Why do people press “like” without even reading the damn thing?

Seriously, guys. If you’re gonna “like” something, I think you should read it first, at least part of it.

It’s the same with writing a comment but looking stupid because you’ve only read a quarter of the post.

And if you don’t want to read it all, why are you following the person?



  1. I liked this post out of spite. I like things when i like them. If that makes any sense. I like your raw honesty, and I respect it. Although I have no emotional connection with this particular post. My greatest problem is nonconformity–doing things my own way, just because. Hence the spite. But don’t take it personally. It’s a major flaw of mine. And I did read the whole post. Maybe spite is the wrong word. Maybe the right way to say why i liked the post is that I was just being contrary. Because stuff like that goes through my head, and it’s late, so I acted on it. This makes me want to rant on my blog. You’ve inspired me.

  2. I have caught a few this way. It annnnnnnnoys me so much. Like clicked but later that day, no one has read the post. So I did that test post, I said basically if you click like you are a twit. Of course a bunch clicked like as they didn’t read it. They hope you will visit their blog or others that read you blog will visit them to build up readers. I don’t visit out of spite now.

    THIS IS MY BIGGEST PEEVE WITH WORDPRESS. lol.. shouting even. Because of it, I seldom click like now, I just leave comments. I wish you could delete likes.

    bet urban wallet didnt read it. points up.

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