The Best…

They say that you’ll never forget your first true love, and while that may be true, they never tell you how fast you can fall for someone either.

Sometimes life is strange.

I never really believed I could care about someone again, but I did, and I do. Sometimes i get insecure, and there’s good reason for that, and sometimes I feel like I’m not good enough, but it’s not right – I am good enough; so is he.

I used to have such a big problem with people… I still do, but this feels right.

The past few days have been excellent. There’s so much going on in my life, not just in regards to me, but to friends and family. I don’t know why, but I tend to carry weight on my shoulders that isn’t mine to carry. It’s been so nice to just relax and live in the moment.

Not that long ago, I was sitting there, thinking to myself, this is what I want. Watching him do what he does… Being silly and caring toward his daughter… Heck, being silly and caring toward me. I was just sitting there thinking…

I guess time will tell, as it hasn’t been that long, but he’s wonderful. He’s exactly what I’ve always wanted… It’s so weird… And in some ways I’m afraid that I will be the one to kill things, but I want it to last. I’m not sure I entirely deserve someone that is so great to me, but I’m glad… Really glad.

And while we always say the best summer is the one filled with camping and friends and late nights and trips… This may possibly be the best summer ever.

Friends… Family… Love…

Please life, don’t stop being amazing.



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