A Little of This…


On Saturday, we got invited to JD’s for Easter dinner. Yes, normally it’s celebrated Sunday or Monday, but they were having a big get-together, so we all went. It was wonderful, they live on a big piece of property and personally, it was beautiful.

I felt a little bit funny in the house though… then my Mom told me that someone died in what’s now the dining room.

She had done a fire job there quite some time ago, so she would know.

Dad rode on a mini-bike too. That was funny.

Before we went to JD’s, we went to Dave’s. Dave and his wife (and kids!) are giving us a pool as they don’t use it anymore. I’ve always wanted somewhere to swim at home…

I caught a frog!


I also got to play with the horses.




They’re losing their winter coats, so they look to be in rough shape. They’re beautiful though. I’ve always loved horses, one day I hope to trail ride with them… maybe one day.

* * *


We are Christian, Catholic, whatever. Mom and Dad were baptised as Catholics, so it could go either way, I just despise the Catholic church (I tried to get into it last year). We aren’t church goers but we treat people right, and just the way we compose ourselves is very Christian-like.

We still do the “Easter Bunny” thing though. We hunt for chocolate eggs, get a chocolate bunny, shampoo, etc. This year, the “Bunny” had a new thing for us. She put stuff in plastic eggs and sent us outside to hunt for them. That was actually extremely fun, I haven’t done that in a while. I guess I should start geocaching more. If you don’t know what geocaching is… if you’re into treasure hunting, or exploring, I suggest looking it up!

Mom made ham, turkey, carrots, broccoli, asparagus, stuffing, gravy, potatoes, cranberry, and I’m sure there was, OH YEAH! HOMEMADE BUNS! There was a lot of food. Mom had a man from work and his daughter come over. They seemed really nice.

For us, holidays aren’t strictly family, it’s meant for friends and family. If you have nowhere to go, we like inviting you. That’s just how it is.

* * *

Today isn’t over yet, but M and I have been talking quite a lot the past few days. At first, we thought he couldn’t get time off of work to go to Montreal, but now there is a possibility that he can, so I’m crossing my fingers for that one! I spent some of my money (I needed pants; thanks weightloss!) so I won’t have as much if we do go, but after talking, I realized that I probably didn’t need as much anyway. The main things we’re worried about are gas and food… and we can survive on one meal a day, so it’s mostly gas.

M wants to rent a car because he doesn’t think his will make it. He also told his boss almost 2 months in advance, so if he doesn’t get it, I’ll be annoyed… and sad. I don’t even really care about the concert, I care about seeing M.

I think we can do it. He just needs to get time off… and 2 days… really? He takes everyone else’s days when they take them off, I don’t see why they won’t give them to him.

I hope my passport comes in soon…

I also acted impulsively. I bought some books from Amazon.


I couldn’t help myseeeelllllfffffff. I’ve been dying to read more books! I have one on hold for me at Hemingway’s, which I need to go get soon. They put aside “City of Ashes” for me. The Mortal Instruments series is kind of my guilty pleasure. I never liked Twilight, in fact, I absolutely despised it (I’m a vampire lover!), but something about this series got me hooked. I found books 1 and 3 at Value Village last year and started reading… but I couldn’t find the second! I finally did, so I’ll be re-reading and doing reviews on all of them!

I ordered, let’s see if I can remember, Splintered, The Bell Jar, Cinder, The Archived, Dracula, Frankenstein, and a collection of H.P. Lovecraft.

I have a soft spot for teen fantasy novels… I’m really not sure why. It doesn’t much matter though. Adult books seem to be boring, at least some of them. I don’t want to read things I don’t like!

The next book I’ll be purchasing is by Emilie Autumn. I just won’t be buying it until later this year because it’s kiiiiinda expensive.

In other news, I started vlogging. Hopefully I’ll get better at it – it’s kind of awkward talking to a camera. I think it’ll be fun though!



  1. Actually the Rick Riordan novels are very good. shhhh, I didn’t say that. but I am waiting for the new releases to come out…. to uhm… hold up my note book, thats it. lol. The Percy Jackson series is hard to put down. eeeps, that was not me that said that. *nods convincingly*

    oh another one?

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