Song of the Week: Emilie Autumn – Gentlemen Aren’t Nice

Every woman enjoys a gentleman.

Well, I’ll speak for myself. I don’t like “bad boys”, and I don’t like “pushovers”, but gentlemen are nice. No, I don’t want you to hold my car door open for me.

This song seems to be more about how women treat men with disrespect and how women always complain that men are assholes but still date them, also, a lot of women believe they deserve more respect than they really do deserve, especially when they don’t reciprocate!

I see that a lot and it bothers me. “All men are the same!” No, no they aren’t. Bah, maybe I’ll make a rant post one of these days!

Anyway, I’ve been addicted to this song, thus making it (a late) song of the week.


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