Well folks, this is my 100th post on this blog. It’s kind of scary, you know, to have an accomplishment like this… even if it doesn’t seem like much.

I started this blog December of last year. I wanted to keep track of events in my life and honestly, to help with my fading memory. Thankfully, my memory seems to be coming back, but I’m going to continue to blog, I enjoy it.

So in lieu of it being number 100, I figured I needed something spectacular. Maybe not too off the wall but…

I wanted to talk about my friends. Particularly Tim and Friendly Giant.

Scary, I know.


110829193900T.I.F. FO LYFE!

Ahem, continuing…

I had just come back from dropping out of school. My school offered this special program that helped you catch up so I became apart of the AP Crew. I didn’t know anybody in this group, I spent most of my time alone.  Unfortunately, I can’t quite remember which part comes first… I’m pretty sure it has to do with Friendly Giant though… It probably has to, Tim didn’t show up ’til later…

I used to sit in the class’s office with the (would she be an assistant or a teacher? O_O errrmm…) Mrs. G and talk to her about random things. One day, I happened to be in there talking about spirits.

“Do you ever feel like you’re not alone?”

Friendly Giant happened to walk in. Now funnily enough, he was big into supernatural stuff… aliens included. He sat down and we all discussed this stuff. I can’t really remember the conversation, but I remember it being quite interesting. At last! I didn’t feel so alone! Maybe this was someone I could talk to!

Somewhere down the line… I met Athlete, and how, you ask? By helping him with fractions. If you know me, you know that my worst subject is math, and fractions is where I struggle (ahem, and algebra). I helped him though! By that point, Tim was there because I remember him being loud and annoying. I didn’t want anything to do with that (sorry, Tim, lol).

Friendly Giant and I had talked more, I remember a lot about this weird book with monkeys. When we got into Planning, we emailed back and forth and talked about some pretty nifty things, particularly slurpees and formaldehyde – yes, this describes our relationship perfectly. By then we had exchanged MSNs (remember when people used MSN?!).

He used to share random Rush videos.

“Hey, S! Look at this! Neil Peart is GOD!” Being a drummer, him, not me, I can understand the fascination.

He and I had been talking about Dr. Suess, particularly “Mr. Brown Can Moo, Can You?” Now I don’t remember what brought up this subject, but how can you not call a person a friend when you have a long conversation on Dr. Suess books? The next day, I brought in Dr. Suess books and even people like Kailey asked to borrow and read them.

They were a hit!

One night, I had asked if he wanted to go swing. I know, I know, this sounds really bizarre. We had talked about swinging (you know, on a swing?) prior so I asked out of the blue.

“Sure! See ya at (insert whenever the hell it was at)”

Here comes Tim.

Tim had come over to collect his sister. His sister and my sister had been friends for yeeeaaaars. I had never met Tim before. Well he recognized me from school and decided to start talking to me. I was leaving as he came to pick up his sister so we walked together. God, he talked a lot. I explained that I was going to the park to meet up with Friendly Giant.

Tim tagged along.

We swang…swung…sw…….

We did what needed to be done, but again comes the talk of spirits and aliens. The three of us talked for hours and hours about this stuff. Personal experiences, theories… we all had fun. We even played on the playground! 15-17 year olds on a playground, how amazing is that?

(The saddest thing of all is the place that brought us together… it isn’t technically there anymore.)

The next day at school, we all migrated toward each other.

We had become friends.

We spent so much of our time talking about random things. There was actually one point where we sat in a circle and discussed aliens. Tim used to have this red binder full of conspiracies and other weird stuff.

We used to hog the computers. We sat in this little corner in the classroom taking up 3 of the probably 7 computers in the room. We fooled around a looooot. Downloading games, chatting with each other…

You’ve all heard about my bad high school experiences, but what about the good ones?

* * *

I just realized that I could ramble on and on about these two for days, probably weeks.

We met in a weird way, I don’t think anyone would have ever expected the three of us to become friends…

We’ve gone on many adventures in the 6 years we’ve known each other and I hope to have many more. Yes, I’ll write about these adventures.

Perhaps I should attempt chronological order… or maybe not, considering I’ll never remember when exactly my slurpee fell on the ground, or when there was a coyote sighting, or when they wanted to bring a wagon to my house to come get me… OH MY GOSH! Or when we skipped part of school just to watch Sesame Street and we bitched about an elephant walking on a tightrope…

Yeah, my friends are pretty amazing.

In the beginning, it’d seem I talked more to Friendly Giant. I talked to him first, is all. Tim and I have had plenty of adventures on our own and he has helped me with things no one else has.

Maybe no one else will see this as amazing, but it’s pretty amazing for me. My friends put up with me, even when I’m at my worst, and they seem to like me for me. My slowness, my everything. That means I can’t be too bad, right? Maybe this wasn’t super entertaining, but my friends mean a lot to me, so therefore… you get the point. This meant enough to me to make it my 100th post.

I can’t wait to actually delve into the adventures…


This was mine and Tim’s “Viking Funeral.” It looks like a flaming heart. 


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