Spring? Are you here yet?

Spring on the coast usually means rain. I’m getting tired of rain. I miss the sunshine and the way the air smells, the freshness, and the brightness of all the flowers coming to life.

Spring marks a lot of things for me and it sparks a lot of memories too. Spring was when it started getting warmer and I could quit wearing snow-pants, not to mention, March is my birthday month. 😉

This year I’ll be 21. My parents (thanks to my Brother) have decided to take me to the Aquarium.

Who expected that one?

I’ve been dying to go to the Aquarium since we moved back to the coast, yet, I’ve never been. I have an unhealthy fascination with animals, especially the ones that live underwater. I’m excited about sharks and sea turtles… I hope they still have them.

A lot of people are afraid of sharks, but not me. It’s actually on my bucket-list to go swimming with them, cage and no cage. Honestly, you should be more scared of an orca than of a shark. Sharks are just curious creatures, not bloodthirsty human killers. Trust me!

I’m also looking forward to this other part. They have more than just underwater animals there, and I’m looking forward to seeing the snakes (who’da thunk it?). I think I may have an unhealthy obsession with snakes… even when I was a little girl, it was all about animals people were scared of. Actually, when I was a little girl, I was probably a freak.

I was obsessed with the following: Dinosaurs, bog-mummies, ancient civilizations, ghosts, aliens, and sharks.

I was a weird child, really, I was.

I ask people about bog-mummies all the time and no one ever seems to know what they are, so then I have to explain. People realize there’s more than just Egyptian mummies, right? There’s even “ice mummies.”

Friendly Giant has tried to convince me to do something for my birthday. I might, I’m not sure yet. Tim is working, I already asked him. And I highly doubt that Cheesecake Queen and Tophat would come without Tim. So I don’t know what’s happening…

Last year was pretty weird. My neighbours hosted a St. Patty’s Day/Birthday party (mine’s the day right before the husband’s) so I invited Friendly Giant and he came.

Tim was at a casino.

This party is where the infamous Tie Guy was introduced. His dance moves were stellar.

A lot happened that night. I got hit on, which I hated, Tie Guy tried to buy W’s shoes, Friendly Giant and some drunken fool got in a fight (sorta), FG also fell in the mud epically and no one saw it…

Tequila was also had! And nothing bad happened! Huzzah!

He showed me the “I’m An Ass Man” video, which completely reminded me of “We’re The Titans” so I had to show him that.

The next day, after crawling over him to get out of bed (it’s not my fault he wouldn’t move!), Friendly Giant decided to take me on an adventure. First, we went to Fort Langley. I got to see a train.


Got to climb on it too!

It reminded me of when I was younger and went to the train museum in Revelstoke. I liked trains when I was younger, they were fascinating. Early on in the friendship, we both realized that we liked Revelstoke… and trains.

That was fun. The last time I was in Fort Langley it was only driving through, so seeing something from history was cool. Have I ever mentioned that I love history?

Onward we went!

We went down weird roads and eventually landed ourselves here:


I think we found the Fraser, everyone!

There was a family there. Their children had pails and other neat toys.

I want to make a sandcastle now… though not at that river…

It was a very muddy place, and this time, I didn’t sink to my knees.

Eventually, it was time to leave, so we went on our way. Now, somehow, I think we ended up in Chilliwack… We had to have, there isn’t mountains like that here. We were just driving along, I got to give directions. “Left or right?”

Hmmm, left!

I think we found the route to a lake.

It was nice up there, the air was fresh.


We had climbed enough to the point it started snowing…

Who needs directions? Just make your own way up.

The three of us (Tim included) had gone to another place to go 4x4ing where there was plenty of shotgun shells. Tim loved those things. We even kept some in the Jeep, they were our Redneck Tickets.

Can’t be caught without something proving you’re a redneck, right?

Tim would have been in his glory…


I was almost tempted to grab one… but I didn’t.

We ended up on an army road and just kept following it around. It was pretty interesting.

Eventually though, it was time to go home. My Mom had told us we had to be back in time for dinner.

Okay, Mom…

So we ventured back home. I put a green feather boa on FG, bahaha. His face was priceless. So then we ate dinner. I wanted pizza. But I had cake! They got me a Winnie The Pooh ice cream cake! I’ve had Winnie the Pooh cakes before… I like Winnie the Pooh. I like Disney. I’ve always wanted a Cheshire Cat cake… my Mom makes cakes, she’s good at it.

I got a colouring book and a Winnie the Pooh mask painting kit.

Yes, at 20 years old, that is what I got.

I bought myself a dinosaur colouring book the year prior, there’s nothing wrong with enjoying “kid things.”

I usually don’t get anything. M’s the main feature of my birthday. He talks to me and unlike other people, actually SAYS, “happy birthday, S”. He always gets me something nice too… sometimes I feel really bad because he goes all out on me.

I love him though. I love what he does for me too. And not just birthday stuff, I mean every day stuff.

So, that was my birthday last year. I wonder what this year has to bring. Maybe it’ll be fun, we’ll have to see. Usually I don’t care but guys, AQUARIUM!

Fun fact: My Mom’s birthday is 2 days before mine, we can celebrate together. I hope she has a good birthday too… going to the Aquarium… 


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