Tonight has been pretty good. 🙂

Earlier, Tim got a message from… Miracle Man.

Miracle Man is a pretty nifty person. Why the name, you ask? He is barely older than me and has beaten cancer multiple times. Everyone was incredibly surprised (and relieved) when he beat his Stage 4 the first time, but this is the second time, and it bloody sucks!

While I don’t know him that well, I thought he was pretty cool the first time I met him. I just never got to hang out with or talk with him much. But we all went to see him tonight. He’s been in the hospital for a bit now, again, with the evil C-word.

He was trying to explain what was going on to us and it’s both upsetting and refreshing.

He’s so positive and upbeat, but it always made me wonder, because my Nana was the exact same way… do you have to focus on that? Does it help? I mean, I’d try to stay positive too, I’d just get upset sometimes too… I always wondered. But it does make one question life.

When certain things were being explained, I had major flashbacks to my Nana. I wasn’t there through all of it like my Dad was, but I was there through some of it… and there was nothing I could do. Pain, pills, treatment. Ugh.

Anyway, it was good seeing him again, I really like him. I hate hospitals though.

While we were in the city of Abb, we went to visit my parents, since they live 5 or so minutes from the hospital. My Mom called me earlier kind of upset, so it worked out that we were in the neighbourhood anyway… plus, I needed to pick up some packages (which, by the way, VERY pleased). It was good to see my family. I haven’t seen them in quite some time.

For the most part, they’re doing well. Leah and Cobi are good, Mom’s the best she really can be, and Dad’s finally seeing how much work Mom really does. Work from 6am to 10pm today? It isn’t easy. But I’m glad things seem to be looking up… as much as they possibly can anyway.

Now it’s time to watch people play (or try to) GTA V Online! But there seems to be difficulty, and I mean, considering for us in PST, we just got servers, so there’s already a crapload of people on. Who even knows if Rockstar’s servers will be able to withstand so many people.

Here’s to watching them try!

In the mean time, HDD power!


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