Cake 002

Cheshire Cat! Cheshire Cat! Cheshire Cat!

He’s my favourite character in Alice in Wonderland.

My Mommy made this cake… unfortunately, she ran out of icing part of the way through, but I’m really happy with it! She made a normal slab cake, then used mini bread pans for the feet/legs and tail and she used an Elmo cake pan for the face. It’s all chocolate except for the face – that’s red velvet.

My mom’s actually very good at making and decorating cakes, for not being a professional and all.

Mmm, cake.

I love my mom, my dad.

I love my sister, my brother.

My parents gave me a nice card, but so did my sister. I was not expecting that! I came into my room to discover a pink envelope placed carefully on my laptop. It read: “This card is meant for the world’s BIGGEST Lord of the Rings fan nerd.

Cutest thing.

I can’t believe I’m 21… it feels like yesterday I was an 8 year old kid chasing dragons and riding my trusty steed off into the forest… Oh, who am I kidding? I STILL do that!

Today, I wore my pin-up dress. It’s tea-length (which for my height means just below the knee), black with white polka dots, and a red satin trim on the bottom. There’s also a red satin “belt” that’s removable – it ties like a bow in the back. It’s the most beautiful thing… (I’m staying anonymous, but this is what it looks like if you’re curious: Dress

I like how if you spin, it twirls. I love it.

It was a windy day, but sunny.

Random fact: Every year on my birthday, it’s sunny. Every. Year. It might rain before 6am, but come 8, it’s clear. Always. I’m waiting for there to be rain, I believe it will signify change.

I went to school, I had a psychology exam. Some of the stuff… I didn’t study for! Ahhhh! And I know I got a few questions wrong (there were only, oh, 88 questions…), but again, I tried to make educated guesses. I hope I did well. Birthday luck, hear me now!

I took the bus home. Boy, are bus drivers grumpy or what?

I got on and had never used the scan thingy before. He just shooed me to my seat. People were very polite, I was pleased to see that people all said thank you, smiled at him, asked how he was, etc. I accidentally pulled the string a bit early… unknowingly. I didn’t realize there was another bus stop in front of mine, but I told him and he brought me to mine.

Wearing a floofy dress in the wind is interesting – you have to hold it as you walk!

* * *

First thing this morning (midnight, to be exact), M wishes me a happy birthday. He was the very first one! I loved that. It seemed like my whole family forgot, they were like, “oh, crap! Happy birthday!” I forgive them though, it’s been a long week and they’re tired. I took my birthday off of Facebook, so few people said it there, but that’s fine by me! I don’t want people feeling obligated to say it!

I really enjoyed talking to M, I love talking to him. I think I may be able to sort this out. We might still be going to Montreal. I hope we do, I really want to see him… I don’t even really care about the concert, I just want to be with M!

My Aunt also wished me a happy birthday. I wasn’t expecting that one, but it was nice to read. So thank you! If you ever read this…

I spent time with the dogs, I annoyed my dad.

We got to eat thee most amazing chicken strips of all time. They’re from this place called “The Mad Butcher”; I swear to you, they are to die for.

Then… we had cake.

Overall, this was a pretty happy birthday! Now just to finish this homework and learn how to quit stressing over midterm results…



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