Yesterday, I had a psychology research thing. The woman running it was also a student, her name is Kari. I’m not allowed to talk… well, it doesn’t matter, no one knows who I am.

The experiment was about mnemonic devices. There were two groups; one group had the help of devices (eg. Never Eat Shredded Wheat) and the other group (which was mine) didn’t have that help. We had to memorize new words and their definition. There was no way to cheat by knowing the words previously, they were all made up by her.

I was supposed to go to one tonight…

I waited by the door. Kind of peeked my head in. No one there, though I never opened the door.

I waited 20 minutes.

Nobody came or went.

I emailed asking if it had been cancelled or was the wrong room… No, apparently they were in there. Fantastic, and I’m getting picked up in 2 minutes. I’m not going up to the 4th floor again. So now, S is an effing retard. She missed out on an easy 4% all because she was too goddamn anxious to open the door and look inside.

S also isn’t getting straight A’s anymore, and it drives her nuts.

* * *

M is annoyed at S.

S said she was leaving after thinking he said it. Now he doesn’t want to come back.

Best birthday present ever.

“I can’t deal with you.”

Well… I guess nobody can. Sorry for being up and down.

* * *

I want to throw the Secret Daughter at a wall. Who makes us read this kind of torturous material?

* * *

My English teacher’s birthday is the same day as my Mom’s.

* * *

I don’t know what else to write.

I like pink lemonade.



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