Mouse Mishap

Every Friday, Bijoux gets fed. Two large mice. She does not eat frozen/thawed.

I had the box sitting in the kitchen for a while, until I got my dinner. I brought the box back to my room, ate my dinner, brought the plate back to the kitchen. I go to feed the snake. Uhhhh… there’s only one mouse in here… Aaaand there’s a hole in the box… Greeeeaaaat.

I call my Brother. “How many mice did you buy?”


“Are you sure?”

“I’ll go check.” So he goes to check the receipt and I get called. Why? Well, first my Mom was freaking out that there might have been a mouse running around her house. My Brother called me over. The mouse was on the table the box was on. I grabbed the mouse, put it in the box so I could transport it, and brought it back in here.

Whew! That was a close one.

I was really worried for a minute. Luckily, everything worked out, we found the escaped convict, and the snake got to eat. I guess what ended up happening was the box was really thin and it got wet. Usually I get thicker boxes… and they’re not wet.

2012-10-09 18.54.58

Disclaimer: Feeding your pet snake live mice is not “cruel” or “inhumane”. A snake was born to eat live animals, not frozen ones. It’s usually cheaper, faster, and much easier to deal with. And honestly, the process is over very quickly. The snake strikes, coils, and asphyxiates the mouse in a very short period of time. No, I wouldn’t want to go that way, but it is very quick, you’d be surprised at how fast it really is. And if you’re that against feeding live animals, I guess you should go out in the wild and give the animals a what-for.



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