Always Nice

I had a random visit by Friendly Giant last night. I should call him something different just to make him seem the opposite of what he really is… 

That was awkward.

I’ve never had to be like, “hey, I’m naked, give me a minute” before. Why do people always catch me at the worst times?

It was very nice to see him though. We cried thanks to the end of the hockey game and further discussed our camping plans. Camping, oh, I cannot wait. We have planned for T.I.F (and friends… probably) to go to a very secluded place. Somewhere that’s hard to find (hopefully we can find it) and not many people know about. It’s in the middle of bear territory too. Usually bears aren’t a problem, but I had to mention that it was grizzly territory; grizzlies are a bit harder to deal with. Also, this place is probably haunted.

I said if anything tries to attack us, just go to the middle of the lake. That suggests that Jason doesn’t live there.

If we die, there is a veeeeeeery good chance no one will ever find us. Excellent, living on the wild side, it’s how we roll, yo.

I got to hear all about his work-in-progress of a book and I’m excited that I get to read it. It sounds amazing. Fantasy is my number one favourite genre and the ideas that he has are pretty spot-on.

He held my snake.


* * *

I had my Psychology class this afternoon, and yes, I went. I want to do something in the field, I haven’t fully discovered what yet, but I know that I want a career in psychology. My professor is great, funny.

I was sitting there in a lot of pain though. If it’s not one thing, it’s another. This time it has to do with medication though. Eating and medication is bad. I’ve scarcely touched my dinner, for breakfast, I had cantaloupe; even drinking water is painful. It’s no wonder people lose weight! They’re scared to eat!

* * *

Why are high school boys such dicks? My poor Sister…

The first year of high school, the students get to take different explorations and my sister happened to take metal. Last year, she found that she LOVES metal, so she decided to take it this year. Boys are beyond idiotic! She’s the only girl in the class and because of that, boys like to make fun of her (ahem, asking if she has a penis is not only inappropriate, it makes me want to hurt you). 

I dealt with the same thing in auto. My Dad is a machinist and I learned a lot about automotive from an early age. Sure, I’ve lost a lot of the information, but taking an auto class was easy credits for me, I knew what I was doing.

Boys are stupid. Men on the other hand… well, no, some of them are dumb too, who am I kidding? Yes, men, women aren’t perfect either. 

* * *

Tonight, I’ll be finishing my homework while listening to… well, right now it’s Meatloaf… do you guys remember Meatloaf?!

I can’t wait to go to school tomorrow. I have my English class (poetry FTW!), but then it’s my Math class and I’m taking the final exam! Then I’m on to the next one. Only 3 more to go! Ahem, unless they maaaake me take the other one too… but still!

* * *

Blek, no more dinner, it’s going to kill my stomach!

Also, I did something kind of impulsive. I bought a camera. It’s no DSLR or anything, but for a point and shoot, it’s pretty good. 16mp and it can go underwater. Yes, 16mp seems like overkill, but that’s okay. I figured that with all the saving I’ve been doing, it’d be okay to splurge just once (birthday present!). Besides, with all this stuff I’m doing this year, I want a good quality camera. M and I will be on an adventure. Montreal has beautiful architecture, not to mention, we’ll be going to a concert. T.I.F. and camping will need a camera, and when the family goes back to SA (hopefully this year!) it’d be wonderful to have a camera, especially to take in the lakes with us. There might also be a trip to Calgary, and if that happens this year (No, not your house trip, Mr. “Tall, dark and slightly above average” [that’s according to my brother, don’t look at me]… though we’d need photo evidence for that too) it’d be nice.

Overall, it’d just be nice to have one. Good quality photos for all of the adventures (even if it’s just me and my dog), I’ve waited long enough to have!

Guess I should go do my homework now…

5…4…3…1… OFF BLAST!



  1. Good for you getting a nice camera 🙂 Oh, but how frustrating for your sister! The same thing happened to me in woodwork class way back (except much lower scale teasing) – but that was over 35 years ago (oops, I know I’m old). I can’t believe so little has changed – the only girl in the class, etc… that makes me sad. I hope she ignores it and keeps up with it, I didn’t 😦

  2. But I’ll never forgive myself if we don’t go all the way tonight
    And I would do anything for love, oh I would do anything for love
    Oh I would do anything for love, but I won’t do that, no I won’t do that I would do anything for love, anything you’ve been dreaming of
    But I just won’t do that 😀

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