M has “ghetto rigged” (his words, not mine) his phone. He takes the battery out and charges that since the port doesn’t work and he can’t afford a new phone. Is that man resourceful or what? I wouldn’t buy one of those chargey thingies, I’d just throw my phone at a wall until I could afford a new one. And you know what? I’m bloody thankful I get to talk to him again. I don’t know if I could go a week!

I went to school today. I got tests back in English – 90 and 100% – very proud of myself. Take that, memory stealing medication! I also got a 75% on my Math test tonight. On Tuesday, I’ll be taking the final and going on to the next class. That means only… 3 more Math classes to go. Woohoo! I’m so close to graduation I can taste it.

I have a freaking midterm on my birthday this year. What kinda BS is that? I’ll definitely be asking my Psych teacher for studying tips.

I also tried to convince my English teacher to let us read Edgar Allan Poe. Anyone that knows me… well, maybe not, I’m kind of a closet poet, but Poe’s my favourite. I just love his writing, it’s macabre and dark, but there’s something more to it than that. I feel like his insanity only increased his genius. Well, if you want to call him insane, many would, I just think he was misunderstood. A lot of students don’t enjoy reading his work though, they have a hard time comprehending it. I never understood people that say they hate poetry. Most of my classmates have voiced how much they dislike it… I’ve asked why.

“I don’t understand it.”

Uhhh… what’s not to understand? If you were smart, you’d realize that poetry is really easy. There are no set answers. Your interpretation is utterly up to you. Sure, there’s the theme and speaker and all that, but even that’s up for interpretation. Maybe I just find it easy? I’m not sure… It isn’t even the fact I find it easy, I just enjoy it. I’ve had difficulty writing in recent times (aside from stuff like this), but I’ve written poetry since I was a little girl. I remember reading Shel Silverstein as a kid, hell, I remember reading Poe as a child! My Dad had a book containing his work and I’d sneak off with it just to read it. Some may say that’s irresponsible parenting, no, it’s called broadening your child’s knowledge. I remember a babysitter I had thought there was no way I could read. Well, I sat there and read the newspaper for her, with no hesitation, even on the words I didn’t know. Of course, I didn’t know what they meant, but I’ve learned to make educated guesses. Today, there was a poem that contained the words “austere” and “offices”. I didn’t know what either meant, but I tried to figure it out by the sentence, and guess what? I was right.

I learned a new word! Yay! Two of them!

Today is night numero dos on Abilify. I’m doing well.

Also, does it make you uncomfortable when people compliment you? After Mom picked me up, we ran to the 7-11 to get milk… Mom forgot… I went in and, like always, I’m very friendly, say hi to the clerk, ask how they’re doing, blah, blah, blah, that’s just how I am. When I got up to the counter to pay for my milk, he said I looked really pretty and he really liked my earrings. Well, my earrings are awesome… despite hurting my ears because I’m allergic to nickel but refuse to pay a lot of money, so wear them anyway…

I don’t usually get compliments so when I do, it completely catches me off guard and freaks me out. I’ve always been “the ugly girl.” Maybe I’m not ugly but I’m not one of those really pretty girls that are always getting complimented. In fact, they throw me off guard so much, I think I’ve offended people. Take Tie Guy for example. Tie Guy is a long story… but he complimented me and I literally stood there dumbfounded ’til I could utter out “uhhh… thaaaaank… you…?” Then said he was cute too (I like to be nice to people, it doesn’t mean I necessarily agree) and he just shrugged that off and walked away.

Offending people? Apparently my speciality.

Oh! I get to be admin of another “bipolar group”! Very exciting! We have one group, that’s very close-knit, but we’re opening a bigger one. I love helping people. I really want to help people for the rest of my life. Take the hint, S, that means you have to help yourself first!

God, I’m so happy I get to talk to M.

Bijoux is trying to find a way to escape. With that, I must quit typing.



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