It’s 10:16 and I’m watching “Chopped”. Have you guys ever watched this show? There’s so many irritating cooking shows out there, but this one is pretty interesting, even better than the weird one from last night. The one I watched last night was “Sweet Genius”, the guy is kind of an asshole. I just like seeing what people come up with.

Do you know what happened yesterday? My brother loaded the dishwasher, which is great, but he used the wrong soap… there were bubbles all over the floor. It was like a scene from a movie, it was hilarious.

Afterwards, my Brother, Mom and I played Scrabble. My Mom won, but her and my Brother

2013-02-11 18.34.35 (1) cheated. Mom used the word, “preg”, which is not a word! My brother used “tankz” and things that don’t exist! So not fair! This is how he beat me last time too – LQ is not a word! Unless there’s some unwritten code in a dictionary I’ve never read before!

Also, I randomly found out how to do this —>

Coolest thing ever. I’ve been trying to figure it out and finally did. I learn a lot of things just by messing around with buttons. I’m glad I’ve finally learned how, now my book reviews can look a bit more put together.

* * *

Dad took us out to dinner tonight. Whenever we go out to eat, we go to this one restaurant. It’s mainly a Chinese restaurant, though there are other foods, I just prefer to eat the Chinese food. Did you know our stereotypical Chinese food isn’t how the food usually is? Shocker, lol.

We were talking about embarrassing moments. We never sit down as a family to eat at home, so when we do eat together, it’s usually pretty amusing.

* * *

2013-02-09 11.51.52

This is why I call her the Cheesecake Queen. Look what she made, doesn’t that look delicious? It was delicious, I liked it even more than the white one.

I’m kinda biased. I love chocolate. Mix chocolate with cherries and you’re in heaven. Well, sort of – I imagine black forest cake. Usually we get that for Dad’s birthdays, even though he likes cheesecake more.

Anyway, it was delicious and it’s all gone now.

W was funny. He saw the empty pan and said it was time to call her again. Unknowing, I asked why and he responded with, “we’re all out!”

I’ve never been a cheesecake fan though, it’s too rich, but once in a while it’s good. A treat.

* * *

I really have to get started on this essay. Laurie called me today, I was knocked out though. My sleeping was a little bit better… probably because my door was open. I kept the bathroom light on and cracked my door in hopes that Leah wouldn’t escape. She escaped in the morning, but that was alright with me. Soon I’ll be able to sleep in the dark again. Yes, laugh all you want, almost 21 and I’m scared of the dark. Funny.

Anyway, it looks like I have more homework. It can’t be too bad though, we have to read another story and answer 2 questions. Actually, I just checked. It’s by Ernest Hemingway! That’s going to be exciting! Now to get started on the essay. It only needs to be 4 or 5 paragraphs, but it’s just the getting started that’s difficult. And Gangsta-Harts even said that writing everything in present tense is weird… SHE’S AN ENGLISH MAJOR! Anyway… I might completely change my topic, probably not though, I’ll just have to spend more time reading.

Reading. That’s all I seem to do anymore. Though, that’s completely fine by me, I love to read, and it transports me to a world away from my own. Soon I’ll have to read a novel for English class. I think it’s called the Secret Daughter. Hopefully it’s interesting, otherwise I can guarantee I won’t be reading it too quickly.

* * *

I’ve been watching more Merlin. This is the last season. Ever. I’m so worried, everything is getting so intense and I can’t see how it could come to an end. It’s probably going to have a Firefly type ending, you know, where it just blatantly ends with no real ending. Bah. Firefly was godly, why did it ever have to end? So many good shows come to an end before they should… usually the good ones too, whereas shitty shows can continue for 5+ seasons! Bah!

I’m going to enjoy my mint tea and try to get started on this essay.

Have a good night everyone!



  1. I cook like they do on Chopped. I just see what’s in the fridge and go from there. Luckily my “mystery box” isn’t as tough.
    You have to go to a PROPER Chinese restaurant if you want authentic Chinese food. Other restaurants serve what I like to call “White people’s Chinese food” 😉

    • Ha, we have to cook like that quite often. It’s amazing what you can create when you’re on a budget… recreating it on the other hand… well, I wish that came easier.

      And yes! I have no idea where to find one though… probably Chinatown. I learned that a few years ago and was just like, “well what the heck have I been eating then?!” It’s kinda funny.

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