Have You Ever?

Have you ever been so angry you just want to punch people in the face?

Yeah, I do. Right now.

I made a decision regarding medication, and people have constantly put me down for it. I don’t want to cross my two blogs together, but people are acting like they’re better than me and as if I’m an idiot. I never liked medication, I thought it was devil spawn. It’s terrible, it might help a little bit, but the side effects it causes in return…

I just wish that people would realize that people with mental illnesses don’t need medication. What they need is love and support. I agree that in some cases, it is needed, but for those of us with milder cases, why can’t we do a natural approach? I admit, right now wasn’t the best time to start it, but just… why, people? What is wrong with you? Do you really want to rely on poison for the rest of your life?

It isn’t even just about this.

Constantly, in school, in daily life… people think I’m retarded. I have out-of-the-box ideas, and honestly, half the time I don’t feel like “being smart.” I hide who I am a lot of the time because it’s so much easier to play the dumb one than the smart one. Or the quiet one opposed to the outspoken one. When you start showing people your intelligence, they expect more out of you – sometimes you can’t deliver what they want.

This was just a random update.

I need to get out of this slump and go to school… well, at least I managed to finish my homework. If she doesn’t like it, too bad for her. It’s done and that’s more than I can say about other people.



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