My whole life, I’ve wanted something more. My life is now where it should be. Sure, there’s some hiccups, but there’s always going to be bad parts when your life is amazing.

I haven’t written in almost a month – for that, I apologize. But I’ve been out, I’ve been living life and getting myself together. And I’ve been experiencing such wonderful things… you don’t need to do grandiose things.

Until Saturday, I was with my favourite people – Tophat, Mistress (ehehe), and Tim.

It’s always a good time… sure, there’s hiccups, but… I enjoy my time.

What did we do? In no particular order…

– D&D with Friendly Giant (c’mon, he’s the DM, kinda need him). I’m surprised Bernard and I are still alive… DINOSAUR POWER!

– Ripped up carpet at Tophat’s parents’ house. Mistress and I were shooting staples at each other… I think that was the most fun job. Whoever did the carpet failed at life. They used staples and glue and it just was awful. But I helped because, I mean, what’s better than destruction? …other than fire…

– Went to swing. Swinging is fun, I’ll never be too old for swinging.

– Played board games. I keep losing, damn you, Monopoly!

– Found Spencers and bought a game for camping… I still need to contact the company and get my pencils…

– Made fun of a guy for wearing a stupid hat. He deserved it, he was rude.

– Went to swing again, this time with Tim. I saw a bunny.

– Drove through puddles to make them go WOOOOOOSH!

– Went to Target for the first time… drove people around in carts. They’re weird…and plastic.

– Tim… well, I can’t tell you that story. For Tophat and Mistress though – Parking lot.

– Tried Malaysian food. Yummy.

– Played Minecraft.

– “Do I go to your house and mess things up?” “…you don’t know where I live…”

– Went to the beach with Mistress. I like her, we people watched. We saw a certified douchebag (pink and white plaid shorts, white shirt with collar popped, sunglasses, pushing a stroller), a hillbilly gangster (black turban, huge beard, red and black plaid shirt with half tucked in, half not, and cowboy boots).

– Went for gelato. It was delicious.

– We brought bubbles. We played with them a little bit, but when Tophat came, Mistress left for a couple minutes, for her to come back seeing that we made friends (little kids) and were blowing bubbles for them.

– Made people laugh at us for being “lame”. GROUP HUG!

– Went searching for fish and chips… first place, closed, despite saying they were open on the phone; second place, ran out of fish, despite serving someone that came after us; third place, perfect. They even had good tartar sauce…

– Picnic on the beach.

– I met a ferret. Actually, 3. I got ferret kisses.

– Danced like an idiot.

– Did dishes (doesn’t sound fun, but I’m “not supposed to”, and the first time I heard a noise, I ninja dived over the couch… plus I enjoy dishes…).

– Dexter!

– Cat in heat makes freaky noises. Airsoft gun comes in handy. No, not to shoot her with, she recognizes the object and bolts.

– Got help surprising Mom – she finally got her mop.

– More food. Stuff was yummy… Mmmm, mango.


– Screaming out a window until people go away… then swinging again… and making a tree swing…

…I’m sure there’s more. I’m lazy…and leaving.




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