I’m about to get a lot of hate with this post. This post is all about tipping.

(Thank Google for this image too)

In Canada (it’s similar in the states), it’s common etiquette to tip someone in the food industry, whether they’ve been waiting on you or have delivered your food. It’s always a certain percentage of the bill: 10% minimum, 15% is the standard, and 20% if the service is amazing.

I don’t tip.

Okay, okay, it’s not as bad as it sounds, I promise! Hear me out.

I know a lot of people in the food industry make a lot of their money from tips, and I do understand that. I also understand that there’s always going to be a need for waiters and delivery drivers. Cool.

Why should I tip you if I have terrible service and you’re incredibly rude to me? Don’t get me wrong, I do tip, and I tip quite generously, WHEN I FEEL INCLINED TO.

I’ve had some really amazing waiters. For example: My friends and I went to Red Robins and had the most amazing waiter. He kept checking on us, making sure we had all that we needed (which is how it should be), but he went way beyond that. He kept joking with us, being personable, and he even brought us an awesome balloon that we kept for the rest of the night! He was great! He got an almost 35% tip just because of how amazing he was. He earned it.

Another example: My Boyfriend and I went to White Spot, and it was really busy so we weren’t expecting much, but our waiter was fantastic! He immediately brought crayons for Little P, he kept checking on us, even if it was just to say he’d be back in a second (busy day), and again, he was personable, laughed, and seemed to be enjoying his day. I even talked to him about something silly from childhood. He got a good tip as well. Again, he earned it.

Here’s another example: The woman that Mistress and I “stalk” (fun story), she’s a fantastic waitress! She joked with us, made us comfortable, and did everything great! She even taught me a neat trick with the pitcher and the ice. She’s actually so great, that I have her added on Facebook, and talk to her on a semi-regular basis. Becoming friends with someone that waited on you… go figure, right? I gave her a huuuuuuge tip! Once again, she earned it.

I can understand having a terrible day, but you’re working somewhere that requires you to interact with other people.

It’s a job, just like any other job. I’m not going to automatically give you a tip. But like any job, you earn your living, it’s not just given to you. And that’s how I feel it should be.

I wouldn’t pay my dentist if he screwed up (and believe me, I didn’t). and I wouldn’t pay a plumber if he screwed up.

This doesn’t mean be rude to those that wait on you, after all, they’re handling your food. 😉 And if things are busy, give them a break. If they screw up your order, politely tell them, and if they place the plates in the wrong place, it isn’t that hard to switch them!

Tipping isn’t mandatory in other places, and I don’t feel it should be mandatory here. If you get great service, then tip. If you had terrible service then don’t. And don’t feel bad about it either.

Right or wrong, that’s how I see it.

What do you think?



  1. Now I am going to get in trouble too. I feel the same way and did a post on this a year or so ago. Some restaurants charge an automatic tip… so the wait staff doesn’t have to work hard. I tip well when service is good. But if it is not, then I do not tip, well I tip enough so the wait staff knows I did not forget them… eeeps

    So as I said in my post, do I expect a person waiting to always be “on” to do extra well… YES

    I can cook better food at home, we go out for a treat, the wait staff is what makes it a treat or not. Yes people have off days.. but if I have an off day and set someone up with the wrong meds, or doze during therapy.. is that ok?


    this is a pet peeve with me. sorry for the rant. 😉

    points out though, I stopped before filling pages and pages.

    • I’m glad you get it too!

      I cook better at home as well… I actually LOVE to cook, and I have fun doing it too! Going out is totally a treat. And I’m not rude… I actually TRY to get people to brighten up. I talk, ask them how they’re doing, try joking around, and some people just never budge and are terrrrible!

      It’s a huge pet peeve of mine too, so it’s okay. 😛 I understand from both standpoints, but I don’t know why I have to pay for something that was awful. 😦

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