Racism is a touchy subject for many, and many refuse to talk about it, especially “white” people.
I’m about to defenestrate every bit of political correctness and write this. If that offends you, leave now.

I’m white. That is to say, I look white. Yes, my background is predominantly European, but that isn’t all that makes up what is me. I’ve talked about it before. I am a mutt. My grandfather was Trinidadian, and they commonly have darker skin. Now imagine, a very dark man with an incredibly pale, walk-in-the-sun-and-burn German woman. That was my grandparents. In a time of extreme prejudice.

I was raised to be polite and non-judgemental. Everyone is judgemental to an extent, but skin colour does not matter. I never strayed much from what I was taught as a kid, I just find the world a disgusting place. It isn’t that I’m racist – I hate everyone.

No, I don’t actually hate everyone, but it’s easier to say that. I’ve come to learn that if you can’t laugh at yourself, you shouldn’t laugh at others; of course this also means races.

We’ve all been there. Someone tells a racist joke and can get away with it because they’re black, or Native, or Asian… and you can’t laugh because you’re white, right? We’ve all laughed at one or another. Have you never laughed at one? Get out, you’re lying. I hate to tell you this but… guess what? Whites are the minority right now. No, that doesn’t mean go and kill other people, it means deal with it and learn to live happily while not paying attention to other people, like it should be.

I find that being a white person, I experience quite a lot of racism. To say I was offended is pointless, as saying those words, “I’m offended” are like saying, “I have an asshole.” Nobody cares.

In the job market, it has become near impossible to find a job. Disabled AND white? Well damn, you’re screwed!

In Canada, there is a large East Indian population. Honestly, I don’t mind, people are people, I have Indian friends, but there is something that DOES bother me: Canada requires you to speak one of two languages: English or French. Years ago, I remember talking to a Japanese woman that was studying for her test to become a citizen… what happened to that? No, this isn’t a post bitching about immigration, it’s… what happened to that? Schools are integrating other languages, which aren’t “official” languages (not just to learn because I’m all for that!, but mandatory, taking away art classes for it), they’ve been wanting to change the national anthem, and you can’t find work!

I’m glad that people have gotten out of terrible living situations; in fact, I’m glad they chose to call Canada home… but why do they have to change everything? They’re above the law, and they get paid just to live here. An average elderly person gets a pension of about 12,000 a year; disability, depending, get about 11,000 a year; certain immigrants make 24,000+ just for being here.

What. The. Hell.

We have poverty HERE, we have homelessness HERE, we have a lot HERE, but government money, that EVERYONE is paying for, is going toward that. Okay, fine, help people, I help people all the time, but why are they making more than me? I make 11,000 or so dollars a year on disability (and I’m THANKFUL!), but I can only make a certain amount a month, IF I even find work. There is no limit for them.

Bitching about that over, back to the topic at hand.

When these people get jobs and become managers (good for them!), they only hire others of “their kind”, or insist that employees need to speak their language, which is illegal, for both. Also, some jobs straight up tell you that they only want (blank) person! WHAT THE HELL? But it isn’t that, if you’re white and do that, you’re being racist!


Black people tend to look at us like we think we’re better than them… I know I don’t, you’re my equal. Just like everyone else.

I didn’t have slaves, don’t torture me because someone 50 years ago did. And while we’re using that reason against white people… black people had slaves, they STARTED slavery. I admit, a lot of slavery was absolutely terrible and I’m sorry if any (and I know they did) of my ancestors did it, but a lot of it was like hiring a nanny now. Why can’t I complain? There was a lot of white slaves too, did everyone forget that?

The other day, on Facebook no less, a friend of mine posted a picture of a snake, saying how excited she was that she got to pet it. Her sister decided to chime in the conversation saying something along the lines of, “didn’t you learn not to touch those? The whites are stupid and did, and look what happened to them, they die!”


Not all snakes are venomous. Sure, they all can potentially bite, but so can a dog, a cat, a bird… I’d be more scared of a dog than a snake. I have a snake. I can understand being afraid of them, but calling her stupid like white people because they touch snakes? Uhhh…

And the Natives, I didn’t forget them.

I LOVE Natives. I’m not going to sit here and name every single tribe known to man, so we’re going to settle with the best term I can, which is Native. I fully respect Natives and appreciate pretty much everything about them. I care enough that I went through a First Nations course to learn more and partake in activities with an Elder. I grew up around mostly Haida people, and I have a great respect for them… but most people are terrible to them.

“They receive money.” …they receive next to NOTHING. Did you know that? Sure, there’s a 5 dollar yearly thing because they never changed anything. Are you aware they were screwed out of everything they had because no one could translate properly? On one of the “treaties” there isn’t even an “x”, it’s a dot. A DOT. And what are you going to do with 5 dollars a year anyway? Buy a sandwich?  Yes, they receive funding for a lot of things, and they can get out of a lot of things, but most of them deserve it.

People tend to think they’re nothing but drunks. They aren’t. Some definitely developed drinking problems, but it’s like ANYONE. And if you did your research into what happened, you’d probably understand why some of them started drinking to begin with.

Sure, there’s some Natives that shouldn’t be getting what they are (University class girl, I’m talking to you), but let them have what little they actually get. Your government stole their land and slaughtered their people.

No, this whole post isn’t about racism against white people, but I wanted to start it that way. Yeah, I see racism toward other people, but we all do, and that’s why we’re constantly holding rallies and supporting the “stopping” of racism against (blank). The problem is, when it happens to white people… well, it doesn’t. 

Remember? Only white people can be racist.

tried to be friends with everyone in school, but you know what happens? This —> Asians = Asians, Blacks = Blacks, and so on. There’s always exceptions, but that’s what it looked like in high school, which actually made me quite sad, there were people that I got along with greatly, but they didn’t want to be seen with me because of MY skin. And try telling someone THAT, they aren’t going to believe you, because (blank) can’t be racist. (Blank) has been oppressed.

I get so f*cking annoyed when racism comes into play. I talk about it openly with my friends because it NEEDS to be talked about. It needs to STOP being swept under a rug like a thing of the past. It isn’t gone. Racism will never be gone, it’s much like bullying, it will never end. Ever.

The happy little world of harmony and peace will never exist. There will always be people that hate other people, that’s how it is. Some people don’t like “different.”

We may never have that happy world everyone seems to desire, but what we should have? The ability to talk freely, to be understood, to have others CARE.

I’m glad certain things have gotten better, for all races, but…

Stop ignoring it.

And remember, not only white people can be racist.



  1. This is interesting. Unlike some articles I’ve read in wordpress on racism it does not convey hatred of other ethnic groups. Maybe some bewilderment, but not the kind of blind racism I’ve otherwise encountered, passing for ‘objectivity’. I think though that more accurate terms for what you’re describing isn’t ‘racism’ but prejudice and discrimination.

    • Thank you for your comment!

      While I do agree that it’d be more discrimination than racism, I chose to say racism as I find a lot of people use it instead of prejudice and the like and thought it’d perhaps reach more people and give them a different perspective. 🙂

      I loathe when people legitimately hate others based on their race and call it an opinion when it’s nothing more than hatred. I don’t hate anyone, truly, I just grow tired of what has become acceptable in today’s society.

      Thanks again for taking the time to comment.

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