Here & There

I vanished from the world of Lang, to appear in the land of Ab!

In other words, I’ve been at my parents’ house since Monday.

I’ve been really stressed out as of late; who thought being an adult was so hardI’m joking. I’ve seen what my parents go through on a regular basis, and have been witnessing it all of my life. All of that witnessing yearns for lottery winnings, but luck hasn’t exactly been on my side.

I moved in with my friends a while back, and things were great for a while. I mean, I’m going to love my friends regardless, but sometimes it is very difficult to function. Being an empath, you feel all the negativity in the air, and when things are off, it feels like you’ve been hit in the face with a brick. I know I haven’t been myself lately either, but sometimes I’m similar to a turtle and I hide in my shell.

They’re planning on moving somewhere I’d absolutely love to go back to… except I can’t. Not yet.

I’ve always wanted to travel, but I think right now I need a home. I don’t want to move every 6 months, even if I wanted to, I don’t know if I could. I have moved so many times in my life, few to some. I’ve moved 14 times with my family, which doesn’t include the 1 time on my own, or the being homeless and going to two different places. I’m not ready to continuously move. But it isn’t just all for my own comfort.

My Mom is sick. Right now, I don’t know how sick, but it isn’t a good feeling. Today she had a CT scan. I feel bad for her right now. I’ve had many a CT, but she had to drink a “contrast” last night, and today, she had to get an IV. An IV isn’t usually a big deal… except when your veins have been stabbed too many times and they tend to collapse. It’s happened to me too!

Anyway, no idea what it is, she has to get a biopsy.

I guess the C-word in her ovaries was just a fluke. I dragged her to the hospital months ago and they fixed that, but this problem remains, and she’s been in pain all that time.

I don’t really want to think about that right now…

Dad’s coming back tomorrow night; I haven’t seen him in a couple months. He went to work in the Yukon for a bit, and it looks like he’s had some fun, despite the hard work. I think I’ll be going home tomorrow, but it’ll be nice to see him even for a little while.

Boyfriend’s been great. I haven’t figured out a good “code name” for him yet, so that’s what he’s going to be for now, but he’s really wonderful. I just miss him right now. I know that sounds stupid… I feel connected to him and it’s weird. Honestly, even with Voldemort, the connection was never like this. Never. He’s left me not even really thinking of him anymore… I feel free. Loved. I feel like everything just fits. Sometimes someone shakes my table and my puzzle pieces get scattered, but it feels right. I don’t feel bad for caring about him, at all, but sometimes the societal part of me thinks I’m caring too much, too soon.

But everyone seems to like him… me most of all, of course!

Anyway, I have some random stuff coming up for this blog. I have a few more book reviews to do, one on Kushiel’s Dart, and one on The Archived. I’ve been putting off writing reviews… heck, I haven’t even done youtube reviews!

And as soon as my Dad gets back… I’m sure I’ll have some stories to tell… I already have one… involving a toe…


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