Book Store!

For some reason, my post from yesterday didn’t publish. Sad day. I’ll just re-write it!

Yesterday, my Sister, W and I went to Hemingway’s! Hemingway’s is a used book store and holy goblins, I wanted to live there. There’s probably more books in this store than there is in the (as W says) poorly understocked library. It’s floor to ceiling books, books everywhere!

 They also had records.

Anyone that knows me, knows I love vinyl, I grew up with it, and it sounds soooo much better than CD’s or mp3.

Now, W has shared a lot of good music with me, but there’s also been a lot of… questionable music. Slim Whitman and Thor or two great examples of “questionable.” Guess who he finds in the bin. Both of those people. I almost died.

This place is so cool though! They even have a basement! I was kind of angry when I went downstairs. I found my psychology textbook, that I paid $130 dollars for… for $7.50. What. The. Hell? I think I’ll be going to the book store to see if they have my text books before I buy them brand new next time.

God, I love book stores. The way they smell, the atmosphere… I found my Goosebumps books. $2 each, who can go wrong with that? I bought 4! I also was extremely happy to see a certain brand of book. When I was a little girl, there were these hardback classics, that were obviously designed for children, but they were the traditional classics. There was a whole bunch! I wanted them all. I’ll probably go back and get more, they’re the coolest things ever. I never thought I’d ever see them again!

I want to live there.

We even took pictures with these weird men. Don’t be alarmed, it’s a sculpture, there’s three men sitting together. I sat on one of their laps. Apparently he’s my new man, lol.

We also saw a wedding party! And we watched a bridesmaid almost fall. They were all wearing ridiculous heels though, but they were really pretty. I like how their dresses were black opposed to the regular pastel-like colours.

2013-02-17 17.04.39

If anyone’s curious, I got:

Grimm’s Fairy Tales, The Picture of Dorian Gray, Monster Blood, A Night in Terror Tower, Go Eat Worms, and Phantom of the Auditorium

Last night was also a great night. After talking to M, I felt a lot better. Things have been… really weird. I’m sure they’ll get better, but that doesn’t change the fact that things are weird.

M’s been working a lot lately, he’s actually been doing overtime! Imagine that, overtime in the US! So good! He had to fill in for some man that got fired. Apparently this man offered to work 24 hours straight and after 4, walked off the job. He didn’t inform anyone or anything, he just left. Who does that? So M thinks that because he’s been filling in for people, he’ll be able to get 2 days off in May. We’ve been talking about hotels. We found one. He made me call them! They didn’t answer for me though… so he tried calling. Apparently it was a French man (it’s Montreal, would you expect any less?). We’re a bit confused though, is it a hostel or a hotel? The man wasn’t very informative and I don’t have enough French behind me to get the answers from him.

We’ll figure something out.

I can’t wait though. It’s going to be brilliant.


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