Where to start, where to start…

Bijoux escaped. Yes, the snake.

I’ve never had an issue with her escaping before, so in my years of having her, this is the first time it’s happened to me. Kitty and Mattimus Prime had experienced her escaping before though, and I know snakes are crafty buggers. Luckily, we managed to find her, and by fluke too.

We had searched everywhere we could possibly think of with no luck. After a day of her not being found, we were checking the couches again and I decided to moved the couch again. There she was, her little head sticking out. She was looking out of a hole in the back of the stand her tank is on. She wasn’t there earlier: we had pulled everything out of there two or three times without seeing her. We got her back in her tank and set things up differently.

She only escaped because I currently have a book on one side because we put her in a larger tank and I don’t have the proper cover yet. I went to PetSmart and they gave me the wrong size (which I still need to return), but I ordered one from Amazon and it’s sitting at my parents’ house, I just have to go get it… among other things.

After we found her and made sure she wouldn’t escape again, we went to get kittens.

Yes. Kittens.

You know how I am with cats. Hel is the first cat I’ve liked since Thumper died. Thumper was my little buddy and he was seriously the best cat ever, and I wish he was still here.

There was a family giving them away and we decided we’d take two. One’s mine, one is theirs. Their kitty’s name is Data, mine’s is Midna. They’re dark in colour – pretty much black – but they have grey and black markings in certain places. They’re gorgeous though.

They were born on July 8th.

They’re pretty cool. Hel didn’t like them at first, and she still gets bitchy at times, but she’s enjoying playing with them. They like to cuddle and play… they’re pretty much ninja-cats.

I don’t think I’ll have Leah anytime soon… if ever… so it’s nice to have something that can cuddle… without strangling you.

I’m also taking my last class this semester… so hopefully I can do it. It’s really hard though… my head and numbers don’t get along…

Plenty of other stuff has happened, but I’ll write in time.


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