Long Day

Sometimes I think I’m more qualified than an actual doctor.

I don’t feel like explaining why again, lol.

For the past few weeks, my Mom has been dealing with a lot of pain. She told me about it and immediately I told her that it had to be her ovaries, there just is no other explanation for what she described. Today, a new symptom arose, which only confirmed my suspicion.

I woke up before 7 because of a nightmare, but decided to lounge around in bed. Later on, my Mom called me, obviously in pain, and I went to her. I had to help with a few things. She could barely move she was in so much pain! I eventually got her up though. She’s a fighter!

I kept telling her that we needed to go to the doctor, I was forcing her to go to the ER. She didn’t really want to go… and I don’t blame her. Hospitals suck and waiting in the emergency room is even worse, but she had to go! We eventually went around 5pm when she couldn’t take the pain anymore. Well, and with my sister’s convincing.

My Mom’s new symptom was bleeding. She hasn’t had a menstrual cycle in years, and S, dealing with ovary issues, her mind immediately goes to one thing. Anyone with any sort of medical knowledge knows that pain and bleeding post-menopausal usually points to cancer. My Mom already has carcinoma so I was sitting there like, “can carcinoma metastasize?” She had a malignant cyst years ago, before I was born, but it was all taken out. And yes, I thought about a bursting cyst too, but S’s mind goes to the worst possible outcome… thanks, anxiety!

She got in quite quickly, and anyone in BC knows what the emergency room wait times are like, so under 30 minutes was amazing. My sister and I had to answer questions about her. The doctors don’t care that your heart problems have been gone for years… they still want to know about them! The nurses were all pleased that we brought her in.

She got an ultrasound, though it didn’t show much due to there not being enough fluid (you need fluid in your bladder to see the ovaries clearly), so now she has to go for one tomorrow. Hopefully they call early in the morning so I can go with her; I have class at 1.

My poor Mom had to sit through blood work from hell. This man had NO idea what he was doing. I was tempted to do it myself he was so bad! He was fishing around in her arm and pushing over the needle, and I know in some cases you need to do that, but… please don’t fish! My Mom’s veins tend to roll, but the lady that came to do it afterwards got it in one go… maybe he was a newbie.

We also met an elderly woman with purple hair. For her 69th birthday, she dyed it purple AND she spiked it! How cool is THAT?

So then we were off! Just in time too, the metre ran out (it ran out earlier, I just sat in the van, shhh). All in all, we were there for just over 2 hours… for an emergency visit, that’s amazing timing. We went to go pick up L and then went to the pharmacy. Mom didn’t really want to go but we insisted, and I was driving so we were going where I wanted to go. I’ve never actually used the pharmacy at London Drugs before but I really like it, I may just switch to them for my prescriptions. We had to wait a little while, but we got everything sorted.

I also think I fixed a problem for my Mom.

Funny story. When we lived in Calgary, the government thought my Mom was dead. Weird, huh? Okay, it’s because there was a woman with the same birthday (off by one year though) and name that had died and they screwed up the dates and made it seem like it was my Mom. Well, today, when we were filling her prescription, the pharmacist asks her birthdate and is like, “uhhh, but this is a year before.” DAMMIT, NOT AGAIN! So I got that sorted out.

I hope my Mom is okay. I love her.

* * *

Earlier today, my Sister, W and I went out. W wanted to make chilli and we needed a few things (chorizo and beans to name a few). So we went to the grocery store, which isn’t all that exciting, but before that, we went to the new dollar store. HOW COOL IS THIS PLACE, IT IS HUGE AND HAS EVERYTHING AND MORE!

I love dollar stores, you can find so much… this place though… whenever I move out, I’m going there. They have square dishes (which I’ve always wanted), casserole dishes, GLASS bakeware, organizational tools galore, they even have these cool printed (like polka dots and flowers, etc.) brooms and plungers!

I know, going a bit far with that, but that is AMAZING! Everything is dirt cheap so if it breaks you don’t really care, but still, the stuff is awesome. They have food and it isn’t as though it’s no-name, it’s brand-named stuff. They even had laundry detergent and Dawn dish soap.

I know how to save money!

I got this cool thing, it’s a “lap desk.” My Poppy used to have one that he used for crosswords but I don’t know what happened to it, so I bought one. It’s basically a board for your laptop or books with a bean-bag type bottom.

2013-03-24 21.25.12


Yes, three dollars for that, and it’s good and solid.

I also got a white board. I wrote about aliens on it…

We’re incredible in dollar stores. We have to look at everything, try on every hat, touch everything… it’s an experience when you go with us!

W made excellent chilli, by the way.

* * *

I love my Mom.



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