Woof woof, yap yap yap. Note running in the near distance.

I find my grip tightening around the leash while two dogs come running full-force toward me. Leah’s going crazy, she wants to play and she wants to play now. 

This man comes out, catches one of the dogs and shoos the other one away, all while looking at me with some form of hatred.

“I didn’t think anyone was walking their dogs.”

Alright, look, guy. You don’t have to be all angry-smangy at me because I’m walking my dog. Yes, I realize it’s almost 9pm, I prefer to walk in the dark because around the block, I don’t have to deal with prostitutes or crackheads asking me for money. I enjoy not being bothered. My dog doesn’t want to kill your mini things, she wants to play with them. Leah is a medium dog, she’s about 60lbs. Yes, that seems large, but it’s all muscle, she’s still smaller than Cobi or my old dog Echo. She’s short. I don’t care that you’re angry with me. My dog is on a leash, being controlled, though whimpering, and it is YOUR dogs that are running up to me yapping.

Don’t get me wrong, I love dogs, but reaaallllllly?

I always thought small dogs were more vicious than big dogs. Big dogs are generally gentle giants. I walk down the street and you always hear the little dogs yapping. I recently saw one lunge at a passer-by and bark, bark, bark.

Yes, I know, not all minis are like that, but still.

* * *

Have I ever mentioned how much I love Crest 3D whitening toothpaste? It is amazing. I wish it tasted more like spearmint, but holy crap it has whitened my teeth. I was feeling a little self conscious over my teeth because they are yellowed, but a few days of using this and my teeth were definitely a few shades whiter.

Wow, I sound like a walking ad. Well, I don’t rave about things I dislike, so rest assured I’m being honest.

…not helping.

* * *

Tonight, I’m watching Iron Chef. The secret ingredient tonight is butter. Loads of different types of butter… This has become my nightly routine: sit, drink my tea, and watch cooking shows. The last cooking show had the contestants working with berries. I love berries. Strawberries are my favourite fruit! I could eat them all day, every day. My sister makes a killer smoothie. For some reason, I haven’t figured out how to use the Magic Bullet. I mean, I have but my smoothies just don’t turn out like hers. It’s like Mom’s home cooking… well… some of it, or her baking, she’s a great baker. You’d rather eat theirs than eat your own.

M is working 18 hours today… tonight… yesterday? Anyway, he’ll be finished at 4am. My goodness, working all these crazy hours. I just hope it pays off. Please, please, pleeeeeaaaasseeee let him take two days off in May! I don’t see why they wouldn’t let him… he hasn’t missed any days and he hasn’t complained about working other peoples’ shifts. The only reason he’s working 18 hours today is because some guy wanted V-Day off.

Valentine’s Day…

What a stupid day.

No, I’m not one of those bitter single people. My love story is complicated, but I’m not bitter, I just don’t see a very big point in celebrating. I sent M a dorky card this year, and there’s nothing wrong with that, honestly, V-Day just gave me an excuse to send something, just like if he were here in person it’d only give me an excuse to bake something. I never understood why people wait for this one “special day” to show someone they care. If you can’t show them you care every day, you have no business being with them. And yes, there’s a difference between not showing them and not being “feely”. M isn’t super feely, but he still shows me he cares. I like it that way. If I had someone telling me they loved me every 5 minutes I’d probably punch them in the face. Hard.

M is like the perfect mixture of everything. Aaand he makes me laugh. That’s one of the best things. We’ve had our downs, everyone does, but he legitimately makes me happy and I’m extremely thankful for him. Sometimes I don’t know what I would do without him.

He’s perfect. 

Well, I better quit writing now. Maybe I’ll read some more. This book is getting really freaky.



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