Silly Mister

Mister Yappy-Dog was back today. Why does he get so angry at me? All I’m doing is walking my dog. I’ve been walking her every night now, it’s a must for my newest quest. I just don’t understand why he has to get so mad, it isn’t my fault his dogs never shut up. That’s no reason to be mean!

Today is day 1. So far, so good.

Tomorrow is my first day of school after a week off, I’m dreading sitting in that evil plastic chair for 3 hours. The class is good, but the sitting, man, it really hurts me. Hopefully my back will cooperate with me. I also have to go and pay fees which is never fun. Hopefully there won’t be a long line of people ahead of me. I had over 30 people in front of me one time, that was awful. I really wish school was free. It should be.

There was a blurb in the newspaper about dogs and food. I found this interesting because I had thought about vegans turning their dogs into vegans a while ago. I have nothing against vegetarians, I can understand not liking meat, you don’t have to like it. But when you… just, veganism is stupid and it’s compiled mostly of people that are 15, think they’re smart… oh, and don’t forget about the “we’re saving animals!” No, you’re not. You’re not making a difference at all. “I’m against animal testing!” Well, I’d rather have a rat test my shampoo than be blind. Everything is tested, things that are “cruelty free” have still been tested, they have to be, or they wouldn’t be available for human consumption (err, you know). It’s just… ugh.

Back to the point.

There are people trying to change their dogs diets to fit their own – grains and veggies.

What the FUCK is wrong with you people? A dog is a carnivore. C-A-R-N-I-V-O-R-E. That means they eat MEAT. They were designed to eat meat, their body is not designed to eat a vegan diet, full of genetically altered, chemical-filled, man-made food. I don’t even want to eat that, it’s bad enough I have to eat stuff from the supermarket!

Just… it completely baffles me! If you’re a vegan, be happy, I just find vegans push their “views” on me and it sincerely pisses me off. The whole reason I read the article was because my dad pointed out a quote:

“A dog is not a small human dressed up in a fur suit.”


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