Okay, so it was either, participate in the research projects, or write a paper… I could probably benefit from writing a paper but I wanted to try out the research projects.

I have no idea what these are, seriously. When you go to sign up, it looks something like this:

Signup Information
Study Name WKP
Date March 13, 2013 x:xx PM – x:xx PM
Location A300

It doesn’t tell you what it is, what it’s about, what we’re going to be doing… I don’t know ANYTHING. All I know is if I sign up for 3 of them and actually attend, I’ll get an easy 4%… or 3 credits, which already has me confused.

So, my question: Am I physically going to be able to participate?

I love adventure, but when it comes to things like this, I like to be aware. I can’t do everything that normal people do. I think it will be a fun learning experience though, definitely more rewarding than writing a paper.

I also have to find out where these rooms are…

The rooms I go to are almost completely next to each other. They’re within maybe 10 metres – the bathroom is right in the middle! Judging by the room numbers, it looks like I’ll be venturing to the world of the upstairs. I’ve never been up there before. Most people like to explore, and while I love exploring, my body doesn’t always cooperate; there’s been no reason for me to go up there so I haven’t.

So I’m really wondering what these are…

Oh well, looks like I’ll find out!


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