Well, it looks like I’m an idiot. Sometimes I take things the wrong way and get upset over them. It happens, right? I hope so…

Today, I forced myself to go to school. I’m having thee worst cramps ever. Who came up with cramps anyway? Seriously, women don’t want these monthly pains! Although, I’ll take the week-2week lasting pain rather than the month-long ones. That was hell. You think you’re suffering for a week, no, wait till you have cramps that don’t let up and make you keel over in pain. Simple things like walking become agonizing. Well… lol. It sucks though.

We had a midterm today. I’m actually pretty confident about it. I think I did well… or at least somewhat decently. The first part had to do with literary terms. When we were doing the quizzes, I was really struggling. Since quitting medication, it looks like things are getting better though. I feel extremely confident about that part of the exam, extremely. The rest of it was a little more… difficult. They were short-answer questions, but I forgot things about the stories. One story I forgot entirely and knew nothing about it! It’s not my fault, if I’m not interested in it, it isn’t gonna stick. That’s just how it is.

I had missed a few days of class, that was embarrassing. Your teacher wants to talk to you after you write your exam, she wants to know why you’ve been away or why you’ve been sick. I couldn’t lie, but how embarrassing it was to admit that I quit my medication cold-turkey and have been feeling like shit. All these stupid side effects… Tomorrow, I get to see the psychiatrist again. We’ll see how that goes. Hopefully I get something that works and doesn’t give me ridiculous side effects. I can’t afford to gain weight and I’ll be extremely pissed if that happens.

Did you know I have a midterm on my birthday? What the heck is that all about?

M’s phone is screwed up. His phones are always dying, I hate them, and they hate me. Sometimes, they don’t even let me call them, they go straight to voicemail or do this weird clicky thing. And it isn’t as though his phone is off, he’s telling me to call him! Stupid phone. He said he’ll get a new one soon, I hope so, sooner rather than later too. I guess the charging port isn’t working anymore, so he can’t even stick it out and use it ’til it dies either. It sucks. A week without talking to M?!?!?! What the hell?!?! No! I don’t wanna go a week without talking to him! I might die!!!!! Okay, I won’t die, but really, lol, I love talking to that man, it’s gonna be… weird… to not talk to him or hear his voice for a week. …well, I always have his music… aaaaannnnndddddd insert creeper status here. 😉


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