As much as I love Cheesecake Queen and Tophat, I think I love their cat equally. She is this cute little ball of cuddliness. She likes people and goes insane when people come over. She was leaping from couch to couch and racing all throughout the living room, out onto the patio, and back again. She also tends to climb up your body and sit on your shoulder… sliiiiightly painful. BUT TOO ADORABLE TO CARE.

First cat I’ve really liked since Thumper died. I’ve been so against cats for the longest time now, but meeting their kitty changed that. YAY KITTY!

Okay, now that my cat talk is out of the way… Tim invited me over but told me I had to ask Cheesecake Queen. Immediately, I text her. “Pleeeeeease, pleeeeeeeeeeease can I come (insert other word here)?” They said yes and then I got excited! I wanted to go right then. Oh, if only there were teleportation devices. I need a freaking tardis, that way I can travel time AND go from place to place.

We went on a bit of an adventure. We ended up driving somewhere… weird. We were only slightly lost… in the dark… with nothing around us… quite fun.Β Yes, quite, quite.

We found our way and the poor car. One day there will be a new one, even though I love this one.

Poor car.

I always feel like I’m boring, but I really enjoy being with these people. You can talk about anything, do just about anything, and even sitting in silence is good because it’s so comfortable. They noted that about me because we were all just sitting around doing nothing at one point or another. If you’re with the right people, you don’t need to be entertained, just being in someone else’s company should make you feel good!

Seeing Tim again was really nice too. I haven’t seen him in quite some time because he’s always working now… I guess that’s a good thing, but sometimes it absolutely sucks working and working and doing nothing but. His hair is this bluey purple colour now – coolest thing ever.

Friendly Giant also made a cameo. We sang the F.U.N. song after everyone went to bed.Β F is for friends that do stuff together, you is for you and meeeeee….

I also really like these light things from Ikea; I call them bubble-boobs. They kinda look like hamsters and they glow different colours. Greatest. Invention. Ever.

FG came straight from D&D and… well, we’ve all been trying to get a campaign going for some time now. I don’t really know anything about D&D, I’ve always wanted to play, but I never had friends that did. Now that I do… it’s very exciting! Tophat found the perfect thing for me to be…

Motherfucking dinosaurs.

That’s all I’m going to say because I know FG reads this. I want it to be like, “WTF THAT EXISTS?!” …he probably knows it does, but…

I’m kinda going all out. My imagination is on overdrive, I started speaking in a different voice… everything. At first I was being silly, but then I was like… why can’t I do this? I’m going to, screw you all!

One other thing I like about being with this group of people… tea.

Always tea. All day tea. I’ve never known another person to have a cupboard full of tea, but they have it and gosh is it good. I love tea.

“Somewhere it’s always time for tea”.

Cheesecake Queen makes amazing crepes too. I had never had a crepe before, and for breakfast… mmmm… crepe with powdered sugar, strawberry, and whipped cream. Omnomnomnom.

I’ve also been turned to PC gaming.

Err… I’m writing this like I’d be talking, rather than in story form… OH WELL!

Anyway, it was a very nice adventure. I like their eaty couch. It tried to swallow my leg.

I also am excited about a decision.




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