Doctor, Doctor, Doctor

On Wednesday, I took my Mom to another Doctor appointment.

Usually we get Dr. R but today, a woman I’d never seen before was in: Dr. G. She was incredibly nice, helpful, and wasn’t super rushy.

I asked a lot of questions (and took a peek at Mom’s chart before she came in, shh, don’t tell) because I know Mom doesn’t know what to ask. Mom has to go for more blood work and then go back to the doctor later next month unless they find something else.

Not only are they doing more blood work (they found some issues), they’re waiting for the ultrasound results, to go over them in case the ER doctors missed anything, and they’re also waiting for the biopsy results.

I can’t get over the biopsy…

Dr. G told my Mom she had a good helper, hahaha! I just consider it a good thing I know things… like how long to fast before a certain blood test…

* * *

Yesterday, L came over to have coffee with Mom. Everyone’s worried about Mom. Poor L though, her life is a mess right now. She had to put her dog down, her son’s in the psych ward… things just aren’t going her way.

I had to laugh though, she said she was going to bring me to her doctor appointment with her.

I’ve been acting as my Mom’s translator. Doctors like to speak in their doctor-speak and unless you know what they’re talking about, it sounds like a bunch of nonsense. I don’t understand everything, but I do understand quite a lot. I’m extremely interested in medicine though, and after having my whole life be in and out of hospitals, you start to understand a lot of it. That’s why I always hated when the doctors would dumb things down. Just to make them feel stupid, I’d start talking like they would. I’ve also had to correct doctors. One time, the ortho couldn’t think of the word for the bones in part of the foot, I was like, “metatarsals…”

It’s funny, I remember stuff like this, but not other things.

I’m not an expert, but… I have knowledge.

Mom’s kinda glad she has me though, she just thinks it’s all mumbo jumbo because it doesn’t make sense. So I’ve been asking questions on her behalf and just referring it to her “in English” as she says.

Everyone seems to be glad that I’ve been with Mom throughout this all. Dad can’t go to the hospital with her. It’s only been a few years since Nana died. Nana was in and out of the hospital. She originally had a tumour on her jaw, which was indeed malignant, but they caught it all. It disappeared for a while, came back as lung cancer, metastasized to her bladder and finally, her spine. Once you get it there, you’re kind of screwed… it happened to my Poppy, it happened to everyone… Dad went with Nana to every one of her appointments, she couldn’t walk anymore. He took time off work to care for her. Sometimes I would take over for him so he could go out and sleep and eat and try to relax. That was one of the worst times… you never expect to have to lift your grandmother, or clean her bedding, or… well, it was just hard. She couldn’t really do anything anymore. She was still fully alert, could converse, and move her upper body, but her legs had betrayed her.

It was hard.

You slept with one eye open just because she’d cry out in pain in the middle of the night. You had to make sure she took her pills, you had to open them up and mix them with apple sauce… had to clean bed sores, talk to the nurses, tell the house people what to do (I think they’re called care aids).

Anyway… a lot happened. Even for me, being in the emergency room gave me flashbacks of when I wanted to slap the nurses… maybe I’ll tell that tale one day. Not now.

* * *

If tomorrow’s nice like it was today, I’ll plant some stuff…

Dad got me mint and dill.




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