That’s What Friends Are For

I have a pleasant announcement to make.

Cheesecake Queen has promised to hold my hand while getting a brazillian done. If people thought I was weird before… How awesome do you have to be to hold someone’s hand while doing that? Sometimes I wish I had more girlfriends, girls are amazing. Well… not really. Very few of them are. I only have a couple girl friends, there’s Cheesecake Queen and Dinosaur, and also Kitty, but Dinosaur lives in another province and I haven’t seen Kitty in months and months… people wonder why I think my friends hate me…

M is weird. Apparently he’s buying these weird contacts… kinda freaks me out. I chose which ones! But they’re still freaky. I’m absolutely terrified of things going in my eyes. You should’ve seen me at the optometrist’s office. Before I got my glasses, they make you look into this machine and then blow in your eyes. WTF? Who blows in eyes? I wasn’t expecting it the first time, but I refused it the second time. I don’t care if you need that information, I’m not letting you get it. It’d be the same if they wanted to give me eye-drops, uhh, screw that, I had eye-drops as a kid and I hated it.

I’m stubborn when it comes to lots of medical things. Things I should have done, I refuse. I don’t care if I “need” it. I don’t. It’s a new thing and unless you want me to do it to you first, you’re not touching me. I’d rather die of whatever it is you’re saying I might have. People may call me stupid, I call it not subjecting myself to unnecessary things. If it’s going to hurt me, why in hell’s name would I do it? And doctors always want to do the same thing to everyone and it’s like, no, it doesn’t work that way for everyone, go die.



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