Sylvia Plath!

Oh, Sylvia Plath, how I love thee…

I remember being introduced to her by M years and years ago. We were talking about “The Bell Jar” and it sounded so interesting to me… I actually need to read it.

Eventually, I had read up on her, found her life to be intriguing, and started to read some of her poems.


Now, I have to say, Edgar Allan Poe’s poems are my favourite of all time, so… you can kind of see what I like. Though, I like lighter stuff too.

In English, I asked if we could read Poe. Chances are, we won’t because students find it really difficult to comprehend, which makes me sad, but that’s okay. So I asked about Plath. Well, my homework included a poem by her.


Obviously, Metaphors is about pregnancy, anyone can see that, but it fits with how I’m feeling now, and no, I’m not pregnant. Just, “Boarded the train there’s no getting off”, I know, it fits with the poem, but you can interpret poetry however you want, however you need.

I don’t want to get into too much detail, but that reminds me of A) My love life, because even though things aren’t good right now, I don’t want to get off, and B) It reminds me of a certain struggle. It’s like once the train comes for you, you can’t get off. And if you bail, you’ve instantly committed suicide.

I had to write a journal response on one of the poems, so I chose this one. Sure, there were other great poems, like “Siren Song” but S has a thing for Plath and wanted to write about her.



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