So Much…

When I came home from my parents’ house, I was surprised by a quadrocopter. Actually, it’s called a “quadcopter”, but quadrocopter is more fun to say.

Mistress and Tophat went to a wedding and Tim went out with it. A couple hours later, I get a phone call, “S… downstairs, I need help.” Okay, be there in 5. Lo and behold, the copter was stuck in a tree. We try a bunch of ridiculous things: shaking the tree, bringing a chair to climb the tree, taping sticks together, using tent poles… those were just some of them. I used to climb trees all the time but I just can’t pull myself up anymore… My gymnast days appear to be over!

Eventually, they got it down, but it was an entertaining night.

* * *

The roommies went camping last Wednesday. Before anyone says, “Why didn’t they bring you!?” there are reasons, and I understand them quite well; I’m not upset or anything, lol.

Boyfriend (still need a good name…) came over and he’s just been hanging out with me. My Mom came to pick us up the other day so my Dad could meet him. Apparently he likes him, but he didn’t talk very much. I can understand why though.

So for the past… 5 days, we’ve just been hanging out. We’ve been cooking as a team (except when he actually made me dinner – imagine that!), and honestly, mostly been playing games. As of late, we’ve been playing Bethesda games. He’s playing Fallout, and I’m playing Skyrim… I know, totally sounds like something a girl would be playing, but hey. I’m just glad he’s playing something other than PoS! …PoS is my term for CoD. Ugh…

I keep getting frustrated at things so I’ve been cleaning a lot. Boyfriend says I’m OCD… he hasn’t seen OCD though. Nothing here is mine so I don’t know where to put it, so I don’t touch it. When mine kicks in, I go CRAZY. It’s technically always here, I just get so frustrated sometimes. I tend to do the whole, “twitch-twitch” thing, or get so frustrated I say “fuck this!” and leave.

Anyway, for the most part, things have been quite well. I’m in a lot of pain (like anything is new), but I’m coping… somehow.


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