ha! Nope… but the dogs didn’t really like it either, so I guess it was gross. Got her canned food to tide her over ’til I could get the normal food… she ate it, but complained. W gave her some chicken and meatloaf… she ate that. She also stole a piece of ham from my Mom.

Yes… the kitten loves ham… almost as much as turkey…

Since ze friends and I got sisters, they ended up being kind of insane. They will steal your ham and turkey, they go absolutely nuts over the stuff… that and salmon. Silly cats.

She’s being insane at night, jumping and climbing on everything… and being a pain. She knows “off” but doesn’t always listen. She has personality, but bajebus, cats. At least she’s using the litter box.

Tomorrow… I’m making ham. Mmmm, ham… OH GOD, THE CAT!


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