Bijoux the Ball Python wanted to say hello…


Aren’t her pits the coolest thing ever?

Certain species of snake have “heat pits” or “heat sensors” that helps them pinpoint prey. It’s actually quite fascinating. Pit vipers (like the rattlesnake) have the ability to see in infra-red, which helps them hunt at night and strike with unbelievable accuracy. Considering animals like the ball python strive and hunt at night, seeing in infra-red is definitely a helpful tool!

Really, Bijoux is always trying to escape at night.

I once watched something on the National Geographic channel about the sensitivity of this infra-red ability. I can’t remember which snake they did the experiment on, but it was definitely a dangerous one. The snake was placed in a box and everything was pitch black. They filled a balloon full of hot water and moved it around the box. The snake struck with complete accuracy in this pitch black atmosphere.

It’s good to learn about these kinds of things.

I remember learning about rattlesnakes because I used to live in rattlesnake territory. We had to learn what to do if we ever got bitten and how to AVOID being bitten.

Also, fun fact: Garter snakes have a mild neurotoxin. I used to (and still do) catch them. But again, before you even bother trying to catch a snake, you should know how to identify them. If you can’t, it’d be best to stay away.

Anyway, I’m still getting used to my new camera and wanted some snake shots. She doesn’t hold still for very long so it’s kind of difficult.

I just like how she looks like an alligator…



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