I tend to make a lot of posts talking about life, whether in general or otherwise, usually because I get caught up in nothingness and I run with it. My life never used to be like this. Before… before this, it was months of being by myself, feeling sorry for myself, drowning the world out with music and pills. I’m enjoying the change and at times, I forget to write.

I’ve done a lot in the past month (since it’s been almost a month). I tried Pho for the first time… which is delicious. I tried sushi, and I don’t just mean the safest bet (California roll). We had sashimi (which would be the raw variety) and it made me laugh because I don’t normally enjoy salmon but raw salmon is amazing! There was also a bunch of other stuff… most of which I enjoyed. I think there was only one or two things I disliked. We also tried Greek food. I’ve also tried a bunch of new cheeses, and yes, I think I’m slowly becoming a cheese snob, but that might just be the European in me coming out! I enjoy trying new things, and Mistress and Tophat know about a lot of things, so it’s been a great experience.

I have a boyfriend now. He’s technically the first, though my heart was taken by another, and to be completely honest, is still held by another. I know that’s a terrible thing to say, but it happens to be true, which is why I haven’t said the “L word” yet. If I can’t say something without 100% conviction, I’m not going to. Things happened quite quickly, and for me, it hasn’t been long enough to even say it yet.

We went to go see The War Z for our first date, which was actually pretty good; anyone that’s read the book will realize it doesn’t match up like it was originally supposed to, but it was still pretty good for what it was. I never thought I’d be able to kiss anyone after my first (and only) kiss from years and years ago (can you tell it was terrible?), but it happened, and it was amazing! I don’t let things happen, it’s just that from our first meeting, everything clicked so ridiculously well, so when he asked, I was immediately like… YES! Sold! Even though I wasn’t really ready for a relationship… but he’s been very understanding and respectful of everything, so it’s working. I just hope I don’t make him wait forever… I tend to… destroy… everything… always…

But I do really like him! So much so that I even played CoD with him! I HATE CoD! I’d rather burn my eyes out with a sautering gun, lol. It’s not my game of choice, but it was fun with him. I haven’t done that in a while.

* * *

The other day, the group of us (Tim, Tophat, Mistress, and I) went to see Pacific Rim. For what it was, it was pretty great. And WTF is this IMAX 3D stuff and WHY have I never seen it before? It was amazing! Even with the stupid glasses. But for what the movie was, it was entertaining. I wish there would have been more explosions though… and less plot. Yes, more robots, more aliens, more explosions, and less plot, lol.

* * *

Things with me haven’t been the greatest, but I’m trying. And I’m dreading Wednesday…


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