The Daily Adventures of a Girl and Her Dog

Leah and I have all sorts of adventures, but today I had a camera handy. One day I’m going to own a good camera so I can take beautiful photos rather than blurry ones.

That’ll be the day.

Capture the memories!


* * *

Today was a beautiful day. The sun was shining, the birds were singing, and all was well with the world. I decided I would do a bit of gardening. My garden is in the backyard and has a giant stump in the middle of it, but there’s plenty of room for planting. The problem with this garden area is the fact that grass has taken over it. I don’t mean there’s a patch or two, I mean it has taken over. Not only is there a lot of grass, but there’s a lot of garlic in there too. For some reason we have a shitton of green garlic that has taken over the backyard. The actual garden area (which we can’t plant in due to the fruit trees) is full of this stuff and it’s great for cooking, it tastes delicious, but it’s… invasive! It’s everywhere!!!

Look, blue sky! In the West! Oh my goodness!

2013-02-15 17.01.50

Needless to say, we got about a quarter of it weeded. My Brother helped, but the funniest helper was Leah. She came and dug up some of the dirt for me, but the best part, was when she would grab the grass from the pile, shake it all over us, and run off with it. What a character.

She ate two of my friends though. That sounds bizarre, let me explain.

When I was a kid, my Nana and Poppy’s house was a hot zone for snails. My favourite thing about going to visit (besides seeing them) was collecting snails. I love snails, even to this day, I love them. Their shells are intriguing, the trail of slime they leave behind them as they go is interesting. I just all around love snails. While gardening, I found multiple snails, so to not hurt them, I put them on a clear part of the stump. Leah comes over and sniffs them, eventually, she takes one in her mouth, runs off, and eats him! OH NO! I felt bad, but at least there were 4 more. Well, Leah came back. Again, she grabbed a snail and ran off. NOOOOOOO! You’re eating my friends!

I eventually moved them.

I played with a big black beetle and a caterpillar too. At least, I tried to play with the caterpillar. I tried to pick him up but he fell and I shouted, “WHY DO I KILL ALL OF MY FRIENDS?!”

* * *

2013-02-15 16.35.01

Leah has been cooped up in the house all winter, and prior to winter, when she was outside she was chained up. She’s been getting better about sticking around so she enjoyed the freedom to run around and play.

Cobi and her immediately found their bones that they’d forgotten about over the winter and started chewing.

The cat also crept into this picture.







There’s some giant gap here, I’m not entirely certain as to why.

2013-02-15 16.50.132013-02-15 16.50.19

Leah sees the cat…

Oh hai cat, wanna be friends?








The cat (Liam) doesn’t like her very much. At one point, he even tried to swipe at her!


2013-02-15 16.51.02

Leah jumped onto the trampoline!

Disclaimer: There’s a giant tree above the trampoline, I can’t be held responsible for all of the pine needles!

It’s quite funny, during the summer, she’d jump up with us and bounce… trying to eat our feet…

2013-02-15 16.51.15

Hi cat, I told you I’d get up here.


2013-02-15 16.52.07Wanna play? Well, do ya?

* * *

We played for a little while. I was having a “good back day” so I was running around and throwing her tire. Eventually, she jumped back on the trampoline! With her tire-toy, of course!

2013-02-15 16.56.45

She is so funny when she plays. If she can’t stir Cobi by pulling his scruff, biting his ears, and growling, she grabs hold of something, runs around with it, throws it up in the air and catches it and overall has a lot of fun. It’s quite amusing to watch.

2013-02-15 16.57.37

Soon, after she was tired of the tire, we started throwing the blue frisbee around. She’s quite the catcher. I just wish she would bring it back before she destroyed it…

Though, she does bring her toys back to you once in a while.









Another weird gap…

Leah doesn’t like killing things, she likes playing with things. She wants to play with every dog, every human, every cat… Liam was sitting on my Brother’s lap and Leah put her forepaws on his leg to get closer to Liam. Liam was hissing and hissing. Even after this fact, she ran after him in the yard and tried to crawl under his hiding place to play with him.

Eventually, 5 o’clock rolls around and the last of the fun is had.

2013-02-15 17.00.15

Leah chews her stick. Simplicity, dogs being dogs.

Later on, the dogs and I took my Brother and went on a walk. I’m really trying to teach Leah not to pull. I didn’t even put her harness on this time! She HATES that thing. We call it her bondage gear, it looks like it. …I wonder if they make hot pink bondage gear. Time to ask Cheesecake Queen.


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