Umm, is it considered harassment if I go to every length possible to contact these leadership people regarding their need for volunteers for anti-bullying? I’ve emailed them through student email, my personal email, and now I commented on their Facebook page saying I wanted to help.

I was serious when I said I wanted to help, and I want a reply!

I want a reply now!


* * *

Today I went to psychology research project #2. The guy was really nice. Today’s test involved sounds and decibels. We were given two different sounds (actually, they were the same, just different pitch), one a lower frequency and one higher. We had to record how long we thought the two were played for. The thought is that the one played at higher frequency will seem to go by faster than the lower one.

Maybe it’s just me, I’m not sure, but I got the same number each time. I recognized the pitch change, but nothing else changed. I’d be interested in seeing how everything worked out. I’m definitely going to be emailing the student that ran the experiment.

I also decided to pick up my U-PASS while I was in the building. The U-PASS is pretty cool, I don’t know if they have it everywhere, but basically, you pay 40 extra dollars with your school fees. What it gives you? Well, you get free bus fare, access to fitness, skating, and swimming at the rec centres, you get discounts at stores, and you’re apart of “my safe ride home” which is like a credit for a cab to bring you home if you really need it.

It’s pretty nifty. I want to get back into swimming again, so… if I can just learn the bus routes…

This is where I spent my time after getting out and waiting to be picked up:

2013-03-15 14.23.07

My lone little picnic table!

* * *

Tomorrow’s my Mom’s birthday. She doesn’t read this so I’m allowed to talk about it. Dad wants to get her ambrosia (I’m not even sure what he means by that, I thought it was alcohol), so tomorrow morning we’ll be going out. I’m getting her lemon meringue pie, that’s what she wanted.

I guess we’re not going to be putting up the fence, Metal Beard is. We bought it, so I guess it makes sense.

My Mom and Sister have to get eye exams and new glasses tomorrow, that means I get to drive. Mom’s going to have to get eye drops so that means she’ll be pretty well blind. I like to drive though, and I need the experience, I really want my N. As of now, I only have my L, which for you Americans, is equivalent to a permit. You need to drive with someone, etc.

I also have another test to do tomorrow. I had to sign up for another one. I was freaking out at missing one, but luckily it allowed me to sign up for another. I’m so thankful, and this time, even if the door’s closed, I’ll be knocking, or at least opening it. I want that 4%… that’s the difference between a C+ and a B!

We also have people coming over tomorrow. Mom said since my birthday is on a Monday, I’m allowed to have people over on the Saturday. Cheesecake Queen and Tophat are coming (I feel bad, I thought they wouldn’t come unless Tim did :(. I’m paranoid, what can I say?), Kitty is coming, Tim’s working, but Friendly Giant might also be coming.

S has no intentions of drinking. After getting buzzed on half a glass of nothing I don’t know if I’ll ever drink again.

Ugh, medication.

* * *

Sunday is when we go to the aquarium. I’m extremely excited. I’ve written about it a lot, but I can’t wait, and you better believe there will be pictures!

Even Dad’s excited.

So cool.

* * *

Monday equals S’s birthday.

21, wow. I’m getting old!

It also equals a psychology midterm which I’m not looking forward to. I’ll continue studying though. I also have a rough draft of an essay due on Tuesday. I enjoy writing (can you tell?) so that doesn’t bother me.

Last night I bolted through a section in math. It wasn’t really hard at all. I screwed up a bit. Nine more than three equals x. What the hell? I don’t understand how it gets in the order it does, but we’ll just roll with it.

I walked away with a 78, that’s a B, I’ll accept that. I’m not a math whiz, anything over 69% is pretty amazing for me. And yes, I’m very proud of myself for this.

I’m kind of excited, graduation creeps closer. As soon as this semester is over, I’ll only have math classes to finish. I’m hoping I can finish 063 before the end, and possibly start 075 (I’ll be able to so long as I attend, I know I can). That way, I can do 075 and 076 over the summer (if I miss a day or so, it won’t matter) and since I’ll apparently need 084, do that during the fall. If I can keep the pace up, I’ll graduate before 2013 is over. This is pretty… iffy thinking, but I think I could probably pull it off. I hope I can anyway.

If I don’t manage to graduate for an extra semester, I’m not going to be too upset, math is my weakness, I’m allowed to struggle.

The only thing is… I’m terrified! After high school is finished, where do I go? I know I want to do something with psychology, I was thinking psychiatric nursing, just because I like psych and I like medicine, though not the kind I take… I don’t know if I’m physically capable though, and not only that, going to school for just ONE university class shot my expenses up to over $500 dollars. How the hell am I ever going to afford more than that?


I’ll probably talk to an educational advisor or something… probably…



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