Daily Prompt: Places

March 2nd

Beach, mountain, forest, or somewhere else entirely?

All of the above!

I love the beach, I love to swim, I love the sand in between my toes… Basically, I love anything involving water. Fishing, canoeing, anything. I wish I lived near lakes again, they’re the best.

This isn’t really a beach, buuuut…


This is in 2008.

2008, we went camping. Despite being up a mountain and the water being freezing cold, we went swimming in it. This shows the calmer portion, but you can also see the rapids. In 2008, the rapids weren’t dreadful or overpowering. It was a lot of fun. I can’t find all the pictures right now, or I’d give you a comparison. We were there in ’08, ’09, and my friends and I went up there in ’12 too. The rocks had moved, the water was rushing much faster than it had in previous years…


Oh look. I’m giving you a glimpse of what I look like. Or, well, what I looked like in 2009.

Hello, insanity!


I’ve shared this photo before, but this is my favourite beach. Well, I don’t necessarily like Canoe because it’s the only part of the lake that has kelp, but I love swimming in this lake. If you’ve ever been to the Okanagan or Shuswap, if you haven’t visited one of the many lakes, you’re missing out. I’ll be up there again, hopefully with a new camera, there are better photos to come.

We also went to this random place. There was someone swimming in it, so I guess it was safe.


Don’t tell Tim that part of his body is now on the internet…

Then there was a place in Washington I went to with my friend. I didn’t even own a camera back then… or a phone, so the photos I have don’t serve it justice. Maybe I’ll convince Tim and Friendly Giant to go down with me when we all get our passports.


This isn’t my photo, but the water is an emerald green colour. There’s camping and fishing, kayaking, etc., but I wouldn’t suggest swimming in the water. Meanie and I jumped in the water and it is definitely below freezing. Honestly, if we stayed in there longer than we did, we probably would’ve gotten hypothermia. The sun doesn’t even warm it up, but boy is it beautiful. I found this photo on: kayaking.fateback.com


Then, of course, what beach collection would be complete without the ocean? One day I hope to visit the Atlantic. Fun fact: S doesn’t like the ocean. She likes the way it looks and smells, and she loves the animals that dwell within, but it’s so vast so the odds of her swimming in it are pretty low.

Picture complete with siblings and sailboats.

But then I love being in the mountains. There’s something very surreal about looking off a cliff down to the world below you.

When I go outside, or I’m driving home (I’ll get a better picture for you later on), this is what I see:


These are my mountains. Aren’t they beautiful? Even with my phone photo being blurry, you can tell how gorgeous they really are, and in person, oh, they’re breathtaking.

2012-08-21 09.22.07This is where I used to live. Yes, the photo, again, was taken on a camera phone, and of course, through the window of a moving vehicle.

I miss living there. The mountains, though not as tall as the others, were beautiful. You walked out of your front door and you see mountains, forests… I’m not sure if they all are, but one of these mountains is actually a volcano; apparently it’s dormant, but it is beautiful nonetheless.

In 1998, these mountains/forests dealt with very large fires. The fires were spreading rapidly (maybe when I find them, I’ll scan the pictures and show you). This side wasn’t affected, but the other side, despite being 15 years later, is still… dead. There is new growth though!

These mountains were fun though. There’s lakes up them and I remember 4x4ing in our minivan. We even saw a wolverine!

It gets cold at night on top of a mountain though.

Living in such a small town rocked though. I rode my bike everywhere, I swam in the river, I learned about leeches… We even had bear and cougar safety lessons! When I was 8 or 9 years old, during the Terry Fox run, there was a black bear in the corn field. Black bears are curious creatures though, just make noise and they’ll go away… usually.

Oh my goodness, and the bear stories I could tell you…

I love mountains.

But I also love forests…

Camping 12 026

This is from camping in 2012.

One of my favourite forests is in Alderhell. It isn’t so much that it’s a great forest, it just holds a lot of memories. I’ll never forget Camp Polkadot, or how to get there either. It’d be very unfortunate if they ever tore the trees down. They already destroyed the other tree-full areas.

I was going to attach other foresty photos, but it would appear that they have vanished. Instead, I’ll tell you about the adventure with Friendly Giant.

We’re not actually allowed to go in this forest. At some point it becomes the haunted forest and while I don’t know everything about it, it’s pretty creepy. One day, this was after Tim had gone to Manitoba, Friendly Giant was like, “Hey, S, let’s go on an adventure!” I agreed. We nonchalantly sauntered over and jumped into the woods. We were just talking and having a fun time. We got to the creek and went over but decided to head back. Of course, we visited Camp Polkadot and all of the usual spots.

Somehow Friendly Giant got lost, though he’ll never admit it. I think we were going around in circles at one point…

We got to see all these special trees and I got stories. I love stories.

One tree that was burnt has the story that supposedly some kid was burned alive inside of it. Then there’s the story of how Natives were hung from the trees… Tim and Friendly Giant actually went further in (there’s like, a point of no return) and heard screaming and apparently saw an animal skull. I don’t really remember, but that forest had… ahem, has… some freaky going-ons.

It was a cold and kinda wet day, it had been raining on and off. Friendly Giant decided to walk through this one area. He stepped in all the right places. I, on the other hand, was not so lucky. If quick sand is anything like mud…

I got caught.

Yep, I was in mud that was up to my knee and still sucking me in. I had to dig myself out, and I had to work fast. The faster I worked, the faster it sucked me in. My pants were covered, my shoes… were filled… with mud. Friendly Giant just sat on the ground and laughed at me. He didn’t even help me! He just sat and laughed! Definition of a friend right there.

Eventually, I had dug myself out and went to sit next to him, cleaning the muck off of me.

By that point, the forest was steaming. I don’t mean it was hot, I mean everywhere you looked, there was steam. Scientifically, hot meets cold, blah, blah, blah.

We turned to each other and were like, “uhhh, what the hell are we doing?”

So we found our way out, went home, and now for the scariest part of the adventure.

I was getting ready for bed because I think  we had school the next day. I feel something move on my shoulder… sort of shoulder, it was near my collarbone.  I thought it was just hair but I looked down and OMG, WTF ARE YOU? There is this… giant… hairy… grey… freakish looking thing… on me. Um… have I ever told you that I have arachnophobia? I mean, I see a spider and I will freak out, cry, run away, and have a panic attack until it’s gone. To this day, I’m not quite sure what exactly it was. It looked like a spider, but it looked like it only had 6 legs… with big fang things. I thought “jumping spider” and even found things that looked similar to it in a magazine (thank you, neurologist office!), but I can’t figure out what it was.

Needless to say, I flipped out and made my sister get it.

Good adventure? I think so.

Kinda upset that those photos vanished…

I also don’t mind being in the city. Especially one with old architecture!



    • Why did you ask me to look that up? o.o
      I’ve always been a sensitive person. One thing that has become very annoying is walking into a room and being able to tell exactly how every person feels without them even saying anything, and THEN, you feel bad so your whole mood is screwed up.

      I’ve had some interesting experiences… “Psychic phenomena” is fun too. -_-

    • It’s kind of scary, isn’t it? People think I’m weird. 😦 I just always thought that when you had so much going on yourself, it was easier to see in other people.

      No, but I want a button!

      Truth be told, I’ve never heard the term HSP before. I just looked into it and it fits me pretty well, lol. But I don’t reeealllly understand, it’s realllllly weird.

    • I used to spend ALL my time on the lake…or river, or anything, but since we moved to where we are, well, the only lakes are man-made and I don’t know why exactly, but it just doesn’t feel the same, I know that sounds dumb.

      I get headaches all the time, or I did, I found out how to tune stuff out. It was the same with “otherworldly” things, the migraines that would come on, ughhh. I know I probably sound crazy, but that’s alright, lol.

  1. lol, no not crazy at all. Over stimulated with input then the headache.

    man made lakes are not real either, perhaps in a hundred years when nature claims it and makes it hers. If you focus on the water and dismiss the edge it would be close.

    see if only there were “woman” made lakes it would be fine.. 😉

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