Today was a beautiful day! It was still chilly, but the sun was shining, the birds were singing… it was nice.

We started off the day by cleaning up debris. My Brother, Sister, W, and I went to the backyard to cut up branches and stuff them into paper bags. There was a lot of wood. We had cut back our fruit trees a while ago, but didn’t bother cleaning it up because it kept raining and raining. But today, we got it done, we even attacked the blackberry bush – invasive species despite being delicious.

After clean-up, Metal Beard, and a few other people started setting up strings and whatever else so they could put up the fence. The fence that separates us and Metal Beard, well, before, was a piece of crap. It looked bad and it was falling apart. We got this nice cedar fence that looks (and smells) really good. They got most of it up and quite fast too, that is until the beer came out.

The fence isn’t done yet, we still have to fence our part of the backyard (we’re getting a pool, did I tell you that? POOOOOOOOOOOOL!!!!!) but this is what it looks like so far:

2013-03-23 16.28.44

Not too shabby, huh?

* * *

My Mom and I did a little bit of gardening. We had to clean up the front garden underneath the window, so we got doing that. We planted a whole bunch of bulbs, I hope they all make it, they look really pretty, and it’s nice to have flowers in that garden. We already have poppies, daffodils, and daisies that come back.

My Sister also ended up walking to the pet store. She recently lost her hamster and doesn’t really want any pets right now, but she wanted to look at the fish. She’s thinking about one or two of those. Better not get any goldfish, nasty bastards!

* * *

W and I went on an adventure today. We went to Hemingway’s again. I freaking love this place! I just want to live there forever and ever… today I picked up “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow And Rip Van Winkle” by Washington Irving(in that “classics” set I was talking about that I collect) and “The Silmarillion” by J.R.R. Tolkien. I’ve been dying to read the latter, when I found out that they had a copy (aside from the $80.00 ones) I grabbed it. I like books. Now that I have a 10% discount, it may become an obsession that gets out of control… yikes!

We then went to this cool little corner store (not exactly on a corner) and I thought it was the coolest thing ever. It had a really interesting layout – they even sold sandwiches and pizza and stuff!

Then we went to this little place on the corner for lunch. It’s called Mitch Miller’s. It’s really small and cozy. W was explaining how one time he went there and ordered a breakfast for two, and it was so much bloody food that there is no way two people could eat it all! I didn’t believe him… until…

2013-03-23 13.42.05

I got a crispy chicken club, I think it was called. Yes, that is a whole chicken breast. No, I couldn’t fit it all in my mouth. After I had put the “lid” on the “burger”, there was no way it was fitting in my mouth – too thick! I had to cut it into quarters and take out the tomato just to be able to eat it! And boy was it delicious. The fries were great too! I didn’t finish it all though, I took more than half of it home!

This was W’s dish:

2013-03-23 13.42.15

He got the special which was a sandwich with asparagus, ham, and havarti cheese. I’m an asparagus lover, I’ve been craving it for months now… it tastes amazing with cheese on it!

W couldn’t finish his either.

The man next to us ordered something that was just massive; it was even bigger than W’s sandwich! He ate it ALL!

My Sister ended up eating the rest of my food after my Mom picked us up.

Thanks again, W!

When we came back is when the fence was actually up. It looked really good, we were a bit surprised that it got done so quickly. Eventually, we let Leah out to come play with Dragon.

2013-03-23 16.28.00

Leah used to be scared of Dragon. Dragon’s old and kind of miserable, not to mention very vocal. Leah isn’t used to that because Cobi never really makes any noise when he plays except for the odd growl. After a while, they were playing great though! This picture makes it look like Leah is bigger than Dragon, but it’s the other way around.

Also, ignore the ground, we were building a fence!

Today has been a pretty good day. I wonder what tomorrow will bring. And now that I’m done with that blasted book, I can read something else! Maybe I’ll finish House of Leaves. I don’t know though, it’s got me pretty freaked out…


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