Good, good, good!

I quite like when life goes in the right direction. These past few days have been great.

When I’m low, I tend to keep to myself and seemingly fall off the face of the planet, but that ship seems to have sailed (at least for now). The past little while, I’ve been out and about and able to talk to my friends again. Yes, mania may be playing a slight role, but I’ll take it. We had a weird shopping adventure. I love Costco, you get to sample food… I tried cheese. Mmm, cheese. And this woman was really strange. She wouldn’t put anything on the conveyor belt until I was completely out of the way, and on the way out she was just rude. You have to show your receipt to get out and she shoved past me to get there first… which didn’t work in her favour because my friends were already there… what gives?

Bijoux also ate again! I think the rat just took away her pride a bit. But jeez, they’re so pricey! The pet world really isn’t into live feeding. My favourite pet store (parents’ city), I could get two live mice for under 5 dollars… at this store, I paid over 8 for 2! Ahhh! But she did eat, so I’m very happy. I also got to talk to a fellow snake owner while waiting for feeders, which was neat. I then asked about a weird spider thing… it’s apparently in the camel spider family, which is terrifying in itself, especially since I was offered to hold it… NO THANKS!

I did want to take home that lovely blue tongued skink though…

* * *

Yesterday, I went to the Boyfriend’s house… after the epic shopping adventure. Do you guys realize how high cab fare has gotten? Why isn’t it charged on a time basis opposed to a tire rotation basis? Anyway… it’s always wonderful being with him. We had a really good time; I’m glad that we can just sit and talk. It’s important. His parentals are great too. They ended up coming in quite late because they were at the Canucks game (we won!), but I’m glad they had fun. It was (we shall call him Super P) Super P’s birthday, so it was nice that they got to go out.

Today was Little P’s birthday, so back I went! She’s 3 now!

My siblings and I are quite far apart in age, so I remember getting them gifts when they were younger, but not enough to really shop for a child. I ended up calling my Mom and asking her if my idea was good enough!

I got her this silly little My Little Pony doll. It’s a baby and it talks when you press its foot. My family’s rule of thumb was always: If it’s someone else’s kid, get them something as obnoxious and loud as possible. I knew I’d have to deal with it too though, so I toned it down a bit! Ha!

It was nice being around a family though… I miss being around mine sometimes. And I’m quite amazed because they all seem to like me. I mean, I usually don’t do things to make people dislike me, but it’s bizarre! But I’m so thankful because I definitely like them all too, and I’m very appreciative. It’s like having another family (aside from my group of course)! …that feeds you cake and tea and KD.

The Boyfriend’s sister asked me, as they were driving me home (thank you!), if he and I were “serious”. I honestly didn’t know how to respond. I mean, I know we are. I care about him, and I know he cares about me, but thinking about it terrifies me! After what happened, the whole thought absolutely petrifies me! But the more I think about it, the more I realize that it shouldn’t. He’s a good guy (even if he is growing that terrible beard -_-), and he’s not him. So… yes, it is serious, even after such a short period of time because I have no plans to leave him, and I know he’s not leaving me. And we do love each other. And it’s not just that, I freakin’ love Little P too. I might not be a mom, her mom might hate me, and heck, I might never be a mom, but that little girl is amazing.

It also made me feel warm and fuzzy inside to know that she took that little pony to sleep with her… after running out to give me a hug and kiss goodbye, of course.

Maybe I’m not dead inside afterall. Huh, go figure.

Please good feelings, stay a bit longer.

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