I am a gamer. I’ve been a gamer since the age of 4, and my love hasn’t decreased. It’s like reading a book… that has moving pictures and is interactive.

I’ve never been a fan of GTA. GTA IV made me want to rip my face off, 3 made my head hurt, and I never got the chance to play San Andreas. When GTA V came out, I scoffed. I didn’t want it, I didn’t want to play it, and I thought it was going to be just like the rest… but no! GTA V is AMAZING! I think I like it so much because it incorporated components from Red Dead Redemption, and Red Dead is up there on my favourite new-gen game list.


I had watched my friends and boyfriend play it quite a bit and found myself intrigued more and more each time. Continuously though, I refused to play. And I mean, I was watching from the midnight release, and was there at 4am when the Online servers booted up.

Eventually, Tim handed me the controller to drive around at the very least. The cars handle so much better than before, everything looks prettier, and I like the story a lot better. Trevor is pretty great.

Yesterday, they were like, “enough!” and got me a copy, which I’ll be paying for when I get paid! I’m only 12% done the game, but it’s actually fun… imagine that, a GTA game that’s fun. And I actually enjoy the Online play. Yes, there’s glitches. Yes, sometimes it’s impossible to get on the servers… but with millions of people playing, you can’t really complain.

I find that a lot of people blame problems (especially with children) on games, particularly things like GTA.

The thing is, games like these are rated M for a reason. There are components of theft, sex, and murder… what else did you expect with a game called “Grand Theft Auto”? In Canada, an M rating means you have to be 17+ years old to buy it, and in other parts of the world I know the minimum age is higher.

Some younger kids can handle it no problem. I was one of those kids. Growing up, I’d watch R rated movies with my parents. Pulp Fiction, Reservoir Dogs… those were some of my favourite movies. It wasn’t because they were irresponsible or didn’t want to deal with me, it was because they knew I could handle it. If they didn’t think I could, they’d put me to bed.

A lot of younger kids get given these games because they ask and parents oblige. If your kid can differentiate between reality and fiction, and they’re mature enough, then fine, but… a lot of parents don’t care. They don’t have time for their kids and give them objects to distract themselves with, or they want to be their friend instead of their parent (what’s wrong with both?).

In recent years, there has been a lot of school shootings going on, and it’s constantly being blamed on video games. Why? Why was your child 10 and playing GTA? Why weren’t parents, friends, teachers, paying attention to whether their behaviour was changing or not? Were they being bullied? Why did the kid have access to the gun? So on and so forth…

Did you ever stop to think that maybe this kid was mentally unstable? Or they were being bullied to the point they couldn’t deal with it anymore and chose to attack their attackers rather than themselves?

And if things aren’t 100% blamed on media, why are they labelled as “bipolar”, or “schizophrenic”? I have bipolar disorder… the only time I’ve ever hit someone was in self defense. I have never once thought about taking a gun (which I don’t have anyway) and shooting innocent people.

Games are a way to immerse yourself in a different life, to experience a life you’d never experience otherwise. Sometimes, it’s fun to do things you’d never ever do, that’s the whole point. It’s much like reading. Epic fantasy is my favourite genre and I become fully immersed in what I’m reading. But just because I’m reading A Song of Ice and Fire doesn’t mean I’m going to stab someone with a sword.

It’s like when you’re watching an amazing movie and root for the bad guy because of how great a character he is.

I sometimes just wonder why games get all the heat. Why not movies or TV? Why not real life? I just like to think that parents should play a bigger role in kids’ lives. No, it’s not all their responsibility, but pave the way so they have good moral standards and good judgement.

What do you think?

Also, if you’ve played, what do you think of the game!?


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